Commercial Building Trends in 2021

commercial building trends in 2021

Commercial Building Trends in 2021

commercial building trends in 2021Commercial building developments are expected to rise significantly in 2021, according to energy experts at the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). They predict that there will be a will rise in the need for on-demand water heating, energy efficiency, and the incorporation of CHP systems. Today on the blog, our Sacramento commercial builders at Headwaters Construction Inc. are breaking down the predicted Commercial Building Trends in 2021.

According to PERC, the following three existing patterns will continue to expand in 2021:

1. Commercial buildings will continue to prioritize on-demand water heating.

Did you know that, in certain commercial buildings, water heating can account for up to 25% of total energy consumption? This, of course, is dependent on the type of building, but our commercial builders typically see this in lodging, healthcare, mercantile, school, food service, and office spaces.

Additionally, our general contractors explain that water heating systems that are reliable, effective, and affordable are essential for commercial builders, building owners, and more.  Propane tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, heat water only when it’s required, removing the need for a storage tank and the standby losses that come with keeping a tank full of hot water. Additionally, Turek’s Plumbing, a plumbing company in Appleton WI, explains the other benefits of tankless water heaters. They explain that on-demand water heaters are another term for tankless water heaters. As follows, the idea of a tankless system is that the water is heated as it passes through. This is done by a heat exchanger by a high-powered burner. This eliminates the need for a tank to hold hot water. Thus, a tankless water heater is much smaller than a conventional one, which is beneficial for storage.

2. Energy Savings is Everything

In today’s world, there’s an ever-growing demand for energy-efficient upgrades to aging building systems. Furthermore, the pandemic’s current standards will continue to influence how building owners manage and plan their buildings.

For many professionals in the hospitality and restaurant industries, this means a few things. It could mean using propane patio heaters and other propane-powered outdoor facilities to extend operations. For many others, this means using safe, low-emission HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality in houses. Our friends at Specialized Audio and Video, Sacramento audio equipment and installation, also says that smart features are even being used in offices. You can operate your whole office from a click of a button.

3. The demand for CHP systems will continue to expand steadily.

CHP provides unique benefits, like performance, resiliency, and overall affordability. Thus, these systems are expanding quickly. These systems have the capability of meeting building demand for a room or water heating and cooling. Additionally, they will be providing energy to complement on-site renewables or grid supply.

Propane gives contractors the strength and flexibility to power all of a building’s major energy systems. This allows them to utilize clean, dependable, and energy-efficient power.

Expect to See the Trends in 2021

At Headwaters Construction, we are all about staying on top of emerging commercial construction trends so that we can serve our Sacramento Valley clients with the best possible services. We offer tilt-up construction, general contracting, and more. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today!

Timing & Scheduling For Remodeling Projects

Timing & Scheduling For Remodeling Projects

Timing & Scheduling For Your Commercial Remodeling Projects

Timing & Scheduling For Remodeling ProjectsOrganized remodeling programs are always completed in stages, regardless of the sort of work being performed. However, many people have a hard time completely nailing the timing & scheduling for remodeling projects.

Today on the blog, our commercial builders share the best timing and scheduling practices to make the most of your remodel project.

Preparation and Pre-Building

Planning, drawing, and material sampling are a large part of the preparation and pre-construction process. Typically, this accounts for only 10% of the entire building process, although the preparation stages can take years.

The property owner works with other developers, partners, planners, and Sacramento general contractors during this period to produce a viable plan. Our team at Headwaters Construction Inc. suggests creating your commercial construction renovation goals to start this phase of your project. As follows, knowing your key objectives and creating a commercial renovation guide will assist you in setting targets.

Your building project will include multiple decisions, and these decisions will be easier to make if you realize what you’re aiming to achieve. We recommend setting a vision for your initiative with your corporate partners or other members of your company.

The bidding process follows the drawing phase. You should consult with multiple vendors and get a good idea about how to hire and how much the job would cost. Pre-construction and planning stages require significant budgeting, and many commercial property owners need loans to pay for their construction project. To see how much you’ll need to borrow, you should have an idea of how much the project will cost. This is why bidding must come first, followed by funding. When you sign a deal, the planning and pre-construction processes can come to an end. If you’ve signed, you’re able to begin the demolition.

Demolition Phase

The demolition process of a remodel is time-consuming and labor-intensive. At this stage, the construction team will remove everything that will obstruct future work. Depending on the scale and complexity of the job, demolition will take days or weeks. Typically, demolition accounts for about 15% of overall remodel time. This process may be very loud and destructive, and it might be necessary to switch off the electricity or water for a portion of the time.

Indoor air quality is impacted by demolition. Asbestos, silica, and other potentially toxic materials can be found in demolition soil. Our Sacramento general contractors agree that cautiousness must be taken during this phase of the building process. Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC Company, say that particles from the demolition will get into the HVAC system and disrupt its operation. If the HVAC system is operating whilst demolition is taking place, leaks in the ducts will scatter dust across the facility. If steps are not taken, this will have a long-term effect on the atmosphere in your home.

Identifying and Repairing Damages

During the renovation process, it is normal for commercial remodeling contractors to discover damage inside the walls. This can be caused by plumbing leakage, insect infestations, roof leaks, bad wiring, and other issues. Contractors are also able to discover code breaches and bad workmanship. When this occurs, the project’s reach can expand. Contractors must correct any issues before proceeding with their project. This will boost the project’s cost and lengthen the project’s time.


Before the project progresses from framing to other stages of construction, structural inspectors may be called on to ensure that the job is up to standards. This will most likely occur multiple times during the remodeling phase. Thus, Permitting is a critical component of many building programs. Building inspectors are responsible for ensuring the construction work is completed correctly and efficiently.

Your contract should state who will be in charge of securing the permit. If your contractor obtains the permit, the permit fee will be rolled into the cost of your construction project.

Permitting is handled by the municipal offices in Sacramento, California.

Completing Your Sacramento Commercial Construction Project

The finishing process accounts for approximately 20% of the overall project cost. During this time, drywall is installed, outlets are mounted on the walls, baseboards are installed, the walls are painted, stone veneer or tile is added, and the room or rooms are completed. When all is finished and completed, the builder can walk you around the remodeled room to ensure that everything was done right.

Commercial Construction in Sacramento

The final stage of a project is project closeout. This process accounts for around 10% of the overall project cost. During this process, the contractor applies finishing touches to the walls, corrects punch list issues, and cleans up debris. The final walkthrough occurs at the conclusion of the project closeout process. A successful contractor would go above and beyond to fix any problems that arise during the final walkthrough.

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Commercial Remodeling Projects

Commercial Remodeling Projects

Taking on a Sacramento Commercial Remodeling Project

Commercial Remodeling ProjectsFor any building owner, commercial building remodeling is a major project. Because of the size of the project, most people will only go through a widescale commercial remodel once or twice in their lifetime. Thus, being well-informed will make a commercial remodel or renovation less difficult. However, that is why it is important to collaborate with top Sacramento general contractors, like Headwaters Construction Inc.

When done correctly, commercial renovation increases the property value. As follows, working with a Sacramento commercial building contractor, keeping effective coordination during the process, and working closely together during the planning stages will all contribute to the success of your project. Today, our Commercial Builders share what you need to know about commercial remodeling projects.

The Basics

Commercial building remodeling assists companies in remaining relevant. When buildings are not maintained, they deteriorate easily. Repairs become crucial as fixtures become unreliable and break down. Thus, buildings that may not receive the necessary maintenance as it is needed will one day become too difficult or costly to repair.

Step-by-Step Commercial Remodeling

Every commercial remodel is unique, but a standard commercial construction project would go as follows:

  • Planning
  • Contract signing and contractor collection
  • Preparation and content acquisition
  • Demolition
  • Cleaning and Completing

As follows, your contractor should be able to walk you through the stages of the building after you’ve signed a deal with a reliable professional. Thus, they should provide detailed information on how the building project will be carried out. Furthermore, your contractor will have a publication or reference that will assist you in comprehending the remodeling process.

Should I Shut Down While Remodeling?

Businesses do not have to halt while the renovations are carried out.  As follows, contractors may work in shifts before or after clients visit, on weekends while the company is closed, or behind closed doors when the business is open.

Therefore, the building methods used are determined by the type of company being remodeled, the projected noise levels, indoor air quality, and other considerations. If the adjustments are significant, the company may need to close for all or half of the time. Property owners should be mindful that continuing to do business can prolong the operation, and problems can occur when contractors and clients are in the same location at the same time.

How Do I Know If I Should Remodel?

The signals that it is time for a commercial remodel may be noticeable or subtle. As a commercial property owner, you can spot warning signs by monitoring the property on a daily basis, soliciting input from customers and staff, and collaborating with the property management firm (if you have one). Depending on the type of property you own, the signals that it’s time for a commercial remodel can differ, depending on what type of commercial building you own.

Determine the Issue

When you see a need for maintenance, reconstruction, or remodeling, your commercial construction career will begin. This might happen if you notice water damage for the first time, see an increase in maintenance costs, or staff start to complain about the outdated office space.

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The majority of company owners begin their projects by consulting a contractor or an architect. Architects assist in the construction element of a remodeling project. If no renovation of the property is needed, a contractor is a safer place to start. Our contractors are design-builders, which means they provide design services in-house. Thus, our team doubles as one-stop shops for customers looking for construction services as well as remodeling or maintenance.

If you need commercial renovation, we’re here for you. Contact our top-rated commercial construction team today! Check out our reviews to hear what others have to say about our services.

Commercial Bathroom Design In 2021

Commercial bathroom design 2021

Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas 2021

Commercial bathroom design 2021Using a public bathroom, which was once a fast and mindless stop, has evolved into an experience that emphasizes the value of architecture and a safe atmosphere. COVID-19 has infiltrated every part of our lives, including our bathroom visits. Our commercial builders explain that, prior to COVID-19, the two most critical factors of commercial bathroom architecture are comfort and longevity. However, things have changed. Today on the blog, we are discussing commercial bathroom design ideas in 2021.


Our commercial construction company explains that restrooms are still a huge priority when we collaborate with a customer on a new concept or an office redesign.  A bathroom is one of the most costly spaces to build and furnish. It usually wears out earlier than other commercial spaces. A bathroom area that is easy to use, safe, and long-lasting is an advantage to your entire commercial interior.

The placement of facilities inside an office interior is still a concern. However, with coronavirus in mind, how people pass around a commercial interior before accessing the bathroom will now be considered. Commercial spaces with square footage may suggest a doorless entryway, such as those used in airports or stadiums. General contractor Sacramento explains this will reduce the number of touchpoints. The thoughtful architecture will help the washroom facilities elevate the customer experience now more than ever.

What is the appearance of a socially remote restroom? Both bathroom users respect privacy, and with the mandate for personal space now part of our daily lives, the movement toward expanded privacy in the restroom will escalate.


Ensuring that a commercial bathroom is designed to the correct standards is important for both new building and remodeling ventures. Building codes do not change immediately, but modifications after a pandemic are possible. Other factors include ventilation fans, which encourage airflow and transfer contaminated air out of the room while also reducing mold formation. The professional project manager assures that the permitting and inspection processes are fully managed.


The industry is releasing new fixture options almost every day. Thus, the number of touchless commercial faucet options can only grow. Styles, finishes, various types of sensors, sensor positioning, and sensor wiring must all be addressed. Both touchless fixtures should be hardwired. Although the initial investment is greater, the repair team will be grateful. Nobody enjoys creeping under light fixtures to replace batteries.

In terms of cleanliness, toilets are usually the most important consideration. Maid For Muddy Paws, commercial cleaning company Woodlands TX, explains that soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers or dryers, and waste are also high-touch surfaces. Aside from the faucet, there are a plethora of motion-controlled fixtures on the market. Touchpad door openers, motion recognition lighting, easy-to-clean, anti-rust plastic washroom stalls, and integral hand dryers installed into sinks, which prevent water from being blown onto the floor and eliminate the need for paper towels, are other alternatives for more sanitary bathrooms.

When choosing fixtures for a bathroom, it is necessary to understand handicap accessibility, code standards, and traffic flow. The all-in-one fixture reduces contact points and clutter by allowing bathroom users to wet, soap, and dry their hands without going to different fixtures. Motion-activated flushing for toilets and urinals is not a modern concept, but commercial bathrooms without such fixtures would look old and unsanitary in the post-COVID period.

Durability has always been critical in commercial restrooms, but with the increased emphasis on sanitization and cleaning pace, these chemicals can take their toll on surfaces and fixtures. We are commercial interior design specialists, like fixture placement, and appreciate the importance of installing the right fixtures with your particular design.

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