What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?General contractors in the commercial building sector have a wide range of services. These facilities include turnkey projects, new construction, interior fit-outs, site enhancements and renovations. On occasion, a general contractor also takes over a project that is already underway. We often hear from our customers, what services do general contractors offer

General Commercial Contractor Services

Some Sacramento general contractors specialize in such forms of building, such as repairs or interior fit-outs. Others have the expertise and ability to deliver any of the general contractor services alluded to above.

Projects with Turnkey

Sacramento general contractors will take the project from conception to completion and deliver it from the ground up in its entirety. These turnkey projects are becoming increasingly common in new construction. Contractors also carry out such repairs on a turnkey basis. When the facility is ready to occupy, the general contractor turns the key back to the client.

When assigning a full project to a single firm, the owner must respect the knowledge and honesty. Since the client assigns a certain amount of power to such an agreement, our commercial builders agree that trust is of utmost importance. The right terms of the contract will increase the accountability of the customer and improve the trust base by going forward.

New Commercial Construction

In such cases, the Sacramento commercial contractor is called upon to execute the concept of an independent architect. The plans of the architect and the general contractor are being designed. Often the general contractor offers more detailed design-construction services. The contractor shall oversee all aspects of the project.

Either way, the general contractor uses the services of specialist contractors to make the design a reality. The business shall ensure compliance with municipal codes and zoning standards. The contractor also has a say in the construction materials conforming to the code are used to construct the building.

Commercial Build-Outs

When a commercial tenant rents space, it’s time to develop it. Usually, the occupant gets a room with studded walls and running utilities. Drywall may or may not cover the studded walls and the flooring and the finished ceiling may or may not be finished. In order to complete what is sometimes referred to as a fit-out or a build-out, the occupant shall enlist the services of its own contractor. 

Virtually all that is needed before inventory and rental equipment arrives is done by the contractor chosen. Our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, Fox Valley plumber, specializes in commercial plumbing. They utilize general contractors to help them better serve the space. They explain that  an ideal general contractor has comprehensive knowledge of suitable construction materials. Such useful attributes provide access to professional craftsmen and insight into effective processes. When it’s a retail space, there’s usually a grand opening as soon as its open.

Site Improvements

Site improvement is another area of specialization for many general contractors. Input from the planner, engineer, and landscape architect is included in the site plan. The contractor would make the design a reality. Sometimes the general contractor performs some design services in-house. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, the best garage door company in Sacramento, agree that site improvements should be left to the professionals, residential or commercial. 

Site upgrades also include parking, shelter and on-site lighting. Additionally, proper site improvement includes adherence to all relevant codes and land-use criteria. 

Commercial Retail Renovations

Some contractors offer general contractor services related to construction and remodeling projects. Additionally, they must deliver the business skills required for cost-effective, high-quality projects. Improvements are designed to fit growing companies, refresh company photos, and improve employee morale. They also feature sustainable designs, improved wireless networking, or energy-saving systems.

Sacramento General Contractors

We’d love to hear more about your current or future commercial project and explore how we can help. Please contact Headwaters Construction, Inc. to get the discussion started and get your project one step closer to your target.

Healthy Commercial Construction Designs

Healthy Commercial Construction Designs

Healthy Commercial Construction Designs

Healthy Commercial Construction DesignsWhen it comes to the interior commercial construction work that you do for your clients, the key concerns that you are likely to have are related to cost, aesthetics, and speed. On paper, that makes a lot of sense. Any of your construction customers can need their spaces on a tight schedule. Of course, they want to make sure that the work is done according to their expectations and at a price tag that they can afford. Things are beginning to change, however, and there is growing interest in another trend healthy commercial construction designs. 

This could come as a bit of a surprise at first, but even the CDC has taken note of the fact that good architecture can be associated with improved physical health in a number of ways. So what can you do to make your interior construction work safer? Our Sacramento general contractors share their beliefs below. 

Choosing Wise Materials

Although there are several different steps you can take to contribute to a healthier design, one of the key starting points is to choose materials, particularly finishes that do not contain toxic chemicals. Some of the famous culprits here are VOCs, formaldehyde, and some plastics. While these can affect each person differently on the basis of their sensitivities, they are common contributors to sick building syndrome. Left unchecked, this may lead to headaches, nausea, and general discomfort. Federal guidelines are in place to limit the use of some of these materials. However, in order to reduce all this concern, try using as many natural-based materials as you can in interior design. Our commercial builders say this includes ceramic, stone, and porcelain.

Creation of Biophilic Designs

Biophilic may not be a word that many interior construction workers are familiar with but it basically implies any design or construction options designed to create a deeper connection between occupants and nature. There are quite a few ways that the owner of the property can do this.  Our Sacramento construction general contractors explain that this can involve a range of choices, from simple elements such as lighting shelves and sunrooms to furniture and accessories that are evocative of nature. Many indoor construction jobs implement elements such as wood, stone, and plants to add nature to the inside whenever possible.

Acoustics and Vibration

You’re familiar with the idea of noise pollution? If you live in a busy area, it’s worth adding to your design considerations. High background noise can naturally be associated with a lack of concentration as well as a rise in tension at the workplace. As a result, part of the safe design aims to achieve precise thresholds for both decibel and reverberation numbers. There are a few approaches that you can use to try to minimize unwanted noise. In general, our Sacramento ground-up construction experts want to minimize the number of hard surfaces you have and if possible, switch to a carpet over hard floors. Especially modern carpets can absorb almost five times as much sound as hard floors.

Smart Preparation of Floor

Compared to the other things we’ve discussed in this list, this is a little more subjective and esoteric. However, a significant part of a healthy design particularly in a residential environment is ensuring that every space you build has a certain degree of privacy. As a result, interior design teams can ensure that their floor plans provide plenty of room for people to have their own personal space. This can mean acceptable barriers between different rooms in a house. In an office environment, this might mean larger meeting rooms and better space between desks.

Antimicrobial Surface/Technology

Current events mean that everyone is a little more worried about the spread of germs than ever before. Maid For Muddy Paws, a commercial cleaning service Woodlands, TX, has been acquiring more and more clients seeking disinfecting services. Indeed, long before the current pandemic, interior design and design experts are aware of the position of often-touched surfaces. However, one way you can help in this field is by carefully selecting your materials. Some surfaces are porous by nature. They can save money or fit a particular design sensitivity. However, these properties also mean that they are more likely to catch bacteria/allergens on these surfaces. This makes disinfection more difficult.

As a consequence, you will want to add ceramics and porcelain to these often-touched surfaces. It’s inherently difficult for things like bacteria, mites, and mold to survive on. In addition, you can use simple household cleaners without harming the finish. Customers who want convenience would appreciate this choice.

Air Filtration is the secret to interior construction

Again, COVID-19 problems are forcing building professionals to re-evaluate air filtration in a new life. Expect a higher premium to provide room for proper HVAC systems in any part of the space. Good air sealing is also necessary for an effective filtration system. This means that you want to take a close look at the doors and windows that you use. Then, ensure that they are the best match for the building and the local environment.

Healthy space design is a term that has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more research emerging. Originally, it began in the residential sector, but we’re beginning to see commercial interior construction with this sensitivity as well. As a result, any company providing indoor contracting needs to think about new materials and practices that will help to build a safe, visually attractive and possibly eco-friendly space.

Final Inner Construction Reflections

Costs (financial and time costs for onboarding) mean that choosing any single piece of safe interior wall construction on the market is not feasible for most companies. It would be best if you could find a way to decide what’s going to be the most lucrative for your company. This means making use of project management tools before you completely commit. 

Common Commercial Construction Mistakes

Common Commercial Building Mistakes

Common Commercial Construction Mistakes

Common Commercial Building MistakesEstimating is one of the most demanding jobs in the building industry. However, incorrect estimates will result in a considerable amount of money being lost. Part of the calculation relates to the design of the construction projects: each construction project is special. Estimators obviously cannot use a one-size-fits-all technique, leading to multiple factors taken into consideration during the estimation process. Even with the best estimators, there will still be a certain degree of ambiguity that can lead to common commercial construction mistakes.

Here are five of the more common pitfalls that could lead to Sacramento commercial construction estimation errors.

#1. Accurate or ambiguous architecture, plans, and specifications

If the design, plans, or requirements are wrong or incomplete, the stage is set for cost overruns. This also occurs when the design phase of the project hastens to launch the project. It could mean that the design team or construction personnel are not experienced, and there could be additional problems along the route.

If you’re not sure what the plans and requirements are asking for, there’s no way to determine a reliable calculation.

#2. Accurate material take-off (MTOs)

For the construction estimator, a thorough, accurate list of all the raw materials, equipment, and quantities required to complete the construction project is necessary. An incomplete or incorrect material construction take-off list can discard the construction estimate by a considerable amount.

The material form requires specification; it is not enough to provide a list of general materials and quantities. For example, costs can differ greatly between grades of steel, specific material brands, or type of electrical cable. If this information is missing or wrong, the cost estimate could be a long way off.

Usually, the material take-off list is produced from the blueprint details and other design documents. Our retail renovation contractors explain that these records are incomplete or incorrect, the accuracy of the material take-off list would be compromised, further compounding the problem and making the material take-off list less likely to be accurate.

A less significant influence, but one that has an impact, is that an incorrect list of take-offs can result in employees not having what they need to do in the construction project. This can lead to commercial renovation companies to experience expensive delays and misappropriation of labor.

#3. Difficulty in calculating labor costs

Our commercial builders explain that the most costly building costs are labor costs. It’s also the toughest to correctly predict. In order to measure labor costs, the construction estimator must consider the degree of experience of each worker and the rate of pay and efficiency of each worker available.

The typical calculation guideline is to estimate how many hours each job will take. Using historical data from similar jobs can help, but every job is different, just like every work team.

#4. Not keeping up-to-date with business dynamics 

The cost of building materials is another major part of the construction calculation. Although historical data can be helpful in some cases, a cost-effective construction estimator would remain on top of the market factors that may influence the cost and supply of materials.

Perhaps the employees at the plant are on strike, or the price of oil, gas or coal is rising. These factors would increase the cost of processing and shipping raw materials, thereby effectively increasing the cost of raw materials.

It can take a long time from the initial estimate to the start of a construction project, particularly when it is big. During this time, the cost of materials could increase considerably. Staying up to date on what is happening in particular sectors, such as the timber industry. will increase the accuracy of the estimates of the construction estimator.

#5. Not Accounting for Risks

Danger is an important part of the building process. Construction estimation should always provide an assessment of the level of risk associated with the project. This helps management to decide whether to bid or move on a task. Other Sacramento companies urge to account for risk as well. Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company, says this is the best way to avoid making serious mistakes. Other factors to be considered in the risk evaluation which include the age and reputation of the project owner, whether the project pricing is set or adjustable, if the materials are custom or normal, or if the materials are subject to price fluctuations.

Make the estimation process simpler

Today, more than ever, direct cost estimation matters for a construction company. There’s so much riding about the precision of the building figures. Just the use of estimating tools is not sufficient to obtain the most efficient estimates and preserve profitability. Cost estimators can also use project management tools, such as eSUB, to provide the most reliable details. Both tools, used together will bring more peace of mind to your construction business.

Commercial construction should be left to the professionals. If you need a general contractor in California, contact Headwaters Construction, Inc. Our team is experienced in tilt-up construction, retail renovation, commercial planning, and general construction. Learn more about our commercial construction projects.

New Construction Trends 2021

New Construction Trends 2021

New Construction Trends 2021

New Construction Trends 2021In 2020, the global pandemic of COVID-19 triggered unparalleled devastation. For the construction industry, patterns such as increasing teleworking, social distance requirements, resource changes, supply chain splits, and cash flow disruption are evolving at all levels. Still, against all odds, certain patterns will persist, if a little bit has changed. Today on the blog, our commercial builders share the 10 developments in the construction industry that we can see on the horizon for 2021.

Security and Safety

Security is always a problem, but it is at the top of the list in the Covid-19 setting. Adjustments to minimize the spread of disease would concentrate on the separation of staff and improved equipment and cleanliness procedures.

Separation is especially difficult to accomplish on a job site where collaboration and coordination are the norm. This is why our Sacramento general contractors advise to anticipate fewer crews to use staggered shifts to keep workers less crowded.

Enhanced procedures will include the expected things, such as masks and hand sanitizers, as well as construction-specific things. Thus, the passing of equipment and the exchanging of gloves and hard hats would be minimized. 

Live Materials

One of the most exciting building developments to be witnessed is the production of living materials. These compounds are literally developing themselves and are poised to move from experiments to full-scale production in the near future. 

The most promising biological materials are made of bacteria and fungi. This makes them light, heavy, and oddly portable.

Self-Mending Concrete refers to concrete saturated with bacteria that bind materials around them to a new structural material. This material will expand in the pores of concrete, contributing to its impermeability. It can also expand into holes and cracks, filling and fixing them – all on its own. The bacteria are also being produced as a building material for themselves and have already been grown in functional shapes and sizes.

Finally, there’s Mycelium Composites. These products are the work of the fungi instead of the bacteria. Mycelium is a large network of fungi living underground, whose flowers are mushrooms. Our Sacramento commercial construction company explains that the largest living organism on Earth is the Honey Fungus in Oregon. Scientists have harvested this resilient creature, growing it into all kinds of materials by feeding it to farm waste.

Remote Technologies

“Remote” is something that guarantees that a job can be done remotely will expand quickly. This refers both to construction tasks and administrative tasks.

Almost no industrial work site is without drones right now. Construction is the fastest-growing commercial drone adoption, according to DroneDeploy, a drone survey and mapping app. Through looking at the project from above, contractors can find useful details. Health problems are easily detected, the quantity of materials on site can be accurately measured, and orthomosaic maps can be produced. This renders the largest work site visible as a whole. Additionally, substantial financial savings are also possible. Security information can minimize insurance claims, accurate inventory evaluation and progress can lead to more timely information on Payment Requests and can help to make the required manpower changes and schedules to prevent delays.

Technology in the office significantly enhances the flow of knowledge. Our neighbors at Specialized AV, Whole Home Automation Sacramento company, agrees. They too are now utilizing blockchain technology, a method of user-verified, real-time input of an infinite number of data points, from transactions to payments, to completion of tasks and revision of schedules.

This technology is becoming easier to use and is being increasingly applied in large-scale employment, with even smaller jobs being made inroads.

3D Printing 

No technology decreases the density of employees on the job site like 3D printing. In the field, it is basically a large nozzle, methodically laying concrete in vertical piles according to a programmed pattern.

This method is already in commercial use all over the world and is expected to expand rapidly. Recently, a 3D home building company raised $35m after printing an entire neighborhood in Mexico City.

It’s the same operation in the factory on a smaller scale. Typically, the process is used to produce small parts of larger assemblies made of plastic. While injection molding is likely never to be replaced for mass production, 3D printing makes the manufacture of custom parts affordable.

Modular Construction Work

Modular design and pre-fab building, which was already steadily on the rise, were expected to see a massive boost in interest in the post-pandemic period. Both the production process and the result are perfectly adapted to the times.

Manufactured buildings are now being designed in a way that encourages low worker density. Manufacturing is done in large, airy houses, with plenty of space for distancing. And the equipment used—ceiling cranes, conveyors and lifts—is specifically designed to allow fewer employees to move larger components, minimizing worker proximity and labor costs.

When manufactured, these buildings are usually small, restricted to the capacity of trucks to transport them. As a consequence, they are ideal for a world where separation is required.

Disruptions in Work

The job of the construction industry is related to one thing: money. And capital does not like confusion. The current climate makes it difficult to fund projects, especially large ones.

Overall, the AIA expects expenditure on non-residential buildings to decrease in 2021 and the fall may be drastic. As government debt rises at all levels, investment on infrastructure projects will almost certainly be postponed. And the downturn has already started in the private manufacturing sector.

Disputes on Payment

It is inevitable that when liquidity becomes tight and circumstances become confusing, the flow of money becomes a matter of concern. We already know that bankruptcies are on the rise, and we can only expect this trend to escalate, with construction firms and building owners meeting this fate.

However with payment being disrupted, we can expect some fairly exotic maneuvering by contractors and owners in the bond sector, including the sale of claims. Levelset has also begun providing cash up front on bond or bond claims to vendors who have protected their payment rights.

New Construction Trends in 2021

As you can see, the pandemic helped new construction trends come to life that we will see in 2021. If you need help with a commercial construction project in NorCal, contact Headwaters Construction, Inc.