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what are the duties of a site manager - Headwaters Construction IncWhat Are the Duties of a Site Manager for Commercial Construction Project?

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best commercial construction services possible. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed thanks to the help of our site managers. In this article, we explore the duties of a site manager at Headwaters Construction Inc.

Directing Contractors

Commercial builders heavily rely on construction site managers. These individuals play a crucial role in overseeing and directing the different contractors and subcontractors at the job site.

For example, the site manager will oversee the crew responsible for excavation and site preparation before the tilt-up construction contractors hoist panels into position once the foundation has been completed.

This task of directing contractors and subcontractors lasts from the onset of the commercial construction project until the completed project is handed over to a client.

Managing Timelines

A commercial construction project requires a series of project activities to be well-coordinated so that the commercial renovation project or new commercial construction project can be completed on time.

For this reason, the construction site manager sets timelines and goals for the project. For example, a delay in completing the foundation in time will delay the start of lifting tilt-up construction panels into place. In turn, this affects other trades, such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical works.

The site manager prevents scheduling mess by setting timelines and ensuring that all the contractors and subcontractors can complete their work on time. Our friends at Gilmore Heating and Air, a Sacramento HVAC company, adds that managing timelines and communicating properly goes hand and hand in any commercial or residential project.

Liaising with Clients

A construction site manager will also act as the link between the contractors and subcontractors on one hand and the client on the other. If a client wants to visit the tilt-up construction site, it is the site manager who will accompany the client during that visit.

The construction site manager also answers any questions that the client may have about the project. He or she keeps the client informed about the progress of the commercial construction project. 

If the client desires any changes to be made, the site manager will communicate those changes to the contractors. Similarly, the site manager will convey any queries that the contractors may have for the client so that the issues are presented clearly to both parties. This avoids miscommunication and keeps the project on track.

Keeping an Eye on the Project Budget

Commercial construction companies rely heavily on on-site managers to ensure that the project stays within budget. To do this, the construction site manager may make decisions on various issues.

Furthermore, site managers are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce costs by increasing efficiency or minimizing waste. This is one of the keys used by Headwaters Construction Inc. to deliver projects within budget every single time. Clients have come to trust that once Headwaters Construction is in charge, no budgetary shocks will occur.

Overseeing Construction Site Safety

Many hazards exist at construction sites. It is partly due to the role of construction site managers that they oversee construction safety.

The site manager sets and enforces the safety standards at the construction site. He or she also conducts regular visits to ensure that crews are following the safety protocols.

In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs, the construction site manager must file an incident report.

Preparing Site Reports

Most of the documentation relating to a construction project is the responsibility of the site manager. For example, a tilt-up construction site manager may write a progress report after a phase of the work has been completed. He or she will also formulate the drawings that different tradespeople base upon when doing their work. Site managers often take charge of submitting different documents for regulatory approval and permitting. 

In order to perform all those roles and responsibilities, commercial retail renovation or commercial construction site managers rely on a diverse set of skills. These include project management, problem-solving skills, budgeting, paying attention to detail, communication, and team leadership.

Headwaters Construction Inc. takes a construction site manager seriously and will only select the best when putting together a crew to start your commercial project. Our Headwaters team is happy to help in any way possible. 

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