What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?General contractors in the commercial building sector have a wide range of services. These facilities include turnkey projects, new construction, interior fit-outs, site enhancements and renovations. On occasion, a general contractor also takes over a project that is already underway. We often hear from our customers, what services do general contractors offer

General Commercial Contractor Services

Some Sacramento general contractors specialize in such forms of building, such as repairs or interior fit-outs. Others have the expertise and ability to deliver any of the general contractor services alluded to above.

Projects with Turnkey

Sacramento general contractors will take the project from conception to completion and deliver it from the ground up in its entirety. These turnkey projects are becoming increasingly common in new construction. Contractors also carry out such repairs on a turnkey basis. When the facility is ready to occupy, the general contractor turns the key back to the client.

When assigning a full project to a single firm, the owner must respect the knowledge and honesty. Since the client assigns a certain amount of power to such an agreement, our commercial builders agree that trust is of utmost importance. The right terms of the contract will increase the accountability of the customer and improve the trust base by going forward.

New Commercial Construction

In such cases, the Sacramento commercial contractor is called upon to execute the concept of an independent architect. The plans of the architect and the general contractor are being designed. Often the general contractor offers more detailed design-construction services. The contractor shall oversee all aspects of the project.

Either way, the general contractor uses the services of specialist contractors to make the design a reality. The business shall ensure compliance with municipal codes and zoning standards. The contractor also has a say in the construction materials conforming to the code are used to construct the building.

Commercial Build-Outs

When a commercial tenant rents space, it’s time to develop it. Usually, the occupant gets a room with studded walls and running utilities. Drywall may or may not cover the studded walls and the flooring and the finished ceiling may or may not be finished. In order to complete what is sometimes referred to as a fit-out or a build-out, the occupant shall enlist the services of its own contractor. 

Virtually all that is needed before inventory and rental equipment arrives is done by the contractor chosen. Our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, Fox Valley plumber, specializes in commercial plumbing. They utilize general contractors to help them better serve the space. They explain that  an ideal general contractor has comprehensive knowledge of suitable construction materials. Such useful attributes provide access to professional craftsmen and insight into effective processes. When it’s a retail space, there’s usually a grand opening as soon as its open.

Site Improvements

Site improvement is another area of specialization for many general contractors. Input from the planner, engineer, and landscape architect is included in the site plan. The contractor would make the design a reality. Sometimes the general contractor performs some design services in-house. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, the best garage door company in Sacramento, agree that site improvements should be left to the professionals, residential or commercial. 

Site upgrades also include parking, shelter and on-site lighting. Additionally, proper site improvement includes adherence to all relevant codes and land-use criteria. 

Commercial Retail Renovations

Some contractors offer general contractor services related to construction and remodeling projects. Additionally, they must deliver the business skills required for cost-effective, high-quality projects. Improvements are designed to fit growing companies, refresh company photos, and improve employee morale. They also feature sustainable designs, improved wireless networking, or energy-saving systems.

Sacramento General Contractors

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