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Scott's Seafood Foslom CA - Commercial construction project Folsom CA

Scott's Seafood Foslom CA - Commercial construction project Folsom CAIn a few weeks, the shell of the roundhouse in the Folsom Historic District will be completed. Scott’s Seafood and Williamette Wineworks will have their new home in Folsom! The new Scott’s Seafood building will be an exact replica of the roundhouse that stood on that land more than a century ago. We’re very honored to have played a part in the building of Scott’s Seafood. 

Our Headwaters team has worked round the clock with some fantastic craftsmen and other specialists to give this historic building rare features that make it truly authentic. There is no doubt that the new Scott’s Seafood in Folsom will be the hottest restaurant in the Folsom Historic District. In this article, we highlight some of those unique features. 

Real Brick

To keep the historic atmosphere, we needed to use real bricks that existed when the roundhouse first stood there. We wanted the exterior of the building to make a bold statement, and these bricks are a testament to that commitment.

The Custom Backside WindowsScott's Seafood Folsom CA - Headwaters Construction Inc

It was crucial for us to make the new Scott’s Seafood, an inviting restaurant. On the inside, there is a solid wall, but we decided to put three 6×8-foot windows on the outside of it. Sierra Pacific makes these windows.

These massive windows will have a photo-etched onto a sheet of glass that will have an LED light to illuminate the photo. Anyone walking by at night will, therefore, see Locomotive 3 inside the building (the etched photos depict a real locomotive and the people servicing it).

Picking the Paint Color 

The exterior paint color of the building was selected based on its historical significance to the time when the roundhouse was in use. This particular paint color is referred to as Carter Brother’s Tuscan Red. The color dates back to years prior to 1887 when it was used on more than 5,000 railroad cars around the west coast and South America.

Headwaters Construction Corp. is pleased to use this paint color that adds authenticity to the roundhouse alongside many other time-appropriate features.

Headwaters Construction - Scotts Seafood and Williamette WineworksThe Wooden Doors

How often do you come across a building with operable 12×17-foot wooden doors? This roundhouse has them, and for very good reason. At the time when the original roundhouse was built, these doors were a necessity because they used to be wide enough to allow a steam locomotive into the roundhouse.

Thanks to Cross Roads Lumber, this roundhouse will also have the same sized doors that are similar to what existed in the 19th century. The ones we are using are thick and made from reclaimed redwood to match the historic nature of the building.

Second Floor Windows

Another important architectural feature that we included was the clerestory windows. This feature was a norm back in the day when the roundhouse was in use. The importance of these windows was to flood the roundhouse with as much natural light as possible.

The windows weren’t easy to construct since they typically don’t have any right angles. However, our determination to bring each detail of the original roundhouse back to life ensured that we got the job done.

There are many more unique features that make this roundhouse a special gem in the Historic District of Folsom. Our Headwaters Construction Inc. team is proud to have played a part in bringing this piece of history back to life. The Williamette Wineworks will be up and running in just a few short months. The opening of Scott’s Sea Food is still being determined. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we are fully licensed as construction contractors in California, Oregon, and Washington. Get in touch today and let us talk about how to bring your commercial project dream to reality! Make sure to check out more of our projects!

Signs Your Property Needs a Commercial Remodel

Signs Your Property Needs A Commercial Remodel - Headwaters Construction Inc

Signs Your Property Needs A Commercial Remodel - Headwaters Construction IncIt can be difficult for many commercial building owners to know when those buildings are in need of a remodel. All buildings, including commercial buildings, need to be updated from time to time so that they remain relevant to their purpose as well as the times. Here are some signs that our team at Headwaters Construction Inc., have pointed out to inexperienced commercial building owners who would like to get the timing of commercial building remodels right.

Building Deterioration

If you observe that your commercial building is exhibiting one or more signs of deterioration, such as cracked walls, chipping paint and a leaking roof, now might be the time to contact Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial renovation contractor in California, Oregon and Washington for a discussion of the scope of work for the needed remodel work. Otherwise, the longer you take to fix the property, the more extensive the deterioration will get, and you will spend more to fix the building.

An Outdated Appearance

Sometimes property owners will be in denial about the condition of their commercial building. If you realize that your commercial building looks outdated inside or out, you’ll want to hire an experienced commercial renovation contractor as soon as you can. A fresh look at your building will make the building more attractive to tenants. The best HVAC company in Sacramento, Gilmore Heating & Air, adds that if your commercial building is outdated, it’s likely that your plumbing and HVAC system is just as outdated. 

Space is Becoming Hard to Come By

If you notice that it is becoming harder to find space within the premises of your business, then it might be time to start your commercial renovation. Headwater Construction Inc. can add more space and improve the layout of the existing space so that you can get maximum value and efficiency from the current square footage.

The Décor is Out of Tune with Your Brand

Branding is one of the most effective ways to distinguish your company from all others. So, you may need to conduct a commercial remodel project if your building does not compliment your branding. For example, a modern and sophisticated company should have a modern and sophisticated building. Location and aesthetics can say a lot about your business to customers and potential tenants. 

Complaints Abound About the Building

In today’s world, it’s much easier for people to leave reviews on the Internet. As a business owner, you want everyone who walks through your door to have a good experience. If they don’t, it is likely for them to leave a negative review online. This could be detrimental to your business. So, don’t wait to start your commercial building remodel. If you’re looking for a commercial building company in Sacramento, contact Headwaters Construction Inc.

You’d Prefer to Schedule Meetings Elsewhere

Another subtle sign that your commercial building needs a remodel is if you find yourself scheduling meetings elsewhere rather than within your office. Whether this is due to the lack of space, privacy, or the condition of your building, you shouldn’t have to avoid your building. Regardless of the reason, Headwaters Construction Inc. can remodel your building and make it suitable for all your needs.

Does your commercial building or office need a new look? Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company, is happy to help. Our team has extensive experience in performing commercial building remodels throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. So, contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can make your property more inviting to tenants, employees, and customers.

How Does Tilt-Up Construction Work?

tips for hiring commercial contractors - headwaters Construction Inc

tips for hiring commercial contractors - headwaters Construction IncWith tilt-up construction, the precision of design-build technology and the strength of reinforced concrete are brought together to complete buildings quickly and economically. The discussion below will help you to get more information about this method of construction so that you don’t miss out on one of the most practical ways to construct your building.

How Tilt-Up Construction Works

During tilt-up construction, a series of reinforced concrete panels are raised (tilted up) to form the exterior walls of the building under construction. What is unique about the tilt-up panels is that they are made at the construction site using concrete, rebar, and wooden forms.

The process involves shaping the wood forms and cutting the rebar in accordance with the designs of the building. Once the forms are completed and the rebar has been placed, concrete is poured and finished.

The walls are ready in a few days and a crew with lifting equipment, such as cranes, comes in to lift the panels from their horizontal position to their final vertical positions as exterior walls. The Headwaters Construction Inc. team uses braces to provide temporary support for the raised panels until the roof is placed to hold the whole structure together as one unit.

The interior and the exterior surfaces of the tilt-up panels are blank slates which can be finished in any way that the client desires. For example, you can ask your Sacramento tilt-up contractor to use any exterior siding material that you prefer on the outer-facing surface of the panels, and you can also request the contractor to provide additional insulation on the inside facing surface of these panels that have been tilted into place. 

Similarly, any coating that you desire can be applied on the exterior or interior surfaces of the tilt-up panels, so you should have no fears that your building will not have a distinct character and look from all the others built using this method.

How Tilt-Up Construction Compares to Other Methods

You can opt for tilt-up construction as an alternative to the following construction methods:

  • Wood frame construction is known for being labor-intensive, so using tilt-up construction can help to sidestep this high labor cost.
  • Steel beam construction is pricey, and this makes the option better suited to high-rise construction. Tilt-up construction can be used for projects that aren’t economical when undertaken using steel beam construction.
  • Prefabricated steel frame construction has emerged as an economical way to build structures, but its design limitations often position tilt-up construction as a better alternative.
  • Tilt-up construction can also be used in lieu of masonry construction.

In our experience at Headwaters Construction Inc., there is no specific segment of the construction industry that is best suited for the tilt-up construction method. This method is most common during the construction of large complexes, such as big-box stores and warehouses, but tilt-up construction can also be used for smaller structures.

Broad Assumptions About Tilt-Up Construction

As already indicated, each project has its own peculiarities. So, it isn’t easy to come up with an approximate cost of each square foot constructed using this method. However, our team at Headwaters Construction Inc. have come up with the following general observations that hold true for most tilt-up construction projects.

  • Generally speaking, the cost-effectiveness of tilt-up construction increases with the size of the project being undertaken. Conversely, each square foot becomes more expensive as the square footage of a building reduces. This is because the smaller the building, the lower the chance that the economies of scale will manifest.
  • Tilt-up construction makes it possible for site workers, their tools and all construction materials to be sheltered in an enclosed place sooner since the tilt-up exterior walls go up faster than the exterior walls made using other construction methods.
  • Tilt-up construction also allows the contractor to have more control over the project since all the materials used are sourced locally. For example, a contractor would have nothing to do except wait if specialty materials or components are needed from an off-site supplier who needs several weeks lead time before delivering. With tilt-up construction, all the needed materials, such as ready-mix concrete and rebar, can be readily obtained from local suppliers.

As you can see, tilt-up construction comes with numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency, speed in project completion, design flexibility and a reduced need for labor. However, not every project is an ideal candidate for tilt-up construction. So, it is wise for you to contact Headwaters Construction Inc. We’ve been serving across California, Oregon, and Arizona for many years. Give us a call today to learn more about how our professional commercial construction services can help you.