Construction Site Safety Plans

Construction Site Safety Plans

Construction Site Safety Plans

Construction Site Safety PlansThe owners and contractors at commercial construction sites have two majors duties to manage. First, they must manage the risk of property damage. Secondly, they must manage injury to persons within and around the building site. Construction accidents cost money and put lives at risk. Additionally, they damage the reputation of all concerned, especially the commercial builder and the project owner. The dangers at construction sites are so serious that every year, about 20% of all private-sector employee fatalities occur. Site-Specific Safety Plans are a valuable tool to ensure that risks are mitigated against during a construction project. 

Site-Specific Safety Plans are documents that indicate the particulars of the safety risks existing at a given commercial construction site. Additionally, they detail what the commercial builder plans to do to manage those identified risks. The document also indicates the health and safety obligations applicable to that site. Today on the blog, our tilt-up contractors share more information on construction site safety plans. 

Site-Specific Safety Plan Requirements

Site-Specific Safety Plans have a number of attributes which include the following:

  • Creating a system that links various activities to different risks, together with the measures that can be undertaken to manage those risks.
  • They are designed to safeguard commercial construction workers and site visitors. Additionally, this includes members of the general public from the risk of being exposed to the hazards found at the construction site.
  • The Site Specific Safety Plan covers all contractors, the subcontractors they hire, and anyone working at that ground-up project site.
  • It isn’t static. The document needs to be updated as and when conditions at the construction site evolve so that the safety plan is relevant at all times.

The Site Specific Safety Plan is usually prepared by the Sacramento construction company hired as a general contractor on the commercial construction project.

Desirable Elements of a Site Specific Safety Plan

Site-Specific Safety Plans are living documents whose contents have to be implemented on a daily basis in the lifetime of an ongoing construction project. The following are some of the actionable contents of this plan;

  • Risk analysis
  • A disciplinary program for all near-miss safety incidents
  • CPR/first aid training
  • Documentation of all accidents and inspections done
  • Hard hat numbering system for easy worker identification
  • The stipulation of a competent person responsible for overseeing the implementation of safety standards
  • Signed site safety orientation forms 
  • Records of subcontractor “toolbox talks” aimed at keeping them in the loop on all matters concerning the delivery of needed materials, timelines, coordination of shifts, and so on.
  • Written proof that all subcontractors comply with all the OSHA requirements by filling out the necessary logs.
  • Identification of a safety supervisor who speaks English

As the name suggests, a site-specific safety plan is customized to the conditions prevailing at a given site, so the contents of the safety document will vary in accordance with the prevailing conditions at the site. Nevertheless, there is a wrong way to go about preparing this document for a concrete tilt-up construction project or any other construction project as highlighted in the section below.

Undesirable Elements of Site Specific Safety Plans

  • Canned/generic site-specific safety plans. It isn’t helpful to copy and paste the contents of a site safety plan because such a document will not address the particular risks unique to the site. It is therefore worthwhile to craft a customized document that will help to avert the risks that can engulf both the commercial builder and the project owner together with other stakeholders.
  • Restating different standards. Different regulatory bodies, such as ANSI and OSHA, have standards that construction companies must adhere to. Some commercial builders simply extract relevant sections of those standards and restate them in the site-specific safety plans that they draft. This is unnecessary and potentially detrimental. Especially when that quoted standard is revised and the revision contradicts the earlier version. It is far better to customize the contents of the said standard to the site requirements so that anyone reading that document knows what is expected of them at that moment.

How to Improve the Specificity of a Site Specific Safety Plan

  • Include a diagram of the project site
  • Describe the project site
  • State the ground-up project site’s geographical location (city, street or campus, for example)
  • Indicate the location of all equipment, scaffolding, and all activities
  • State the neighboring businesses or structures
  • Indicate the designated travel routes for vehicles entering or leaving the concrete tilt-up construction site.
  • Include emergency and safety contact numbers
  • Describe any unusual site conditions, such as the existence of an abandoned outdoor swimming pool
  • Areas where site workers can take meal breaks

When a Site Specific Safety Plan is properly drafted and implemented, things work well. Our friends over at Tureks Plumbing, Appleton bathroom remodel company, agree that the chance that a safety incident will occur is greatly minimized when this is in place. Even when an accident occurs, its effects will not be as severe as the effects of an accident that occurs when there is no plan in place to guide how everyone will respond during such an event.

Construction Site Safety Plans at Headwaters Construction Inc.

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we take matters of site safety seriously. We know that an accident can delay or even result in the cancellation of a planned project. If you have been burned in the past or would like to work with a commercial builder who regards site safety as a top priority, look no further! Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today and we will discuss your unique project needs. Our teams are made up of highly trained and experienced professionals. Choose us and leave the rest to us!

Benefits of Hiring a Construction Company

Benefits of Hiring a Construction Company

4 Key Benefits of Hiring a Construction Company

Benefits of Hiring a Construction CompanyWith so many commercial construction companies out there, it is vital to do your research. Selecting the best company to undertake your ground-up construction project is extremely important. There are many benefits that come with finding the right company. Today on the blog, we detail the benefits of hiring a construction company.

They Offer a Broad Range of Services

One of the biggest reasons why you should hire a reputable commercial construction company is that they will offer you all the services that you need. This is in connection with your concrete tilt-up construction project or any other method of construction that you choose.

For example, with the commercial builder on your side, you will not have to look to other companies. The building design team, electrical works experts, plumbing professionals, or indeed any other skilled personnel needed to construct your building will come with a construction company. All you have to do is sign the necessary paperwork. The company will do the rest, from the first step of the project to the last step, when the finished building is handed to you.

You Are Assured of Expertise at All Levels

Reputable commercial builders have a name to protect. As follows, they will go out of their way to select the best professionals to join their teams. Additionally, the resources that they command allow them to attract and retain the best talent on their books.

You will have access to the best building designers, the best architects, the best building inspectors, and all the other professionals. Essentially, you will have access to any of the professions that are required during the phases of constructing a commercial building. Your job ends at signing a contract with the Sacramento construction company. They will do the rest while you receive timely status updates on the progress being made.

This is in stark contrast to someone who ends up with contractors who aren’t known for their high professional standards. Such builders will spell trouble from the very beginning. Problems are likely to arise during every step of the process. For example, their limited experience could make them give you inaccurate financial projections. Thus, you could end up having misunderstandings with them over cost creep.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

You don’t want to work with a commercial construction firm that isn’t insured or licensed. Our neighbors over at Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, the best HVAC company in Sacramento, share their recommendations. They shared that it is important to always make sure that whoever your hiring is insured and licensed. This is because such an entity will not give you the assurance that you need regarding adherence to construction guidelines and procedures.

It is in your best interest to select a commercial construction company that is licensed to operate within the jurisdiction of your building. Their staff should be licensed and bonded to safeguard you from being liable should an accident occur during the ground-up project.

Commercial construction is inherently risky, but a reputable tilt-up construction firm will have systems in place to manage those risks. Should an accident occur, their insurance will cover that eventuality, and you will not suffer any unforeseen costs.

Budgetary Discipline

While everyone would like to own a great commercial property, no one wants to spend more than is necessary to get that building. It is, therefore, important to find construction contractors who are professional enough to respect the set budget and deliver a complete structure that meets all the specifications agreed upon during the project design phase.

Different ground-up projects have their own cost requirements. A commercial construction company worth its name will give you accurate projections about the expected costs so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the project or modify the scope of the work in order to bring down the expected costs.

Once the timeframe and budget have been agreed upon, the commercial builder will act on those terms. This will be detailed in the contract, and you will have nothing to worry about. 

In short, the most helpful decision to ensure that your commercial construction project is successful is simple. Choose an honest and reputable commercial construction company in Sacramento. You will not have any headaches once you identify such a company. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we have a track record of delivering all types of commercial construction projects. This ranges from tilt-up construction, strip mall construction, and everything in between. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc today! Let us discuss how we can be of help in addressing all your commercial construction needs.

Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Myths about Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-Up Construction MythsMany people dream of constructing their own commercial property. Typically, their reasons vary from the desire to have customized business premises to investors who wish to earn an income from these commercial properties. However, there are lots of myths abound regarding the process of constructing commercial properties. Unfortunately, these myths can even hold back people from bringing their dream of building a commercial property to reality. Today on the blog, our commercial building renovation contractors address some of the tilt-up construction myths in Sacramento.

Myth #1: Tilt-Up Construction Has Hidden Costs

Lots of people are afraid that they will fall victim to a less than a trustworthy commercial construction company. Sometimes, these companies keep inflating project costs to the detriment of the building owner.

While some bad apples may exist in the tilt-up construction industry, reputable Sacramento construction companies can be found to deliver a project that is completed to your specifications while adhering to the agreed budget.

The key to identifying such a commercial builder requires putting in the effort to research the references that they provide. That way, you will narrow down your options to those concrete tilt-up contractors who have a reputation for doing everything in their power to keep within the agreed budget. As follows, this contractor will put everything in writing and will follow the budget set.

Myth #2: Variations to Project Scope or Cost Signify Fraud

As commercial construction takes place, it may often be necessary to adjust the scope of the work or the cost of different items. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we heard a number of people express fear about this. This is due to the misconception that those changes are motivated by the commercial builder’s desire to rip off a client. 

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For example, a client may request some modifications to the floor plan of the commercial building. In turn, those changes will increase the cost of the project. Changes in the choice of materials used can also have cost implications.

To avoid any misunderstandings, reputable tilt-up construction companies in Sacramento always explain the changes to the client. They work to clearly spell out how those changes will affect the budget that had been agreed upon earlier on. 

We asked our friends over at Tureks Plumbing what they recommend to their customers to avoid cost signify fraud. The Kitchen Remodel Company Appleton, WI recommends documenting all project changes. Then, both parties (the client and the concrete tilt-up contractor) should sign the amended project documents before construction work can resume.

If you aren’t sure that certain changes are necessary, get a second opinion! This will ensure that you are confident that you will not lose money by agreeing to the proposed adjustments.

Myth #3: It Isn’t Easy to Find Affordable and Reputable Tilt-Up Builders

Another myth we often hear is the thinking that finding an affordable, reputable tilt-up contractor in Sacramento is impossible. While it is true that not all commercial builders are created equal, it is possible for you to find a Sacramento construction company that is affordable and delivers outstanding quality work.

The best way to find a tilt-up construction design company that is affordable and has a great reputation is simple. We recommend taking your time and vetting the available contractors so that you select one who checks all boxes.

When you are meticulous in your search, you will be pleasantly surprised! It is clear that finding an affordable commercial builder isn’t as hard as you had initially thought.

Myth #4: Constructing Commercial Properties is Costly and Time-Consuming

The fact that there are lots of techniques or methods to build a commercial property. It is incorrect to make a sweeping statement that building commercial properties is only costly and time-consuming.

For example, concrete tilt-up construction has gained traction in the construction industry. This is due to the speed at which ground-up construction can be completed cost-effectively. Concrete is a material that has stood the test of time as a material of choice when you need to build a structure that is strong and long-lasting. Panels are fabricated on-site from this tried and true material, and they are hoisted into position rapidly.

When you opt for tilt-up construction, you get a lot more than time savings. Project costs go down (less labor is needed, panels are made onsite so there is no need to incur transport costs, and so on), and the exterior shell is up faster, thereby enabling other tradespeople (electricians and plumbers, for example) to have the sheltered environment that they need to complete their work.

Tilt-Up Construction in Sacramento

As you can see, it is often not easy to distinguish between fact and myth in the construction industry. It is advisable to get in touch with a commercial builder in Sacramento. This is especially true when it comes to anything you may be uncertain about when planning commercial construction. Our ground-up project teams at Headwaters Construction Inc. is here to address all your queries! We would love to help you make your dream of owning commercial real estate a reality. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today!

The Future of Construction Post COVID-19

The Future of Construction Post COVID-19

The Future of Commercial Construction Post COVID-19 

The Future of Construction Post COVID-19The COVID-19 crisis has hit many commercial construction companies hard, making many of us wonder about the future of construction post-COVID-19. Projects have been put on hold, and many have been canceled. To many, the future looks shaky at best, but this needn’t be the case. Construction companies in Sacramento and elsewhere can take a number of measures to not only survive this situation but also come out of it stronger. Today on the blog,  our commercial builders highlight some of those helpful measures.

Pay Special Attention to Financial Stability

Commercial construction companies in Sacramento need to review their corporate and capital budgets. Additionally, they should look at any additional alternatives to generating funds. This will help as adjustments can be made to weather the current storm. However, the lack of clarity about the direction of the pandemic makes it hard to conduct financial reviews and adjustments.

A possible way around this challenge is to engage in robust scenario analysis for each project and market. This case-by-case approach is critical since each ground-up construction project is unique and has its own contractual requirements. Tools that generate different models for various conditions can help Sacramento construction companies make data-driven decisions about how to keep costs manageable during and after this difficult time.

Staff Safety and Engagement

The stay at home orders issued in the wake of the pandemic had immediate effects on construction sites. Our neighbors at Gilmore Heating, Air & Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company, explains that they’ve had to make tons of adjustments in their day-to-day business. This is because a significant number of workers have to be present on the job site during typical workdays. Construction companies now need to pay even more attention to PPE, especially with regard to disease prevention, and it is possible to take additional measures (staggering work shifts, for example) to reduce the number of employees at sites at any given time.

For those who can work from home, special attention has to be directed towards cybersecurity. Sensitive project and company information is likely to be transmitted over the home internet connection. Unfortunately, that can create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Regular communication with telecommuters can avert most avoidable threats.

Inevitably, some employees may have been furloughed due to the pandemic. These staff members needn’t be neglected during the pandemic because they may have skills that are in short supply when normal conditions prevail. Strip mall construction firms and other companies in the construction sector are therefore advised to consider upskilling their furloughed employees so that they can remain useful to the company.

Supply Chain Evaluation

The harsh economic effects of the pandemic are undeniable. Commercial construction companies need to assess how the lockdowns have affected their planned or ongoing projects. For example, Sacramento construction companies with overseas suppliers may have suffered disruptions, and supplies may not come through as expected.

Our team advises you to contact your suppliers. This will help understand the specific supply chain vulnerabilities you are exposed to. Find out what challenges they are facing in their operations. Generate a dashboard depicting this information and keep updating it as the pandemic evolves.

Now maybe the time for you to discuss project flexibility with your supply chain. Additionally, and it is time to look at the real possibility of having to change suppliers in case the current ones become casualties of the pandemic.

Don’t forget to analyze the legal implications of every decision you make. The current situation isn’t an excuse for you to act without thinking through your contractual or other obligations.

Bolster Your Financial Position

The cash flow of many commercial construction companies has likely taken a huge hit during this time. This is due to stalled projects or accounts receivables that can’t be collected. Without cash, a construction company can go belly up quickly. Now is, therefore, the time to look into government financial support, restructuring credit facilities, and looking for ways to raise additional equity. The survival of your Sacramento construction company depends on how well you keep cash flowing.

Raising resources shouldn’t only be focused on staying afloat during the crisis. When the pandemic is brought under control, and a degree of normalcy returns, you’ll want to be prepared. Only those sector players who manage to have a healthy balance sheet will reap the benefits of the numerous contracts aimed at stimulating growth. Such companies can also grab the choicest merger and acquisition opportunities. These are the inevitable outcome of such a crisis.

The bottom line is that this pandemic presents an excellent opportunity for commercial construction companies to rethink how they do everything. Not all companies are likely to emerge out of this unscathed. Certainly, you don’t want yours to be one of the Sacramento construction companies that go under. Are you ready for the future of construction post-COVID-19?