Types of Commercial Building Projects

types of commercial building projects

Types of Commercial Building Projects in Sacramento

types of commercial building projectsThe types of commercial building projects have similarities and differences, depending on the exact type of building. Certain elements of those tasks will be identical, but understanding the many subtleties that are necessary will make the final decision of which commercial construction firm to hire a simpler process. Today on the blog, our General Contractor Sacramento shares the types of commercial building projects that are built in today’s market.


When it comes to restaurant chains, adhering to the corporation’s rules is critical. Our Commercial Building Renovation Contractors explain that a unique strategy for particular organizations makes an impact. Specifically, in terms of client comfort and employee flexibility. Additionally, understanding local rules pertaining to safety and other kitchen-related issues is important.

Grocery and Retail Stores

Since grocery stores and retail stores are visited by many, the general layout of the building is critical. This implies that the appearance of both the interior and outside must take into account more fluid mobility. This makes it vital to hire an experienced Sacramento construction company.

Hotels, Motels, and Other Lodging

This mostly focuses on the hotel and motel industries. This is a concerned such as ease of access as well as the level of comfort and privacy provided to visitors. Some motel building projects are quite simple, but large motels necessitate the use of an expert hand for that particular business development. Our commercial contractors explain that knowing that the ability to enjoy peace and quiet is important for this type of business. Additionally, this sort of construction must occasionally balance problems. For example, sound-proofing and technological advances. This can be done by a local company like Specialized AV, Commercial Audio Video Installation Sacramento company.

Athletic Buildings

When this is discussed, massive stadiums are frequently the first thing that springs to mind. Smaller facilities for high schools, fitness centers, and other recreational spaces, on the other hand, can be included in the same sentence. These buildings frequently need the inclusion of elements such as bleachers or other essential objects in the overall project, while also taking visitor safety carefully.

Corporations and Offices

The scale of these structures ranges. They can range from practical facilities for a small business to skyscrapers.  The sort of business that will use this facility may necessitate a different strategy than a cookie-cutter one. Simultaneously, building needs such as restrooms and fire escapes must handle critical access problems.

Hospitals and Medicine

Hospitals will always be needed, but smaller clinics and facilities, like vet offices, should be considered. All of these locations require a structure that allows for simple movement for workers and patients while also allowing for potentially life-saving equipment. In this case, accessibility must be mindful of the fact that the facility will most likely be used by people from various walks of life.

Commercial Building Projects in Sacramento, CA

Contact Headwaters today to discuss your commercial building project types in Sacramento. We are skilled in ground-up construction, tilt-up construction, commercial renovations, and more! Our professionals are here to support you!

How to Decide if it’s Time for a Retail Renovation

how to decide retail renovation - Headwaters Construction Inc Sacramento

how to decide retail renovation - Headwaters Construction Inc

How to Decide if It’s Time for Retail Renovation: 2021

Retail spaces tend to get a lot of foot traffic. As a retail store owner, you understand that your income comes from the number of customers who buy from you. Therefore, it is important to maintain your retail store in a way that allows anyone and everyone to feel comfortable enough to spend their time and money. A retail renovation project may be necessary for you if your store is a couple of years old. Renovation can increase the revenue of retail shops by a considerable margin. A general contractor will be in a position to spruce up your store and enhance the user experience. 

Starting a commercial renovation project is a lot of work to do. Here’s what our commercial builders think you need to consider before you commit to this big project.


Renovations cost both time and money. 

With this in mind, ask yourself whether you have enough money to carry out a full-scale renovation or the time to do it. At times, you may be forced to do a cosmetic touch-up or a facelift to make your store look even better than before. When it comes to your budget allocation, prioritize the things you need instead of the things you want. This will help you save money. 

Cosmetic touch-ups include repainting, replacing damaged displays such as wall paintings and shelves, professional cleaning, and replacing fixtures. 

A full-scale renovation might involve re-carpeting, adding or removing whole structures from the store, and working on electric fixtures, heating, plumbing, and anything that will require that you talk to a commercial renovation contractor. 

Decide whether you will be closing your doors until the renovations are done or whether you will carry it out in parts. Both require that you work fast to avoid inconveniencing your customers. 


Study how your customers move. By doing so, you will be able to renovate your store in a way that allows them to fully experience what you have to offer in your store. Remember, customers do not have all day to linger in your store, so the sooner they see the things they need, the better. 

Place your merchandise in counter-clockwise order. Most of your shoppers will be right-handed. They will automatically look to their right as soon as they walk into your store. Placing your products on the right side of your store so that customers can see them first will influence their buying choices. 


Lighting influences the atmosphere of a place. It is why you will find a difference between the kind of lighting used in a spa and that used in a library. 

Decide whether you want to create a warm ambiance or a cool one depending on what you are selling. Putting extra lighting around your merchandise will also help attract shoppers to them. Our friends at Specialized AV, a commercial automation company in Sacramento, highly recommend installing smart lights. This will help you save energy costs and is extremely convenient when you’re away from the store. 


This consists of the first five to fifteen feet inside your store. It allows the customers to transition from the chaos outside and focus on your merchandise. Decide whether you want to make it more interesting by improving the lighting, fixtures, and color schemes. 


Retail renovation is an important decision that could boost your business. If you are looking for a commercial renovator for your space, look no further than Headwaters Construction Inc. We strive to make your retail space unique and inviting by delivering outstanding quality, communication, and service. For more information about our commercial building services, take a look at our projects gallery.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 


Tips on Hiring a Commercial Contractor 

tips for hiring commercial contractors - Headwaters Construction Inc.

tips for hiring commercial contractors - Headwaters Construction Inc

Tips on Hiring a Commercial Contractor 2021

There has been an increasing amount of business owners in recent years. Ask anyone who owns a business, and they’ll tell you it’s much harder than it looks. There is one side that takes into account aspects of its wings that include competitive analysis of sales, marketing plans, manufacturing and inventory, profits, and losses. Many business owners avoid all of these things and are most likely to hire a general contractor to complete their commercial projects. Who could blame them, right? In this article, we share some helpful tips on hiring a commercial contractor for your latest project.

Review the General Contractors’ History + Credentials 

It is important to start with basic steps. By going to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at Headwaters Construction Inc. and pulling out the company allows one to verify its existence and its activity. For instance, it may be of need to see if all the documentation is up to date and what their project history looks like. Getting a clearer view of professional construction companies in your area can be done by checking their attributed websites and testimonials. 

Take References Into Consideration 

There is no need to hesitate in asking for references from your general contractor. This, at times, is crucial as if you sense any sort of hesitance or inability on their end to provide what you want, you must take it as a signal to consider changing paths. Given the fact that you will be in contact and an alliance with these people for months or maybe even years, it is vital to form an association with reliable contractors and make a sensible enough decision in selecting the best option in order for you to watch them deliver as promised. Moreover, be sure to compare the quality of the projects that have been done by the prospective commercial contractors and inspect the work that is done. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, who installs garage doors Sacramento, knows this first hand. Ask for their portfolio before handing over your deposit.

Must Ensure to Delve Into and Get to The Bottom Line of Costs 

Although the cost may not be the only factor, it, however, is one of the most important factors. There should be an illustration of costs in a divisional itemization that includes as much detail as possible.

Make You Review Other Bids

You must beware of offering the lowest bid compared to your competitors Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, a company that offers bathroom remodeling services in Fox Valley, recommends doing a competitor analysis to see what you should be charging for services. As they would say back in the day, “You get what you pay for” and “Cheap is expensive.” 

Ask For Financials If You’re Falling Short 

Avoid going through the nightmare of incomplete projects and getting stuck with contractors that cannot cover the costs. Take into consideration payment and performance bonds and do your due diligence as this is a rather critical aspect in terms of hiring a contractor. 

Headwaters Construction Inc. is an excellent team to work with to achieve desired results. 

Hiring the right contractor can be a daunting task where the decision is absolutely crucial. This requires diligence and cannot afford to be ignored. 

  1. One must hire the most qualified instead of the lowest bidder. 
  2. One must make sure to use the tools online and check the contractors licensing information and history
  3. Comprehend the ways of charging the costs that are not included in the given proposals. 
  4. Confirming the credibility of the references that are given and evaluating the quality of the work that has been done 
  5. Obtaining the financials of the contractor 

Are you taking a commercial construction project in Sacramento? Do you feel the need that there is a grey area that requires to be filled by a professional builder? Feel free to contact Head Waters Construction Inc for experienced commercial building services in Northern California

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

What’s the Difference Between Ground-Up Construction and Renovation?

ground up construction and renovation

What's the difference between ground-up construction and renovation?

Ground-up Construction vs. Renovation: 2021

In most cases, when you compare construction and renovation, you are motivated by two main factors. One is that your company has outgrown its current premises, or you would like to have an additional location for your business. In this article, you will learn how ground-up construction differs from commercial renovation and understand the factors you need to consider to choose the most appropriate option for your business needs. 

Ground-up Construction & Renovation Defined 

Ground-up construction refers to the process of putting up a new structure on a lot where no building exists. You are building from scratch. New foundations, new walls, new footings. On the other hand, a renovation refers to the modification of an existing structure. The primary structural elements, such as the foundation, will remain. Still, your local renovation company in Sacramento may tear down an interior wall to change the building’s floor plan.

However, the professionals at Head Waters Construction, Inc. warn you that the definition of what constitutes renovation or new construction may vary from one municipality or city to another. So, it is best to check the local laws and establish which categorization applies to the project you wish to undertake.


– Design Flexibility 

Headwaters building and contracting professionals recommend that you consider the degree of design flexibility that you desire during your project before you opt for either ground-up construction or renovation.

In most cases, ground-up construction offers you nearly unlimited design flexibility. A blank slate or canvas allows you to make the site into anything you want. However, keep in mind that renovation puts some constraints upon your design possibilities since you must work within the existing building’s structural elements. If these constraints will be a concern, then opting for ground-up construction would be the ideal choice.

– Location

Another crucial factor that you need to think about has to do with your business’s ideal location. It may be hard for you to find a vacant lot in a desirable area where you can build the ideal premises for your business. In such a case, finding an existing building and renovating it would be a more feasible option.

– Regulatory Compliance 

Building codes keep evolving, and all new structures or renovated ones have to be compliant with the latest regulations. Herein lies another consideration that Sacramento construction companies advise business owners to think about. For example, deciding to renovate a section of your current building may trigger a regulatory requirement for you to make the entire building ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant. These regulatory issues can make an otherwise straight-forward renovation process complex and costly. Building premises from the ground up becomes a more attractive proposition since you may predict all the project factors.

– Getting Construction Building Permits

The process of securing building permits for a renovation project is generally less complicated and shorter when compared to navigating the permitting process in a new structure from the ground-up. Some renovation projects may not even require a permit. However, likely, constructing a building from scratch will never have the permit requirements waived.

–  Building

How soon do you want to use the new or renovated building? The duration needed to complete a renovation project is usually a small fraction of the time required to construct a building from scratch. Head Waters Construction, Inc., aconstruction company in Sacramento, recommends that people who are pressed for time opt for renovation. Similarly, those who don’t have much time should build the desired structure from the ground up.

–  Concerns Over Hazardous Materials

You may have hazardous materials to contend with if you would like to renovate an older building. For example, asbestos may be found within the walls as you kick-start a project to add an extension to your business premises. According to Headwaters development experts, dealing with those hazardous materials can inflate renovation budgets and throw project timelines out of whack.

However, even vacant lots can have hazardous materials. For example, a lot located on land that was reclaimed from agricultural land, chemical industry, or even a retired garbage dumping site may have toxic waste. Therefore, it is advisable for you to commission a site or building analysis to identify any potential issues of hazardous materials before you decide whether to renovate that existing building or build on a vacant site.

– Construction Cost

Your budget is a significant determinant of whether renovation or ground-up construction is a viable option. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing Services, a home remodeling contractor in Appleton, WI, add that most renovation projects require smaller budgets than ground-up construction does. Furthermore, renovation projects can be phased so that the cost implication is spread out over a longer time. If your budget is limited, your best bet is to renovate an existing building. However, if no resource limitation exists, ground-up construction may be a better option.

As you can see, there is no clear cut answer as to whether renovation or ground-up construction is the best option for you. What can only determine the correct answer once you discuss your building needs in Sacramento with an expert from Head Waters Construction, Inc. Our professionals will recommend the most cost-effective option for your company, so give us a call today!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Common Commercial Construction Projects

Common Commercial Construction Projects - Headwaters Building

Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Common Commercial Construction ProjectsCommercial construction is aimed to create buildings for business. Currently, there are thousands of different commercial buildings being constructed every year. Each building is built to serve a different purpose. Given the difference in commercial buildings, it helps to understand the different types and their basic methods of construction. This way, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for when talking to your Sacramento commercial builder. Here are the different types of common commercial construction projects


Restaurants are built with the comfort of the customer in mind. Therefore, a lot of thought is put on creating unique and aesthetically pleasing setups.  Different restaurants come with different designs. For example, a restaurant belonging to a chain of restaurants will conform to corporate guidelines to maintain the brand. 

On the other hand, standalone restaurants can choose their own design to attract and retain customers. Restaurants are expected to follow a set of safety regulations before they can operate, whether the restaurant belongs to a chain or is an individual establishment.

Groceries and Retail Stores 

These are designed with moving masses in mind. Groceries and retail shops receive a lot of human traffic at any one time. Therefore, there is an emphasis on easy movement on both the inside and the outside. This includes making sure that the establishments are accessible to everyone. Commercial builders also make the point of making these project aesthetically pleasing through innovative designs. 

Industrial Buildings 

Industrial buildings hold heavy-duty machinery and equipment, storage facilities, and different amenities that would make it easier to perform actions such as manufacturing, assembly, production, and so much more. Therefore, the projects are built with space in mind. 

The interiors vary with each building. You might find high ceilings in some rooms and lower ceilings in others. Others will require additional modifications for the walls and doors to provide storage and preservation facilities. When building an Industrial establishment, the emphasis is put on safety to ensure everyone accessing the building is safe. 

Lodging Facilities 

These are built to host people at varying times. They are usually found in the hotel and motel industry. Lodging facilities are built to offer comfort to their users. Therefore, accessibility and safety is an important feature. Our tilt-up contractors explain that the design and overall quality of these buildings usually depend on the owners. Large hotels might require highly advanced facilities for their guests while small motels might choose to go with basic facilities.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities include hospitals as well as human and pet clinics. Construction for these projects focuses more on the ease of movement for medical personnel and patients. They also make them highly accessible for life saving-saving equipment. Safety and accessibility are paramount for medical facilities projects. 

Office Buildings

Office buildings can range from small yet functional facilities for small businesses to skyscrapers for big companies. Turek’s Plumbing, Appleton WI Plumbing company explains that the construction is usually basic for small businesses with safety and access as the most common features. 

Things are usually a little different for skyscrapers. These might be designed to hold different companies within the establishment. Either way access and safety are important regardless of the type of design each company or business chose to employ in their respective spaces. 

Athletic Structures

These include fitness centers, high school gyms, and different playing areas. Usually, the construction involves leaving plenty of open spaces for free and rapid movement. The facilities are built to handle a large group of people. Therefore, safety and easy access are highly considered when planning. 

Picking the Perfect Construction Project 

It makes sense that you would want to set up a commercial building. However, it helps to have the right professional help to help with the planning and overall setup of a functional and safe building in your city. Call Headwaters Construction Inc. today for the best commercial construction services. 

The Commercial Construction Process

commercial construction process

commercial construction processWhen you are thinking of constructing your first commercial building, it is easy to get overwhelmed. In order to give you a big-picture view of this entire process, Headwaters Construction, Inc., the best commercial builder in Northern California, has compiled the following overview of the commercial construction process. Read on and learn what, when, and who is responsible for the different stages of the process.

Project Planning and Development

The first phase of any commercial construction project, or any construction project for that matter, is planning and development. This phase mainly involves finding the location where you intend to construct the commercial building as well as predesigning the facility. Headwaters Construction, Inc. also recommends that you introduce your chosen architect to the general contractor at this time. If you need consulting or planning services, contact us today.

Project Design/Build

In our experience at Headwaters Construction, Inc., it is good for a contractor to work closely with the architect as the building is being designed. This collaborative exercise makes it easier for accurate cost predictions and materials choices to be made as each party benefits from the insights of the other. The design team is charged with making sure that all the designs conform to the existing building codes of the area. Some of the specific things that are done during the design/build phase include the following:

  • Construction Bidding. The design stage involves drafting bid documents and selecting a contractor who will take charge of the entire project once construction begins. Without the bid document, it is hard to ascertain project costs.
  • Project Programing. Programing makes it possible for you to get a good picture of the space available, the functional needs as well as the flexibility of the building you wish to construct. Commercial builders use the building program to give project owners an idea of the number of rooms, facility purpose, size of the building, and other such matters.
  • Project Feasibility. A feasibility study is also done to find out whether the project site is ideal for the planned project. Here, you’ll examine what amenities, such as road access, utility connections, and building orientation, will be required to make the project a success.
  • Schematic Designs. These give Headwaters Construction, Inc. a detailed breakdown of the shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, textures, and materials that will be used to bring to life the commercial construction idea that you have.
  • Design Development. Commercial construction companies undertake research or an investigation of the various materials and equipment, as well as their cost, needed during the execution of the construction project.
  • Working Drawings or Contract Documents. These contain the final specifications (specs) and the drawings that different contractors and subcontractors will rely upon when preparing their bid documents. The builder you select, such as Headwaters Construction, Inc., will also depend on these contract documents to undertake the commercial construction project. The working drawings and contract documents serve the role of keeping all contractors or subcontractors aware of the acceptable costs associated with each aspect of the project.


In order to get a good picture of what the project will cost, Headwaters Construction, Inc. recommends that you narrow down the bids to just three and analyze them in detail before selecting one.

The pre-construction stage also marks the time when you (or your representative, such as the construction consultant) obtain the required permits.

The start of the pre-construction phase is marked by the project owner notifying the contractor that the project can begin. Upon getting the green light, the contractor appoints key members of the project team. These include the project manager, the project superintendent, the contract administrator, and the field engineer.


As the name suggests, this stage is about procuring the different materials, equipment, and the labor that is needed for the execution of the commercial construction project. A purchase order, which is an agreement between the seller or vendor and the project owner, stipulates that what has been procured meets the specs provided at a given price point.

If you opted for a Northern California commercial contractor who takes care of everything from designing to building the structure, then that commercial builder will be in charge of the procurement process. If not, the contractor may procure the needed materials and equipment through the subcontractors (specialists in aspects of the construction project, such as electrical works and plumbing) selected during the bidding phase of the project.

The Construction Phase

This step of the commercial construction starts with the superintendent holding a meeting with the different professionals earmarked to be involved in the actual construction. The meeting resolves on many issues, such as work hours, quality control, and site access and materials storage.

Thereafter, groundbreaking is done at the site. This is then followed by site excavation, concrete pouring, installation of utilities, etc. The project manager and inspectors check each phase to ascertain that it was done correctly. The commercial construction stage is deemed to have been completed once no more construction work is necessary.

The Post-Construction Phase

The experts at Headwaters Construction, Inc., explain that the post-construction phase of a commercial construction project (tilt-up construction, for example) has several things that are done before building occupants can move in. For instance, replacing a damaged lock on one of the doors, touching up the paint in one room, or even installing an appliance.

Once all the appliances, fittings and other items needed by the occupants have been put in place, the architect responsible for the construction project will proceed to issue a document called a “certificate of substantial completion.” When this certificate is issued, the commercial building will undergo a final inspection by the city’s building official.

Now that you have a general idea about the different stages of a commercial construction project, it is time for you to contact Headwaters Construction, Inc. so that we can discuss your commercial construction project. Visit our projects to learn more about our recent work. 

2020 Architectural Trends for Your Commercial Building

2020 architectural trends

2020 architectural trends5 Architectural Trends That Will Dominate 2020 and Beyond

When you take a close look at the world of interior design and architecture, it is possible to pinpoint the specific “look” that dominates a given decade. Since 2020 marks the dawn of a new decade, Headwaters Construction, Inc., the best commercial builder in Northern California, has decided to share the following trends that are likely to gain prominence this year and the entire decade. As you plan to construct or renovate your commercial building, try to incorporate as many of these architectural trends as you can so that your building fits the times.

Old is Gold

You may have noticed that vintage clothing and other second-hand items are back in style. This return to things of old hasn’t left the world of interior design and architecture behind, and retail renovation contractors predict that upcycling old buildings for new uses will gain more prominence not only this year but the entire decade as well.

The recent economic upturn partly drives this surge of interest in repurposing old buildings after several years of recession that saw many buildings degenerate into disuse or their construction ground to a halt after the developer went belly-up.

The economic upturn of recent years has given older structures a new lease of life. For example, a structure that once housed a flour mill can be repurposed to be a new office block. The uses to which these old buildings can be put are nearly endless, according to experts at Headwaters Construction, Inc.

Art Deco is Back

For almost two decades, slick surfaces, such as slick glass facades, held sway. However, this design approach seems to have run its course, and Headwaters Construction, Inc. is seeing more clients requesting bold patterns, multi-layered features, and other elements of art deco. This design shift is partially being driven by the trend discussed earlier (repurposing old buildings) since those slick, flat surfaces tend to look out of place in an old building that is having new life injected in it.

Green Building Design

Energy costs have been rising dramatically over the years, and more people have become conscious about the impact of every human activity on the planet. These two realities have created an immense demand for sustainably built and used structures, and Headwaters Construction, Inc. sees a sweeping trend of green building for not just new commercial construction projects but also renovations.

Green building design is making itself felt not just in renewable energy but also in the inclusion of more natural lighting, water conservation, as well as the use of reclaimed or recycled materials.

If you think that green building is yet to reach near you, are the words “vertical gardens” and “living walls” familiar to you? I guess they are, so you can bet that this decade will take green building design to a whole new level.


For more than a decade, minimalism was the in-thing as commercial builders and homeowners did everything to minimize how much décor, materials, and other features were included in building designs.

Minimalism was justified at a time when economies were struggling, and prices of things went through the roof. However, the plain colors, minimal decoration, and glass facades appear to have fallen out of favor. This has ushered in the decade of “maximalism.” In this trend, commercial builders explain that ostentation is king.

This boldness manifests itself in terms of intricate designs, strong shapes, and other manifestations of ostentation.

The Rebirth of Patterns and Color

At the time when minimalism was the favored trend, muted or neutral colors like cream, gray, and chrome were very common and preferred. In 2020 and beyond, Headwaters Construction, Inc. reveals that magenta, Living Coral, Neo Mint, and other bold colors will push gray, black, silver, cream, and other such minimalist colors to the wayside.

Commercial builders say that one of the reasons why bold colors and patterns are taking center-stage of late is the advent of social media. Businesses want their clients to share content about their establishments, and interior design, as well as architecture, are adapting to make buildings good for Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you are looking for a commercial construction company that can bring these cutting-edge architectural trends alive through consulting and planning, contact us at Headwaters Construction, Inc. We pride ourselves in our ability to translate a client’s dream into reality.

Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels for Your Business

benefits of insulated metal panels - Headwaters Construction Inc

benefits of insulated metal panelsInsulated Metal Panels are one of the most preferred construction materials by many commercial builders. They are liked for their insulation properties as well as their ability to meet any aesthetic plan or requirement. These external walls and roofs are made of two metal skins and an insulating foam core in between the skins. They are most popular with government buildings, financial institutions such as banks, recreational facilities, and manufacturing plants. 

What is it about insulated metal panes that make them so valuable to commercial builders? Below are the benefits of using insulated metal panels. 

Easy to Install

A typical concrete wall will require time and, in some cases, a number of professionals to produce the final product. The surface of the insulated metal panel can act as the finished surface. The wall itself provides everything you might need in terms of thermal, vapor, and air insulation. It is possible to carry out a one-step installation, which reduces the time required for construction by up to 50%. The fact that they can stand most weather conditions and for long, eliminates the need for additional products and reinforcement. 

Design Flexibility

Insulated metal panels come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get flat or corrugated surfaces depending on what you need. You will not need to employ many structural support measures since the panels are strong. Contractors have the option of picking different profiles based on colors, finishes, and accessories, depending on whether you are looking for horizontal or vertical designs. Additionally, incorporating doors and windows will not affect the integrity and design of the panels.  


The fact that you will not require multiple vendors or products for a finished product means less cost of construction. Another cost-saving benefit that comes with insulated metal panels is their energy efficiency. They also require little to no repairs during their lifetime.

Energy Efficient

Your insulated metal panels will comfortably maintain the internal temperatures of any room. The panels are specifically designed with interlocking groove joints that have concealed fasteners to form an airtight seal. This way, the weather conditions on the outside do not interfere with the set conditions inside. By maintaining the climatic conditions inside the building, appliances such as HVAC systems will have an easier time setting the right atmosphere.  

Environmentally Friendly

The metal skins used in the construction of an IMP comes from recycled steel. Further, IMPs have R-values, which indicate the panel’s thermal resistance ability. R-values are based on the type of insulation, density, and thickness, among other factors. 

They contribute to the LEED credits and Net-Zero energy targets, which recognize buildings that operate with zero carbon emissions from energy consumption. 

Their resistance to termites and mold also means that you will not be using pesticides that could harm the environment. Finally, the insulated metal panel can always be insulated at the end of its use, thus guaranteeing no wastage or damage to the environment. 


Insulated metal panels are resistant to fire, bugs, mildew, mold, bacterial growth, and rust. This allows them to last for years without withering. 

Insulated Metal Panels are no doubt great options for anyone providing construction services and are willing to create a strong, durable, and energy-efficient space. Their ease of construction allows construction builders to create modern and aesthetically pleasing buildings. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we guarantee you the best service when setting up any structure using the insulated metal panels. Contact Headwaters Construction today with your construction project for personalized and professional service. 


How to Keep Your Commercial Buildings Secure Over the Holidays

How to keep your commercial construction company safe during the holidays - Headwaters Construction Inc

How to keep your commercial construction company safe during the holidays - Headwaters Construction IncHolidays come with a flurry of activity. Among the things that are likely to happen during this coming holiday season are long-awaited vacations, evening dinners, retreats and activities that might keep you, your tenants, or colleagues away from your commercial building.

These activities tend to leave commercial establishments unmanned for the better part of the season making them easy targets for criminals to steal or vandalize your property. The last thing you want as a building owner is to have to incur expenses as a result of mindless crimes.  

It is possible to keep your building safe during the holiday season by employing some security measures which guarantee the safety of your property. Here are some of the measures Headwaters Construction Inc. recommends you take. 

Alarm Systems for Your Commercial Building

Alarm systems are ideal because they discourage crime. Criminals are less likely to attempt and break into or vandalize your building if they notice a high tech alarm system. 

Modern alarm systems also come with monitoring devices which make it easier for commercial building owners to secure and monitor their premises. Alarm systems can also be used to alert local authorities during a breach without the intruders knowing it. 

Cameras for Your Commercial Property

Cameras are an important asset to have around your building because they play a role in stopping and, or recording crime. A thief or vandal might feel discouraged from committing their crime(s) if they know that the property is under surveillance. 

Some security cameras also come with additional features such as motion sensors. You’ll get an alert as soon as someone is there. Others allow you to monitor your building in real-time. 

Cameras can either be hidden or visible depending on a number of factors. Hidden cameras might not discourage criminal but they will record and store footage of intruders. Specialized Audio & Video, a residential and commercial security system company in Sacramento, says that it’s common practice for any business owner or homeowner to have a security system setup. There are far more benefits of security cameras than there are cons. 

You Need High-Security Locks for Your Business

You don’t want to finish a commercial construction project with your general contractor and then end up with your property vandalized. We recommend high-security locks for your property. Conventional locks are no longer able to keep most intruders out of your buildings. Technology allows them to access your building easily and, at times, without you even noticing it. 

Technology has also allowed the creation of high-security locks that can stop these modern criminals. These tend to use keycards, codes, biometric scanners, and the likes to deter criminals from accessing your building. High-security locks are an ideal solution at stopping low tech crimes. 

Employ Additional Security to Protect Your Assets

It doesn’t hurt to have additional security on your premises. You can source services from security companies who will then provide you with additional personnel to man your building. One benefit of human security is that they provide real-time footage. So, you can count on your building to remain safe at all times. 

You do not need to physically man your building to ensure that criminals do not take advantage of you or your tenants. It is possible to use any or all of these security measures to keep your building safe. By employing these measures, you can rest assured that your building will remain safe at all times and enjoy a well-deserved holiday season. If you have any questions regarding your commercial property, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today. 

Commercial Construction Loan: Everything You Need to Know

commercial construction loan - everything you need to know headwaters

commercial construction loan - everything you need to know headwatersCommercial construction is an expensive venture. Whether you are in the business of setting up commercial buildings or are merely looking to have a building for your business, you will incur high costs throughout the construction period. 

It is common for people and businesses to result in taking up loans to finance these projects. After all, not many have the kind of money that would facilitate a whole construction lying around. Banks and lending institutions are usually more than ready to lend deserving parties in the form of commercial construction loans.

A commercial construction loan is a loan you receive to finance the construction or renovation of a commercial building. 

Whether you are a business or individual looking to get into commercial construction, it is important to understand the kinks involved in commercial construction loans and how they work. 

Commercial Construction Guide 

Unlike other loans, your lender will not provide the full amount in one lump sum. Instead, money is disbursed in partial amounts according to the draw schedule decided upon by you and your lender. This draw schedule involves a pre-arranged milestone system. For example, you will receive money for land development, laying the foundation, etc. 

Each time you hit a milestone, your lender will involve an inspector to confirm that the work meets the requirements before releasing more money for the next milestone. This goes on until the full amount is released. 

When it comes to paying interest for the loan, you will only pay interest for the amount disbursed. For example, if you are taking a $1 million loan, and the lender has only managed to provide you with $500K, you will only pay interest for the $500K. This way, you will only pay interest until the whole amount if disbursed. 

Borrowers can then pay the principal amount in a lump sum once the construction of the project is complete. 

Construction Loan Payment 

The borrower does not have to make one large payment for commercial construction loans. Instead, they can receive a commercial mortgage from the lender, turning the already completed property into collateral. 

You can then use the amount received from the mortgage to pay off the loan before embarking on making more favorable monthly payments. The payments can also be spread over a long period of time. 

Fees and Interest Rates

You are likely to encounter a number of fees before getting your commercial construction loan. They include: 

  • Guarantee fees 
  • Processing fees 
  • Documentation fees 
  • Project Review Fees 
  • Fund Control Fees 

You will also be required to pay a down payment of about 10% -30% of the total project cost. This alleviates some of the risks the lender is bound to undertake.

Interest rates range between 4-12% depending on your credit score. The better your credit score is, the lower the interest rates you will be charged. The kind of lender you work with will also determine how much interest you pay. Banks tend to charge lower rates than other lenders.

Types of Commercial Construction Loans 

There are different types of commercial construction loans. They include: 

  • SBA CDC/504 Loan Program (Small Business Administration (SBA) CDC/504 loan). These loans are most popular because they come with low down payments, low-interest rates, and favorable credit score requirements. 
  • SBA 7(a) Loan Program- These loans are ideal for buying or constructing real estate. Borrowers can get up to $5 million with a repayment period of up to 25 years. 
  • Bank Loans- Bank loans require that one pays a minimum down payment of 10% and can provide you with a maximum payment period of 25 years. Borrowers can also get fixed and variable rates. 
  • Mezzanine Loans- This loan is a type of loan that is usually secured with stock. 

If you are looking for a commercial construction company, look no further than Headwaters Construction Inc. We offer professional construction consulting and planning, general contracting, building or property maintenance, and tilt-up construction.