How is Tilt-Up Construction Different?

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how is tilt-up construction different - headwaters construction incCommercial construction has seen the rise of many types of buildings. Sometimes, commercial construction companies employ different methods of bringing up these buildings based on various factors. 

One standard method of construction a commercial builder would employ is called tilt-up construction. With tilt-up construction, concrete is poured into large slabs and allowed to cure before they are erected to form the exterior structure of a commercial building. 

It was first used in America in the 18th century using tilt tables. Since then, tilt-up construction has taken root and has seen the construction of many commercial facilities across the country. 

If you are considering tilt-up construction, or if your contractor has suggested it, it is important first to understand how this form of construction is different from other types of construction. 

Here are some of the things that make a tilt-up construction different. 

The Construction Itself

This involves three main components; Wood form, concrete, and rebar. The wood form is placed on the ground, and the rebar is shaped to meet the specifications of the wall. Concrete is them poured and allowed to cure. The walls are then lifted using cranes and braced until the roof can be placed. The roof holds everything together in place. 

Speed and Ease of Construction 

Setting up a tilt-up construction is easy and takes place quickly. The only thing that takes a lot of time with a tilt-up is the curing of concrete, which can take a few days. The construction is not labor-intensive compared to other types of constructions. This allows contractors to start and finish the work in a shorter time period. 

Energy Efficiency 

Tilt-up construction is more energy-efficient than other forms of construction. Compared to forms like steel construction, the production of concrete is less energy-intensive than that of steel. We asked Gilmore Heating and Air, an HVAC company in Placerville, about the importance of energy efficiency. The HVAC professionals said that it’s in everyone’s best interest to be energy-efficient. There are more and more incentives to be energy-efficient. Additionally, structures set up using tilt-up construction have better insulation properties. Your tilt-Up contractors can also enhance the thermal properties of the building by including extra layers for insulation. 

Flexibility in Design 

It is easier to design and come up with the exact specifications of a building when using tilt-up construction. Designers also use modern software to determine cost and timelines allowing users to choose from given alternatives. This makes for better decision making. 

Labor Cost and Materials 

You will not require much labor force as compared to other forms of construction. The construction requires less specialized labor skills and fewer workers. The cost of materials is also considerably lower than that of other constructions. For example, ready-mix concrete and rebar are cheaply available from your local supplier. 

When to Tilt-Up 

Not all projects require a tilt-up construction. For some, it is more practical to employ other forms of constructions depending on the use and size of the building. For example, tilt-up construction is ideal for large buildings, because then the cost of construction goes lower. As the size of the building increases, so does the need to cut down on costs. But when the size of construction is small, using other means is a better option. 

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Everything you should know about Commercial Construction

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Construction - Headwaters Construction Inc

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Construction - Headwaters Construction IncCommercial construction has been around for tens of years as an important part of any urban development. It allows the setting up of different infrastructure, which makes life better in terms of convenience, security, basic necessities, and aesthetics. With it, bare lands can easily be converted to towns and cities, hosting millions of people. 

Commercial construction is not easy; neither does it happen without proper planning. In most cases, human movement decides the amount of construction that is going to happen. The more people move to a particular place, the more commercial construction companies will need to create offices and facilities such as hospitals, malls, and so much more. 

Here are some of the things you will be interested to know about commercial construction. 

How Commercial Construction Works

Any commercial construction needs to go through various stages before completion. These stages allow for proper planning and safety standards to be affected. They include: 

Project Development

This is the concept phase of the project. Any design is informed by what the client wants, the size of the construction site, costs, among other factors. Contractors and clients need to have clear communication during this phase to prevent unwanted outcomes. 

Initiation and Design

The contractor will now start designing the facility based on the approved budget and ideas. Within this stage, contractors also work with clients to ensure that there is clarity of vision. This they do through drawings, especially 3D drawings. The budget of the project is also adjusted accordingly. 

Time Planning

This phase deals with scheduling. You will hardly find a single contractor working on an entire project alone. There will be subcontractors. To save time, everyone gets a schedule of when they are supposed to start and finish work in their designated areas. Contingency plans are also put into place to save as much time as possible. 


Construction of the project begins as soon as everything is ready. A commercial builder will be highly involved in this process. A retail general contractor will keep an eye on the timeline and budget to ensure everything goes as per the client’s specifications. 


The commissioning process involves handing a completed project to the client. Prior to commissioning, the contractor will take the client through the facility for inspection and make sure that the client is happy with the work. 

The time between project development and commissioning of the building varies depending on the budget, size of the facility, among other factors. 

Closing of the project

This is the wrapping-up stage of the project. The client is happy with the work, and the contractor can move on to other projects. The final payment is provided. The contractor will also ensure that the client understands how to use the facility and the equipment within properly. 

Specialization in Commercial Construction 

Contractors are more likely to specialize in a single commercial market. Some will specialize in building medical facilities, others high rise buildings while others specialize in providing interior fittings. Specialization makes it easier to produce great results because each contractor works at what they know best. 

Success in Commercial Construction 

Every commercial contractor rides on their success to get more projects and build their business. Contractors are sure to get more projects if they can prove that their previous projects were successful. Quality of work, ease of working together, and predictability in available labor are among the things most clients look at.  

Picking the right contractor is one of the most important parts of commercial construction. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we pride ourselves on providing nothing but quality service to all our clients. If you’re interested in working with Headwaters Construction Inc., take a look at our projects and give us a call.

How Strip Malls Are Being Renovated

How Strip Malls are being renovated - Headwaters Construction Inc

How Strip Malls are being renovated - Headwaters Construction IncStrip malls are generally characterized by a collection of retail stores in a row. Shopping centers or shopping plazas, and strip malls have existed in America for decades. Thanks to an increase in commercial construction over the years and a growing population, there are more strips malls in the country than ever before. 

These strip malls brought some level of convenience to shoppers by bringing everything into one location. They have also increased accessibility to consumer products in residential areas.

Technology, however, has been causing a lot of problems for strip malls. By making it easier for you to buy anything you want on the internet and have it delivered to your home, it robs strip malls of the convenience they once provided. Additionally, it has also threatened to affect a significant portion of its traffic.  

Despite this, strip malls are not going down without a fight. They are reinventing themselves through commercial renovations that bring them back to their past glory. This allows them to keep their traffic. 

There are three types of strip malls. They include community centers, neighborhood centers, and strip centers. Each varies in size and the number of people they can serve a go. 

Here are several ways in which business owners are renovating strip malls to make them relevant to the modern shopper.  

Offering Mixed-used Spaces 

The modern strip mall is designed to allow as many people as possible in both size and diversity. You are now most likely to find gyms, spas, bowling alleys, office spaces, and residential spaces within the strip malls. Gilmore Heating and Air, an HVAC company that offers air conditioning repair in Sacramento, agrees that this increases traffic which, in turn, helps increase revenue. 

Integrating Public Transport 

Initially, strip malls were designed with parking lot spaces in the front. This is changing as commercial renovators are redesigning them and allowing space for public transport.

Modernizing the Retail Experience

One of the most important objectives of retail renovation is in creating a better experience for shoppers. It helps beat competition with online shopping avenues which offer better flexibility in terms of user experience.  This means increasing services that will enhance user experience and make them want to come back by offering in-demand services such as restaurants and organic groceries. 

Including Medical Facilities 

Strip malls are increasingly adding medical facilities in order to make healthcare more flexible to shoppers. Contractors are now creating medial facilities that go beyond the conventional healthcare system. This includes having specialized medical services such as dialysis clinics and pharmacies. 

Creating Entertainment Spaces

Modern technology has increased the number of entertainment channels for users. Not everyone has access to this technology. Also, some of these technologies require large spaces which make it impractical to have in individual homes. This has seen strip malls including entertainment centers such as virtual reality gaming facilities. Now, players can converge and enjoy gaming features such as multiple players, tournaments and so much more. 

Strip malls offer a convenience that is yet to be fully exploited by landlords and shoppers alike. It is likely that they will be around for a long time. However, to beat their competition, they need to stay relevant to the consumers. For information about our commercial construction services, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. or check out our projects to see our latest work.