Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels for Your Business

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benefits of insulated metal panelsInsulated Metal Panels are one of the most preferred construction materials by many commercial builders. They are liked for their insulation properties as well as their ability to meet any aesthetic plan or requirement. These external walls and roofs are made of two metal skins and an insulating foam core in between the skins. They are most popular with government buildings, financial institutions such as banks, recreational facilities, and manufacturing plants. 

What is it about insulated metal panes that make them so valuable to commercial builders? Below are the benefits of using insulated metal panels. 

Easy to Install

A typical concrete wall will require time and, in some cases, a number of professionals to produce the final product. The surface of the insulated metal panel can act as the finished surface. The wall itself provides everything you might need in terms of thermal, vapor, and air insulation. It is possible to carry out a one-step installation, which reduces the time required for construction by up to 50%. The fact that they can stand most weather conditions and for long, eliminates the need for additional products and reinforcement. 

Design Flexibility

Insulated metal panels come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get flat or corrugated surfaces depending on what you need. You will not need to employ many structural support measures since the panels are strong. Contractors have the option of picking different profiles based on colors, finishes, and accessories, depending on whether you are looking for horizontal or vertical designs. Additionally, incorporating doors and windows will not affect the integrity and design of the panels.  


The fact that you will not require multiple vendors or products for a finished product means less cost of construction. Another cost-saving benefit that comes with insulated metal panels is their energy efficiency. They also require little to no repairs during their lifetime.

Energy Efficient

Your insulated metal panels will comfortably maintain the internal temperatures of any room. The panels are specifically designed with interlocking groove joints that have concealed fasteners to form an airtight seal. This way, the weather conditions on the outside do not interfere with the set conditions inside. By maintaining the climatic conditions inside the building, appliances such as HVAC systems will have an easier time setting the right atmosphere.  

Environmentally Friendly

The metal skins used in the construction of an IMP comes from recycled steel. Further, IMPs have R-values, which indicate the panel’s thermal resistance ability. R-values are based on the type of insulation, density, and thickness, among other factors. 

They contribute to the LEED credits and Net-Zero energy targets, which recognize buildings that operate with zero carbon emissions from energy consumption. 

Their resistance to termites and mold also means that you will not be using pesticides that could harm the environment. Finally, the insulated metal panel can always be insulated at the end of its use, thus guaranteeing no wastage or damage to the environment. 


Insulated metal panels are resistant to fire, bugs, mildew, mold, bacterial growth, and rust. This allows them to last for years without withering. 

Insulated Metal Panels are no doubt great options for anyone providing construction services and are willing to create a strong, durable, and energy-efficient space. Their ease of construction allows construction builders to create modern and aesthetically pleasing buildings. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we guarantee you the best service when setting up any structure using the insulated metal panels. Contact Headwaters Construction today with your construction project for personalized and professional service. 


7 Ways to Renovate Sustainably

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renovate sustainably - headwaters construction inc7 Ways to Renovate Sustainably in Your Renovation

If you are planning to renovate your commercial property, consider renovating sustainably. The results will reduce the carbon footprint of the structure while endearing you to customers who are conscious about the environment. Here are some suggestions made by our experts at Headwaters Construction Inc. 

Use Eco-Friendly Paint When You Renovate

The options for people looking for eco-friendly paint are now so many that you may be spoiled for choice. As you draw up the specifications for your commercial renovation project, include zero or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint to put the finishing touch to the renovation. Such paint will not give off toxic solvents as it dries, and the paint looks and performs like the conventional versions that are chockfull of harmful chemicals. If you find it challenging to sift through the marketing hype to get the true eco-friendly paint, talk to our team at Headwaters Construction Inc., and we will point you to the best options.

Natural Lighting

As the owner of a commercial property, you are well aware of how big a dent energy bills make to your potential profits. Your upcoming renovation project should provide you with an excellent opportunity to make changes that will bring more natural light into the building. For example, you can install skylights so that sunlight can stream into the building all day. Headwaters Construction Inc. can also help in positioning reflective surfaces at carefully selected locations so that natural light can bounce off of those surfaces and saturate as much of the building as possible. The energy savings that you register with these measures will quickly add up.

Switch to LED Lighting

As any commercial property owner will tell you, artificial light contributes a sizeable portion of the monthly energy bill. You can reduce this expenditure by installing LED lighting. LED lights use a tiny fraction of the energy needed by incandescent bulbs, and the LED bulbs can last for decades. This means that less waste will fill our landfills, and you will get to save the money that would have gone to periodic replacements for your current light bulbs, all while getting lower energy bills on a monthly basis.

Draft-Proof the Building

A lot of energy leaks out through gaps in doorframes and window frames. For a commercial building, the energy loss in this way can be quite significant. In the same way, small gaps in the exterior walls, such as the points where water pipes enter the building, can also cause energy losses. Fixing all these gaps or considering window replacement during a commercial renovation project undertaken by Headwaters Construction Inc. will go a long way towards making your commercial structure more eco-friendly.

Renewable Energy

If your budget can permit it, installing a renewable energy system, such as a solar system, can go a long way in making your commercial building more sustainable. The large surface area of the commercial building’s roof provides more than ample space to install an array of solar panels, which can provide most of the energy that you need for the building. On hot sunny days, you can even supply the excess solar energy generated to the utility grid so that the amount of money you spend on energy goes down through net-metering. The energy team at Headwaters Construction Inc. can take you through how such a solar system can pay for itself over time.

Low-Flow Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are water guzzlers, and this takes on larger proportions for a commercial building, such as a shopping center. Use the renovation project as an opportunity to install water-conserving features in all bathrooms. These include dual-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads. You can also replace the old tank-style water heaters with on-demand (tankless) water heaters to reduce the energy requirement of availing hot water within your commercial building. Our experienced commercial retail renovation experts will work with your design team (if you have one) to identify the most cost-effective way to make all bathrooms more eco-friendly.

Surfaces from Recycled Materials

Another good way to enjoy cost-savings while making your renovation project more sustainable is by opting for surfaces that are made from recycled materials. These may range from floor tiles made from recycled auto glass to stylish work surfaces like backsplashes and countertops that are made from recycled materials.

As you can see, there is almost no end to the different ways in which you can renovate sustainably. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we have executed commercial renovation and restoration projects that placed a high premium on sustainability. We are therefore best placed to undertake your renovation project if you want to take sustainability a notch higher, so talk to our team and learn how we can be of help in attaining your project objectives. For more information on our projects or services, contact us today.


How Project Managers Add Value

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how project managers add value - commercial construction companyHow Project Managers Add Value to Commercial Construction

If you are planning a commercial construction or renovation project, you may be wondering what abilities to look for in the project manager you will be working with. Here are the key attributes and ways that we at Headwaters Construction Inc. have discovered that the best project managers add value to the projects they oversee.

Laser-Focus on Customer Needs

The ultimate test of any new commercial construction or renovation project is whether it meets the needs of the client. We have learned that the best project managers add value by finding out what a client actually needs as opposed to what they want. These project managers go to great lengths to know their client’s business. They also spend a lot of time talking to the client in order to grasp what they really need. When those needs are clear, the project manager or retail general contractor unwaveringly set out to deliver on them.

They Put Together a Great Team

A project is only as good as the team that has been assembled to execute it. The most successful project managers are well aware of this fact. They go to great lengths to assemble and nurture the best team. These project managers understand each team member’s motivators and strengths, and they coach them to achieve their full potential. Great project managers view themselves as facilitators or enablers, and they do what they can to eliminate obstacles standing in the way of their teams.

They Delegate

The best project managers don’t attempt to micromanage or do everything on their own. Instead, they start off with the best team and trust that team to deliver their best in their different specialties. The project manager, therefore, frees themselves to attend to big-picture aspects while also overseeing the project team. In this way, everything works seamlessly to deliver great outcomes, at a great price, and within the projected timelines.

Questioning the Status Quo

No great project manager is content to do things in the same old way that things have always been done. Their desire to deliver added value to clients constantly drives them to challenge their teams to find new ways to get around project challenges. For example, during a tilt-up construction project, the project manager can push the team to deliver unparalleled energy efficiency that is far beyond what other similar projects have delivered to their clients. By constantly pushing the envelope, great project managers are constantly adding value to every project that they oversee.

They Have an Eye on the Big Picture

Here is where the best project managers stand head and shoulders above all others. Great project managers aren’t simply satisfied with meeting the budgetary, time, and utility aspects of the project. They go farther by making sure that the project will offer value to clients in the immediate and long-term sustainable. The project manager makes it a point to deliver a project that meets the strategic objectives of the client, and they do this consistently. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we are focused on just that because we know that the capital outlay required to pull off a retail renovation or a new tilt-up construction project can only be justified by delivering a project that will be relevant now and in the future for the client.

They Manage Risks, Problems and Scope Changes

Risks, problems, and scope changes can bring a project to a standstill if the project manager isn’t equipped to manage these situations proactively. The best project managers anticipate risks and prepare their teams to mitigate those risks. They also monitor issues that arise and marshal the team to deal with them effectively. Successful project managers also interrogate all scope changes and find the best way to implement those changes, so that project budgets, timelines, and quality aren’t affected adversely.

They Deliver What They Promise

The acid test for any project manager is whether they actually make good on their promises. Credibility is important because a lot is at stake for all project stakeholders. This is especially true for the client and the suppliers or contractors who work with the project manager. It is, therefore, important for the project manager to be reputable and credible. At times, this calls for turning away some projects or assignments if the project manager isn’t sure that they can deliver what is required. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we have set our focus on commercial construction and renovation work. So, we firmly but politely turn down any residential project sent our way. By doing this, we have excelled at delivering excellent service to our commercial clients.

If you are looking for a commercial construction or renovation project manager/contractor, look no farther than Headwaters Construction Inc. Our long list of satisfied clients in Washington State, California, and Oregon is a testament to our commitment to delivering the utmost value on every project that we undertake. So, give us a call today!

New Year, Time to Renovate

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time to renovate - commercial construction companyStart Your New Renovation Project

Change can be good, and it can also be great if it is implemented in the best way possible. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we believe that making changes to your commercial property is a great way to kick start the new year. Now is the best time to put together a plan to renovate your commercial premises, whether they be an office, an industrial complex, or anything in-between. We are aware that taking on a commercial renovation project can be intimidating, so we have distilled the key steps that you need to follow for your new renovation project.

Set Your Budget and Select a Contractor Who Will Respect That Budget

One of the biggest fears that keep the owners of commercial properties awake regarding renovation projects is that some contractors disregard the budget and overshoot it, putting a strain on the finances of the project owner.

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we know that money is a finite resource for which there are many competing priorities. We, therefore, make sure that once a client sets his or her budget for a renovation project, we do everything in our power to stay within that budget. We’ll even find ways to save on some of the costs planned for.

Our commitment to respecting a client’s budget is one of the many reasons why we have become the go-to commercial builder in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Have a Detailed Design

Commercial renovation becomes less intimidating once you’ve done a little research. For example, would you like to alter the layout of your manufacturing plant so that machinery can be lined up seamlessly? Or, would you like your shopping complex to have a more modern feel?

Whatever it is that you would like to achieve, have it on paper. If design isn’t your strong point, no worries, our design team will be more than happy to fine-tune all the details you hope to have. 

As a commercial renovation contractor with lots of experience under our belt, we know that the project design can be modified at any time during the renovation. So, we are always ready to work with you to see how these changes can be implemented cost-effectively.

Communication, Communication and More Communication

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we are firm believers that things can only happen once they are communicated. We, therefore, place a high standard of communicating with all our clients so that we can fully understand each client’s needs and use that same communication to ensure that the client is on the same page with us during every step of the retail renovation or any other kind of commercial and industrial renovation.

The emphasis that we place on communication with our clients and within our teams has helped us to incorporate last-minute changes to project designs without affecting project timelines and budgets. Rest assured, that once you decide to work with us, there will be no communication problems that leave you frustrated at any stage of the renovation process.

No need to go back and forth about the idea of a commercial renovation in 2020, get in touch with Headwaters Construction Inc. If you haven’t started the planning portion of your renovation, our team can help you with consulting and planning. Regardless of what stage you are in the process of we can provide you with our expertise. Start your New Year the right way with Headwaters Construction! For more information on our commercial services, view our projects or contact us today.