Commercial bathroom design 2021

Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas 2021

Commercial bathroom design 2021Using a public bathroom, which was once a fast and mindless stop, has evolved into an experience that emphasizes the value of architecture and a safe atmosphere. COVID-19 has infiltrated every part of our lives, including our bathroom visits. Our commercial builders explain that, prior to COVID-19, the two most critical factors of commercial bathroom architecture are comfort and longevity. However, things have changed. Today on the blog, we are discussing commercial bathroom design ideas in 2021.


Our commercial construction company explains that restrooms are still a huge priority when we collaborate with a customer on a new concept or an office redesign.  A bathroom is one of the most costly spaces to build and furnish. It usually wears out earlier than other commercial spaces. A bathroom area that is easy to use, safe, and long-lasting is an advantage to your entire commercial interior.

The placement of facilities inside an office interior is still a concern. However, with coronavirus in mind, how people pass around a commercial interior before accessing the bathroom will now be considered. Commercial spaces with square footage may suggest a doorless entryway, such as those used in airports or stadiums. General contractor Sacramento explains this will reduce the number of touchpoints. The thoughtful architecture will help the washroom facilities elevate the customer experience now more than ever.

What is the appearance of a socially remote restroom? Both bathroom users respect privacy, and with the mandate for personal space now part of our daily lives, the movement toward expanded privacy in the restroom will escalate.


Ensuring that a commercial bathroom is designed to the correct standards is important for both new building and remodeling ventures. Building codes do not change immediately, but modifications after a pandemic are possible. Other factors include ventilation fans, which encourage airflow and transfer contaminated air out of the room while also reducing mold formation. The professional project manager assures that the permitting and inspection processes are fully managed.


The industry is releasing new fixture options almost every day. Thus, the number of touchless commercial faucet options can only grow. Styles, finishes, various types of sensors, sensor positioning, and sensor wiring must all be addressed. Both touchless fixtures should be hardwired. Although the initial investment is greater, the repair team will be grateful. Nobody enjoys creeping under light fixtures to replace batteries.

In terms of cleanliness, toilets are usually the most important consideration. Maid For Muddy Paws, commercial cleaning company Woodlands TX, explains that soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers or dryers, and waste are also high-touch surfaces. Aside from the faucet, there are a plethora of motion-controlled fixtures on the market. Touchpad door openers, motion recognition lighting, easy-to-clean, anti-rust plastic washroom stalls, and integral hand dryers installed into sinks, which prevent water from being blown onto the floor and eliminate the need for paper towels, are other alternatives for more sanitary bathrooms.

When choosing fixtures for a bathroom, it is necessary to understand handicap accessibility, code standards, and traffic flow. The all-in-one fixture reduces contact points and clutter by allowing bathroom users to wet, soap, and dry their hands without going to different fixtures. Motion-activated flushing for toilets and urinals is not a modern concept, but commercial bathrooms without such fixtures would look old and unsanitary in the post-COVID period.

Durability has always been critical in commercial restrooms, but with the increased emphasis on sanitization and cleaning pace, these chemicals can take their toll on surfaces and fixtures. We are commercial interior design specialists, like fixture placement, and appreciate the importance of installing the right fixtures with your particular design.

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