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construction consultant - Headwaters Construction IncAre you new to the world of commercial construction or retail renovation? You’re probably wondering why you should hire a construction consultant for your upcoming commercial construction project. In this article, you’ll discover how a construction consultant can be an invaluable member of your team.  

Preparing Contracts and Selecting Competent Contractors

One of the important roles that a project consultant, such as Headwaters Construction Inc., performs is taking the responsibility of contracts off your hands.

When you receive bids from different contractors, the construction consultant steps in to evaluate the bids submitted. To identify the best contractors, they will review all the contractors and finally selects the most competitive one.

The construction consultant can also negotiate with other contractors in your favor. This is an invaluable role that you may not be able to perform as a project owner.

Administering the Construction Project

When construction finally begins on your commercial project, the construction consultant acts on your behalf to make sure that the contractors are fulfilling their duties. 

The commercial construction company or individual that you have hired will also inspect the project to ascertain that the contractor is working efficiently.

If for whatever reason, the contractor deems it necessary to alter the project design, he or she must ask your construction consultant for approval of such changes. Hiring a construction consultant is the way to go if you don’t want to be involved in the nitty-gritty details.

Optimizing the Construction Project

Construction consultants like Headwaters Construction, Inc. have worked on dozens or even hundreds of tilt-up construction or other commercial construction projects similar to yours. Take a look at our projects to get a general idea of some of the projects we’ve worked on. Our construction experts will tell you everything you need to know about your construction project so that you save time and money. You can trust Headwaters Construction to get the best results possible.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, conflicts or disagreements may arise between any of the parties involved in the commercial construction project. For example, you (the project owner) may disagree with the contractor on issues of order changes. A disagreement has the potential to derail the entire project if it isn’t resolved quickly. 

The construction consultant will step in to protect your interests and resolve the misunderstanding. Headwaters Construction, Inc. is experienced and highly competent in all aspects related to commercial construction. 

Keeping the Project on Schedule

The construction consultant will let you know if your commercial project will be finished on time. Construction consultants have no problem nudging the contractors to meet deadlines. We understand that time is money, and if a project falls behind, it can be costly. Most importantly, projects that stay on schedule make it possible for you to see an ROI sooner than later.

As you can see, the construction consultant puts your needs first. This is a valuable member of your team because some of the things that you are expected to take care of are way beyond your technical competence. So, having the right construction team goes a long way in ensuring that everything progresses smoothly. If you would like a construction consultant who gives you the peace of mind that you need for your commercial, contact us at Headwaters Construction to learn more about our consulting and planning services. 

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