Commercial Construction Costs Per Square Foot

Commercial Construction Costs Per Square Foot

Commercial Construction Costs Per Square Foot

Commercial Construction Costs Per Square FootThe biggest worries before starting the construction of a commercial building are always the construction costs per square foot. Our commercial builders explain that costs vary substantially depending on location, type of building, and more. As follows, the zoning and topography of the area also have an impact on construction prices per square foot. Additionally, as we see in Northern California, costs are more expensive in earthquake-prone areas. Controlling these costs allows owners to complete their projects on time and allows contractors to retain their profit margins. Today on the blog, our commercial construction company discusses commercial construction costs per square foot.

Average Costs of Construction Per Square Foot in California

To start, our retail renovation Sacramento team explains that one of the most major cost drivers for commercial buildings is location. Below, we detail specific costs in California.

The Costs

To determine the average expenses in the Western United States we looked at a few different cities. We, of course, looked at Sacramento, and then San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The average cost of a single-story commercial structure is anywhere between $300 to $400 per square foot. As follows, for mid-rise commercial buildings, the average price is between $500 and $600 per square foot.  Finally, the average cost of a high-rise building is typically always around $700 per square foot. 

Of course, these costs vary by type of building. Below, our General Contractor Sacramento explains.

Commercial Costs Per Square Foot – Building Type

The cost of construction varies greatly depending on the type of building. We’ve offered average estimates based on location in the United States, but now we’ll look at cost breakdowns based on building types across the country.

Commercial Office Spaces

A single-story office building in the United States costs an average of $300 per square foot. On average, mid-rise office buildings cost $600, whereas high-rise structures cost $700.


Varied places have different requirements and styles of development for hotel and lodging facilities, which affects the pricing. Three-star hotels, for example, are less expensive at $500 per square foot, and five-star hotels are more expensive at roughly $700 per square foot.


Medical office buildings typically cost about $500 per square foot. Specialty clinics, on the other hand, cost roughly $619 per square foot on average.

Higher Education

Universities and other higher education institutions are more expensive than elementary and secondary schools. Regular classroom buildings, for example, cost roughly $600 per square foot. However, university buildings are the most expensive at $600 per square foot.

Contact Headwaters Today for Commercial Construction in Sacramento

Numerous factors, including location, natural disasters, type of building, and more have a significant impact on commercial construction costs. At Headwaters Construction Inc., our team is here to help you with all of your commercial construction needs. Contact us today to discuss your next commercial construction project in Sacramento. You can follow us on Facebook as well to check out our projects and connect with our top-rated construction team. 

Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction TimelineAt Headwaters Construction, we are passionate about commercial new construction, shopping center renovation, and tilt-up construction. Our commercial builders are focused on delivering outstanding quality, communication, and service. As follows, we are proud to help individuals plan their commercial construction projects. Today on the blog, our tilt-up construction workers share typical commercial construction timelines.

Pre Construction & Planning

First, our team will collaborate with you to do a deep dive into your proposal.  Then, we will assist you in developing cost estimates. This is where we will evaluate design and value options. Next, our team will work on navigating permitting, zoning, and other issues. Importantly, pre-construction is high-priority because it helps team members to make educated decisions while avoiding surprises.

For fast and reliable cost estimates on a variety of project types, we are constantly updating and compiling real-time cost data. Additionally, our extensive network of subcontractors and trade partners assists us in identifying trends and staying current with market developments around the world.

Coordinating & Scheduling

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we have the skills and expertise to get the job done properly. Our professional scheduling and logistical preparation are unrivaled. All of our projects begin on paper, and we monitor progress on a regular basis to ensure that we meet key deadlines.

Additionally, we’ll work with our Sacramento general contractor team to define the logistical requirements for the construction process, such as delivery areas, barricade placement (if necessary), and operating hours. As follows, small details are all taken into consideration to ensure that your project stays on track.

Headwater’s field staff is equipped with GPS-enabled devices, enabling us to monitor and deliver resources on demand. The coordination of trades is an essential part of any project’s construction process. This is particularly when it comes to the mechanical and electrical trades.  Thus, our management team has a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the commercial construction process. They use this expertise to ensure the communication and execution on your job site run smoothly.

Safety Management

Headwaters Construction Inc. is adamant in ensuring a well-organized and healthy working atmosphere. Importantly, safety is the most valued thing to many Sacramento companies. At Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company, safety are at the heart of everything they do. Owner Darrin Gilmore explains that safety is personal, and we couldn’t agree more. Here at Headwaters, we understand that construction activities are invariably noisy and dusty. As follows, we will work to ensure that all construction activities are thoroughly vetted and understood by all parties involved ahead of time.

Commissioning & Close Out

Next, the commissioning and closeout of the project are some of the most crucial stages of the construction process. Then, our professional crews will not only ensure that the planning is meticulously carried out, but they will also ensure a smooth close and return to business as usual once the construction is completed.

Your Sacramento Commercial Construction Project

In conclusion, Headwaters Construction is ready to assist you with your commercial project. Importantly, when you choose Headwaters, you will have dedicated support from the beginning. As follows, we will work to keep your project on track and within budget. Thus, our site managers are completely focused on your needs. Additionally, we can keep your objectives on track without being distracted. Contact Headwaters today or keep up with us on social media.


How to Estimate a Construction Project

How to Estimate a Construction Project

How to Estimate a Construction ProjectHow to Estimate a Construction Project

Cost estimates for a commercial project are one of the things that need to go right for the success of the construction project. After all, among the most common things most commercial builders and owners look for is the financial part of the construction. Without it, your project runs the risk of stalling due to financial constraints. 

Therefore, what is the best way to estimate the cost of your commercial construction project, and what exactly is involved during the process? Our Sacramento commercial builders share all you need to know about estimating for a construction project. 

Why Estimate a Construction Project? 

There are two main reasons why estimation is a valuable part of any construction project. One, it allows contractors and commercial builders to win new projects. Considering that most owners are looking to save money, these estimations help them decide which contractor to pick. 

Also, they allow for easy approximation of costs. This is an important part. During the estimation phase, commercial construction companies Sacramento have to deal with take-offs, construction documents, and other related costs. This creates a useable roadmap on how much everything is going to cost and whether it is a worthy venture. 

What to Consider 

It is important to learn a few things before starting work. Some of the things you need to consider during the estimation process include direct costs and indirect costs. 

Direct costs are those that are related to the activities that are carried out during the construction process. For example, buying materials and paying for equipment is a direct cost. Labor is also another activity that lies within this category. 

Indirect costs are also known as overhead costs. They are important to the construction but are not directly related to the activities that happen during the construction. For example, costs aimed at covering utilities, temporary structures, legal fees and permits, security, quality control, and administrative costs are all indirect costs. 

Levels of Accuracy in Estimation of a Construction Project 

Given that this is an estimation of costs, it is not going to be 100% accurate. Especially in the very first stages of the construction process. However, with time, and as the project matures, you should expect to see these estimates getting more accurate. 

Usually, estimates are placed on different levels (1-5) as subscribed by the American Society of Professional Estimators. These include: 

Level 1: Order of Magnitude

This first stage usually has the roughest estimates. During this phase, the project is still in its idea stage so estimations are usually based on previous projects or expert judgment. Here, you can expect the level of accuracy to be -25% to 75%. 

Level 2: Intermediate Estimate 

The intermediate estimate level is an important level because it will determine the feasibility of the project by looking at the general cost construction. It is at this level that most owners, especially for large scale constructions, decide whether to proceed with the construction or not. 

Level 3: Preliminary Estimate

The preliminary estimate level is where the cost of construction is given more detail. Its accuracy is what informs financing. In some projects, the budget will be determined at this level. At this stage, accuracy is highly important. 

Level 4: Substantive Estimate 

This estimate depends on the estimated unit costs. Construction companies and other relevant stakeholders look at the objectives, deliverables, and reasonably finalized project designs before coming up with a substantive estimate. Turek’s Plumbing, Appleton kitchen remodel company, uses substantive estimates often to get their costs in order. They also recommend using this estimate as a roadmap to keep the project within budget. 

Level 5: Definitive Estimate 

This is the final stage where all costs are known. Therefore, the accuracy here is high. This estimate is used to create bids, tenders, and cost baselines.

Using Estimates to Determine Budget 

Usually, an estimator or project manager will handle the estimation process by calculating the overall costs, funding, and budget allocation needed for the success of the project. Our tilt-up contractors explain that these estimates also include risk management and reserves for contingency. 

Making Successful Estimates 

Finding the best construction company for your commercial construction project is paramount for your success. That is why Headwaters Construction Inc is ready to give you the best services.  Call us today and enjoy the best service for your construction project.

Commercial Construction Purchase Orders

Commercial Construction Purchase Orders

Must-Knows of Commercial Construction Purchase Orders

Commercial Construction Purchase OrdersCommercial construction purchase orders are messages sent to sellers from their buyers. It comes with a product order request. Basically, they are contracts that bind the seller and the buyer through the sale of a product. A purchase order should include quantities, descriptions, discounts, and the commodity price in question. In principle, they should also include shipment dates and state the terms of payment.  Today on the blog, our team covers all of the must-knows of commercial construction purchase orders.

The Basics of Construction Purchases

Sacramento commercial construction purchase orders are crucial in the construction industry. This is because the contract shows the two parties in agreement: the seller and the buyer.

When the seller accepts a buyer’s purchase order, a legally binding contract is formed between them. The seller must highlight specific information about the commodity. As follow, the buyer must make a clear request to help avoid confusion in the agreement. 

So, what should a construction purchase order list?

  1. A clear description of the commodity to be bought
  2. The commodity’s quantity
  3. The price of the product, as well as the discounts, are given for it.
  4. The terms of payment 
  5. The dates the product can be shipped to the buyer.
  6. The seller’s identification
  7. Any other terms and conditions 

What is the Importance of Purchase Orders?

Purchase orders are significant to Sacramento commercial builders because they act as instructions to the seller. Additionally, they express the definitive legal expectations for the buyer. A purchase order will help determine where something went wrong. Even better, it will say who made a mistake if a deal went south.

Commercial contractors in Sacramento organize their purchase orders so that they have jurisdiction if the deal goes sour. The ground-up contractors should also remember to always use purchase orders for every single supplier and purchase. This is true even with suppliers that they may already have existing relationships with. It will help ensure the project stays on track and finishes within the budget and on time.

Below are a few problems that the construction industry deals with regarding purchase orders. 

Outdated Methods of Storing Business Information

Many commercial contractors in Sacramento use the legacy system of keeping records, which, apart from accounting, serves no other purpose for any other business functions. This old system also offers no right way to store purchase orders. Because many commercial construction companies remain limited while using outdated ways of storing data, many find themselves lacking a centralized location where they can store all the business information. This leaves the communication channels between various departments disorganized.   

Manually Processing Information

Many of these construction companies in Sacramento, who use the legacy system, also process their information manually, leaving more room for errors. 

Observation of the complications that many subcontractors experienced led SaaS developers to realize that a change in the current operating system was needed.

Specialized Construction Software Benefits to Manage Purchase Orders 

Specialized construction software provides contractors with a refined and much better system for tracking and managing their purchase orders. The software allows buyers to:

  1. Create purchase orders and trace the material costs through labor activity
  2. Allows the office to follow a project’s progress in detail by communicating instantly when the products are delivered to their destination

The software has also helped many commercial construction companies to grow their sales volume with less office staff.  Additionally, the software works to update the dates of material/product delivery. Our friends at Specialized AV, an audio and video company in NorCal, agree that specialized software makes things easier to manage.

Using digital systems also eliminates the use of paper or physical documents. In turn, it is a reduced demand for manual labor in the office. This has significantly lowered the chance of errors occurring during computing while also increasing efficiency.

Strip mall construction companies using the latest software have also observed a growth in the collaboration between various departments of the companies. Additionally, having an established location to store information allows different departments in a company to share information easily and without delay. Furthermore, office employees can also:

  1. Complete purchase order tracking
  2. Receive faster approval
  3. Control access permissions
  4. Access real-time payment status

Our neighbors over at Gilmore Heating Air & Plumbing, a Sacramento plumbing company, also use professional software to manage their work better. All these eliminate confusion and allows for optimum efficiency both in the field and in the office. 

Commercial Construction Planning in Sacramento

In conclusion, we have seen just how important purchase orders are for sellers and buyers of construction products. These services hold both parties accountable for their established agreement. We have also discovered the role of subcontractors in play. This guide above, if followed to the letter, will help boost both a company’s profits and efficiency by creating better purchase orders that can be handled easily.

If you are looking for a commercial construction company that has optimized all its operations and uses the latest technology, look no further than Headwaters Construction Inc. Contact us today! We look forward to meeting all your commercial construction and renovation needs in Sacramento, CA.

Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Myths about Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-Up Construction MythsMany people dream of constructing their own commercial property. Typically, their reasons vary from the desire to have customized business premises to investors who wish to earn an income from these commercial properties. However, there are lots of myths abound regarding the process of constructing commercial properties. Unfortunately, these myths can even hold back people from bringing their dream of building a commercial property to reality. Today on the blog, our commercial building renovation contractors address some of the tilt-up construction myths in Sacramento.

Myth #1: Tilt-Up Construction Has Hidden Costs

Lots of people are afraid that they will fall victim to a less than a trustworthy commercial construction company. Sometimes, these companies keep inflating project costs to the detriment of the building owner.

While some bad apples may exist in the tilt-up construction industry, reputable Sacramento construction companies can be found to deliver a project that is completed to your specifications while adhering to the agreed budget.

The key to identifying such a commercial builder requires putting in the effort to research the references that they provide. That way, you will narrow down your options to those concrete tilt-up contractors who have a reputation for doing everything in their power to keep within the agreed budget. As follows, this contractor will put everything in writing and will follow the budget set.

Myth #2: Variations to Project Scope or Cost Signify Fraud

As commercial construction takes place, it may often be necessary to adjust the scope of the work or the cost of different items. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we heard a number of people express fear about this. This is due to the misconception that those changes are motivated by the commercial builder’s desire to rip off a client. 

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For example, a client may request some modifications to the floor plan of the commercial building. In turn, those changes will increase the cost of the project. Changes in the choice of materials used can also have cost implications.

To avoid any misunderstandings, reputable tilt-up construction companies in Sacramento always explain the changes to the client. They work to clearly spell out how those changes will affect the budget that had been agreed upon earlier on. 

We asked our friends over at Tureks Plumbing what they recommend to their customers to avoid cost signify fraud. The Kitchen Remodel Company Appleton, WI recommends documenting all project changes. Then, both parties (the client and the concrete tilt-up contractor) should sign the amended project documents before construction work can resume.

If you aren’t sure that certain changes are necessary, get a second opinion! This will ensure that you are confident that you will not lose money by agreeing to the proposed adjustments.

Myth #3: It Isn’t Easy to Find Affordable and Reputable Tilt-Up Builders

Another myth we often hear is the thinking that finding an affordable, reputable tilt-up contractor in Sacramento is impossible. While it is true that not all commercial builders are created equal, it is possible for you to find a Sacramento construction company that is affordable and delivers outstanding quality work.

The best way to find a tilt-up construction design company that is affordable and has a great reputation is simple. We recommend taking your time and vetting the available contractors so that you select one who checks all boxes.

When you are meticulous in your search, you will be pleasantly surprised! It is clear that finding an affordable commercial builder isn’t as hard as you had initially thought.

Myth #4: Constructing Commercial Properties is Costly and Time-Consuming

The fact that there are lots of techniques or methods to build a commercial property. It is incorrect to make a sweeping statement that building commercial properties is only costly and time-consuming.

For example, concrete tilt-up construction has gained traction in the construction industry. This is due to the speed at which ground-up construction can be completed cost-effectively. Concrete is a material that has stood the test of time as a material of choice when you need to build a structure that is strong and long-lasting. Panels are fabricated on-site from this tried and true material, and they are hoisted into position rapidly.

When you opt for tilt-up construction, you get a lot more than time savings. Project costs go down (less labor is needed, panels are made onsite so there is no need to incur transport costs, and so on), and the exterior shell is up faster, thereby enabling other tradespeople (electricians and plumbers, for example) to have the sheltered environment that they need to complete their work.

Tilt-Up Construction in Sacramento

As you can see, it is often not easy to distinguish between fact and myth in the construction industry. It is advisable to get in touch with a commercial builder in Sacramento. This is especially true when it comes to anything you may be uncertain about when planning commercial construction. Our ground-up project teams at Headwaters Construction Inc. is here to address all your queries! We would love to help you make your dream of owning commercial real estate a reality. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today!

Sacramento Contractor’s Bid

Sacramento Contractor's Bid

What to Look for in a Contractor’s Bid 

Sacramento Contractor's BidAre you looking for a contractor to bring your construction idea to life? Today, our commercial contractors share what to look for in a Sacramento contractor’s bid. 

If you have a commercial construction project in mind, finding the best contractor is an important part of the process. As the owner of the building, you might not have the time or opportunity to meet all your potential commercial contractors. Therefore, you will have to evaluate their potential by checking their bids. Because of this, the construction processes must be usually expensive. 

Contractor bids are a way of commercial construction companies and contractors positioning themselves as the best option for your project. Consequently, you are likely to receive several bids from potential contractors. How can you decide on who to hire for your construction by just looking at the bids? 

Below are some of the things you should look for in your Sacramento commercial contractor.

Outlined Costs for Commercial Construction Projects

Money is an important issue in the construction business. Therefore, it is important to properly scrutinize every cost outlined by your commercial contractor. That is to say that expenses should be itemized to give you a better insight into the projected costs. 

It helps to break the bid into different sections. For example, if your project involved renovations, check the costs associated with the demolition, installations, and materials for the project. Most importantly, you should expect fixed costs for sections like materials. 

Material Breakdown

Every construction project will require a wide range of materials. Firstly, your contractor should break down every material cost and quantity needed for a successful job. For example, your contractor should list down the amount of paint in gallons they expect to use throughout the project if there is painting involved. These numbers make it easy for planning.

Inclusions and Exclusions 

Everyone has a part to play in the construction process, including you. Inclusions are what your contractor will handle and charge throughout the process. To follow, exclusions are what you are expected to handle. Should your contractor handle them, you will have to pay more. Your contractor should outline what they are offering to handle and what is considered your responsibility. 


Is your commercial builder going to bring in a subcontractor onsite? Moreover, it is normal for most contractors to hire subcontractors. In some instances, local regulations require the use of subcontractors. 

These are expected to handle specific parts of the project. For example, a subcontractor, like McQuillan Bros, St. Paul HVAC Contractors, may be called in to handle your HVAC or wiring systems.

Your bid should clearly outline whether or not your contractor is going to hire subcontractors and what exactly they will be handling throughout the project. 

Permitting Fees

Permits are an important part of any construction project. As a result, it does not matter whether you are building from the ground up or doing basic renovations. Likewise, you need different permits for different projects from relevant authorities. 

Usually, you will not see these permits on the bid, though they do need to be handled. Alternatively, you could ask your contractor to handle it for you. Remember, some of these fees come with additional fees, and therefore, this amount should then be included in the bid. 

Find the Best Sacramento Contractor 

In conclusion, there is a lot you can accomplish by just having the right commercial contractors in Sacramento. At Headwaters Inc., we believe in helping owners realize their dream projects through highly professional commercial construction services. Contact Headwaters Inc. today and enjoy the best in quality, communication, and service. 


Reducing Commercial Project Costs

Reducing Commercial Construction Costs

Reducing Commercial Project Costs

Reducing Commercial Construction CostsCommercial construction projects are costly and time-consuming. There is little you can do about the standard time taken to come up with a commercial construction project from the ground up. However, there is a lot you can do regarding reducing commercial project costs.

The problem with overspending in a construction problem is that it puts you at the risk of running out of money before the project is complete. This could lead to more financial problems or the stalling of the project altogether. Also, spending more money on your construction project does not necessarily guarantee great results. 

Most commercial building owners and contractors try as much as possible to reduce the amount of money they send during construction. 

Our Sacramento commercial contractors sat down and made a list of the easiest ways to reduce commercial project costs. Read on to find out more!

Use Strategic Cost Estimation for your Project 

Cost estimation involves looking at all construction costs you are likely to incur from the start to the end of the project. Cost estimation allows you to determine how much money will be spent at every level of the project. This practice allows you to increase and reduce the costs accordingly. 

It also allows better decisions making from the architects, managers, and contractors. Everyone involved will know the allocated amounts for every stage of the project. This helps because they can advise on what needs to be changed in terms of finances early enough. Turek’s Plumbing, Appleton bathroom remodel company, adds that proper cost estimation helps boost communication and keeps the whole project organized. 

Perform a Technology Audit 

The type of technology you are using for your project makes an impact. Every construction project requires a wide range of technological devices to increase efficiency, accuracy, cut down on human labor, and perform heavy tasks. The kind of technology you use will determine how much money you spend during a construction project. 

Our Folsom general contractors advise that one should check to see if they are using outdated technology. Outdated tech comes with the added disadvantage of energy wastage. This can increase the amount of money you spend on managing waste and or paying energy bills. 

Find technologies that make work easier without leading to a lot of wastage. This could be user-friendly software that streamlines tasks or tools that allow you to recycle and reuse equipment and materials, and many more. 

Use Better Crew Management 

Crew management means ensuring that every member involved in the construction project is accountable. One of the best crew management practices includes incorporating reporting within the construction project. This means creating professional data-driven reports that will be used on every stage. 

Proper organization of data by everyone involved helps in better decision making, which, in turn, helps reduce construction costs. 

Additionally, you can manage your crew better by increasing their flexibility. Where possible, consider hiring people who can perform different tasks. This helps in increasing productivity with every crew member and eliminates downtime. By doing this, you will be able to reduce construction costs and save time. 

Making the Best Decision for your Commercial Construction Project 

The best way to ensure that your construction budget stays low is by finding a commercial builder who cares about providing value. Therefore, the commercial construction company should be able to help you find the best way to reduce unnecessary spending. This will keep you on track to get the project done on time. 

At Headwaters Construction, you can expect our undivided attention in making sure your dream construction project comes true. Contact us today for services. 

Controlling Commercial Renovation Costs

Controlling Commercial Rennovation Costs

Estimating and Controlling Commercial Renovation Costs

Controlling Commercial Rennovation CostsRetail renovation can be used to change the intended use or look of a commercial building. While renovating a building is not expected to cost as much as building a new one, it comes with a substantial cost to it. As a business person, it is important to estimate and control the amount of money you spend during renovations. Proper planning around finances cushions you from unwarranted losses. It greatly helps to understand what goes behind estimating and controlling commercial renovation costs. Below are some of the best ways to estimate and control commercial renovation costs, straight from our Sacramento construction general contractors

Make Adequate Plans 

Planning is as important in your commercial renovation as it is in coming up with a new building. Proper planning helps you avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary things. Also, it helps your commercial renovation contractor understand what you want in a timely manner. 

Some of the things you need to consider when planning for your renovation include:

Location of the Building 

The location of your building will affect the availability of materials and labor. It will also affect what changes you are allowed to make by your local authorities. Remember, building code regulations vary with location. You are more likely to encounter more regulations in the city than away from it. 

Take the time to understand the location of your building and come up with an adequate plan on how to supply your project with everything it needs. This way, you do not have to stall once the project starts. 

Number of Contractors Needed

What kind of renovations do you want on your building, and who is best suited to handle them? 

Renovations can range from simple projects to big projects that will require more than one or two disciplines. Most times, you might encounter a commercial contractor who is specialized in one discipline.  Therefore, you will be forced to deal with different contractors to get the results you want. 

Understanding how many commercial contractors you need throughout the project will save you valuable time and money. It will also ensure that you get everything done the right way. 

Building Use 

How do you intend to use the building after renovations, and what is it being used currently?

First, one must consider the intended use of the building. This is because one needs to account for its materials, equipment, and structural needs. 

For example, a commercial renovation that changes the intended use of the building is likely to use more materials and equipment than one that just needs a facelift. The renovations might also affect the structural integrity of your building. 

Consider the Life Cycle of Your Building Systems 

Every equipment and facility you use in your building has a life cycle. Gilmore Heating, Air & Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company, says that your plumbing system has the potential to last longer than your HVAC system. Therefore, during renovation, you might consider leaving your plumbing system intact, depending on how old it is. 

Considering these life cycles will help you make adequate plans in terms of finances.  This allows one to determine if the building can be retained from the current facilities and equipment being used.

Find the Right Contractor for your Renovations 

It doesn’t just help to control and estimate your costs during a commercial renovation project. You also need a commercial builder who understands your needs and is ready to deliver. Headwaters Construction Inc. is dedicated to making any commercial renovation a success. Call us today and get the best service for your commercial project.