Everything about commercial office lighting

The Importance of Commerical Office Lighting

Everything about commercial office lightingLighting is everything when it comes to your business or office space. It can set the mood and ambiance, and feature different elements of your business to really make it stand out. At Headwaters Construction Inc., our Sacramento construction general contractors know how important office lighting is, which is why they are sharing everything about commercial office lighting.

Things You Should Know About Commerical Office Lighting

There is more to lighting an office area than meets the eye. Energy and office lighting regulations, as well as workspace and design, have evolved in recent years. Ask yourself these questions: What colors and brightness levels produce appropriate office lighting settings? What effect does light have on worker productivity? When selecting your lighting, our Sacramento commercial builders urge you to consider the following.

1. Office Lighting Requirements

Every type of work setting needs a particular quantity of light for workers to perform. Thus, the lighting scheme should give an even quantity of illumination across the working space. Additionally, the office designers should also account for shadows cast by cubicle walls or partitions.

2. Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Light can have a significant impact on a worker’s health and productivity. As follows, exposure to natural light can have a variety of effects on office workers. Workers who are not exposed to natural light are wearier, more prone to sleeplessness, more distractible, and less active. However, if your business has windows or skylights to brighten up your working space, this will help. Providing natural light in the appropriate brightness will provide your staff a much-needed lift. Daylight hues, such as white and blue-white, evoke the sensation of being in sunlight.

3. Workstations with an Open Floor Plan

The private cubicle setup is giving way to an open-office environment in workplace settings. The ambient room lighting in this new, open atmosphere is focused on establishing a sense of togetherness and togetherness in the space and among workers. Our commercial construction company details that it should provide the most direct illumination in the workstation while allowing for natural darker patches in walkway areas where people are not gathering to talk. Individual task lighting allows workers to tailor their customized workstations to their specific needs and preferences.

4. Computers and Lighting

When laying out your office design, our Sacramento commercial construction company urges you to be considerate of your computers. Computers should not be placed directly in front of a contrasting light source, such as a window, or directly under the line of sight. Task lighting should be positioned adjustably so that potential glare or contrast can be quickly corrected as needed.

5. Energy Consumption and Savings

Whatever sort of bulb you use in your office, it costs you money and energy to run. Lighting updates have provided offices with more energy-efficient options while altogether eliminating others (such as some types of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs). LEDs are setting the standard for office lighting; they consume less energy than traditional lamps while producing greater light. Fluorescent lamps have also been given an energy-saving makeover. Our friends at Specialized AV, a Sacramento audio and video company, point out that smart lighting can also help with energy consumption. You can even operate your lighting through your phone.

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If you are moving into a new office building, it is best to reconsider your lighting options from the start. Lighting should be tailored to your unique requirements. The type, brightness, and color of your lighting should be determined by the arrangement of the room and the purpose for which it will be utilized. If you have questions about your commercial building design, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today. We’d love to assist you with everything about commercial office lighting. Check us out on Facebook today.

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