Headwaters Construction Inc. - What does a general contractor do?

Headwaters Construction Inc. - What does a general contractor do?You may be considering hiring a general contractor if you are planning a major renovation of your home or commercial property. If you are in doubt regarding how to go about the process of selecting a general contractor, or you are even doubtful about the necessity of this professional, this article will help you get some answers to your questions.

Who Is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is a professional who takes full control of a construction project. A general contractor could be a company, such as Headwaters Construction Inc., or it can be an individual.

If your project is a major one and you are unable to take on some of the tasks, it may be worthwhile to hire a local contractor. Whether you hire a professional or a company, they will be responsible for hiring labor, ensuring that the necessary approved plans are in place, and every other aspect of the project is in order.

What Are the Roles of a General Contractor?

While the specific roles or tasks of a general contractor could vary from one project to another, Sacramento construction company experts reveal that those tasks normally include many of the following;

  • Procures all the materials that are required for the execution of the project.
  • Provides or hires all the labor required to complete the project.
  • Provides all the tools, vehicles, and equipment needed for the construction project.
  • Hires all the subcontractors that are deemed necessary for the work of the project.
  • Makes sure that all the work done is of the required quality and it is done within the timelines set for the project.
  • Monitors project cash flows, timelines, and payments.
  • Keeps all the records of the project.
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring that safety protocols and systems are upheld during the execution of the construction project.

How Does One Become a General Contractor?

There may be no specific education requirements that one must have to become a general contractor, but professionals at a leading Sacramento construction company explain that one needs to have a combination of experience, training, and education for them to execute their duties competently.

Some jurisdiction has requirements that general contractors must meet to be licensed. For example, some states may require these professionals to pass a written exam before they are allowed to work as general contractors. It is therefore advisable for you to cross-check and find out whether your area has any formal requirements that general contractors must meet.

Can I Manage My Own Project?

You can act as a general contractor during the execution of your renovation or construction project. However, you must meet all the requirements expected for one to become a general contractor in your area.

Being a general contractor yourself will allow you to save some money on the project. To benefit, you’ll need to plan the project and hire subcontractors where necessary. Headwaters Construction Inc. suggests that you hire a professional to manage your project because it can save you from paying for your mistakes down the road.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a General Contractor?

When you hire a general contractor, you don’t have to worry about anything since this professional will be in charge of every aspect of your construction or renovation project.

You also have the liberty to negotiate with the general contractor on the details of the project as well as the costs associated with the project.

Headwaters Construction Inc. experts also say that you are safer if you hire a general contractor because they are insured, licensed and has lots of experience. This works in your favor because you have some recourse if anything goes wrong. 

What Are the Cons of Working With a General Contractor?

One of the biggest drawbacks of working with a general contractor is that they could be expensive if your renovation or construction project is small.

The general contractor doesn’t have the expertise to execute all the aspects of the project, so this individual or company will end up hiring subcontractors, and you will foot the tab.

When you hire a general contractor, you have no say regarding the details of how the work is done if you provided specifications and handed over authority to the general contractor.

How Does a General Contractor Differ from a Subcontractor?

While you directly hire the general contractor, the subcontractor is hired by and reports directly to the general contractor. This means that you, the project owner, has no say regarding who is hired as a subcontractor.

Additionally, a subcontractor’s competence is in a narrow field, and this individual or company only execute that aspect of the work. For example, one subcontractor may be hired by a general contractor in Sacramento to do the plumbing while another subcontractor will come in to do all the electrical work on the project. The general contractor will oversee all these subcontractors.

However, since subcontractors are generally more affordable than general contractors, it is less costly for you to hire and work with them directly instead of going through a general contractor.

The options are for you to either hire a local contractor or opt for subcontractors to work directly under you during the execution of your construction or renovation project. Assess your needs and abilities and then make an appropriate decision regarding which of these professionals is most suitable for your needs.

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