The Benefits of Renovating Your Retail Business

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In a highly competitive retail market, staying current with consumer preferences and trends is vital for your business’s success. One proactive approach to maintaining your edge is through regular renovation of your retail space. Renovations not only improve your store’s aesthetic appeal but also enhance functionality, creating a shopping environment that is both inviting and efficient for your customers. These updates can also boost your brand image, convey the quality of your products, and attract a broader customer base. In this blog, we will delve into the myriad of benefits of renovating your retail business, underlining why it should be a strategic priority for any business looking to succeed.

Why Renovate Your Business?

Renovating your retail space is a proactive strategy that can significantly enhance customer experience. An aesthetically pleasing and well-planned store layout can facilitate easy navigation, reducing the time and effort customers need to find their desired products. If customers find shopping in your store convenient and enjoyable, they are likely to spend more time and money, thereby increasing your sales. Additionally, adopting new technologies as part of your renovation can streamline the checkout process, reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction. Not only that, renovations can reflect the latest sustainability practices, such as energy-efficient lighting and materials, which appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. In essence, renovating your business is about more than just a physical transformation; it’s about re-imagining your business to meet and exceed customer expectations.

How Renovations Increase Efficiency

Well-executed renovations can lead to increased efficiency in several ways. By optimizing the layout, you can improve the flow of customer traffic and product placement, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products. This also allows your staff to restock and manage inventory more effectively. Renovations that improve efficiency are an underutilized and underappreciated, but incredibly valuable way to improve the day-to-day operations of any retail business. Additionally, implementing modern, energy-efficient systems as part of the renovation can result in significant savings on your utility bills.

Renovations and Brand Image

A retail store renovation is also an opportunity to strengthen your brand image. A modern, sleek, and clean retail space communicates professionalism and trust, indicating that your business values quality. On the other hand, incorporating unique design elements that reflect your brand’s personality can help distinguish your store from competitors. Furthermore, a well-maintained, updated space signals to customers that your business is thriving and committed to delivering the best shopping experience. In essence, strategic renovations can be a powerful tool for enhancing your brand image and establishing a stronger connection with your customers.

Renovations as a Financial Investment

Investing in renovations is not merely an expense, but a strategic financial investment that can yield significant returns. By delivering an enhanced shopping experience, renovations can attract more customers, increase sales, and, consequently, boost profits. Additionally, a renovated space can potentially increase the property’s value, offering a higher return should you decide to lease or sell in the future. Furthermore, by incorporating energy-efficient features, you can lower operational costs and save money in the long run. While the initial cost may seem substantial, consider it as an investment into your business’s future growth and success. Therefore, the financial benefits of renovating your retail business extend far beyond aesthetics, making it a worthwhile and necessary undertaking for any forward-thinking retailer.

Headwaters Building Group Is Your Answer

The benefits of renovating your retail business range from enhanced customer experience and brand image to significantly increased operational efficiency and financial returns. At Headwaters Building Group, we understand the intricacies of retail renovation and are committed to bringing your vision to life. Combining our expertise with your unique needs, we create retail spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and future-ready. Don’t wait to give your retail business the competitive edge it deserves. Contact us today to start your renovation journey and propel your business to new heights. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your retail business not just stand out, but succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

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5 Tips For Commercial Renovation

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Stepping into a commercial renovation project can be a daunting task. The appeal of a fresh, modern space and the potential for increased profitability are alluring, but the path to achieving these goals may feel overwhelming. Thankfully, with proper planning and strategic execution, you can significantly simplify the process and maximize your return on investment. In this blog post, we share seven critical tips for successfully navigating your commercial renovation project. These guidelines aim to provide a clear roadmap and invaluable advice, whether you’re revamping a retail store, overhauling an office space, or refurbishing a restaurant. We’re here to help ensure your project goes smoothly and achieves the stunning results you envision.

When it comes to maximizing return on investment (ROI) in commercial renovation projects, there are several crucial factors to take into consideration. With the right guidance, expertise, and a touch of creativity, you have the opportunity to create a captivating and inspiring space that will leave a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Here are seven of the most important tips you’ll ever receive when it comes to the process of commercial renovation and making sure you get the most out of it.

Create A Solid Plan For Your Project

One of the most crucial and fundamental aspects that contribute significantly to the successful execution of a commercial renovation project involves meticulously crafting a comprehensive, detailed project plan. This plan should include not only a well-defined timeline and budget but also specific, ambitious goals for the renovation endeavor. By formulating a comprehensive, thoughtful project plan, you can ensure that the entire renovation process remains streamlined and aligned with the expectations and desired outcomes of all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, a project plan serves as a proactive measure to mitigate any unforeseen construction challenges and unexpected delays, ultimately maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for the renovation undertaking.

Safety Features

Safety features play a pivotal role in every commercial renovation project. It is crucial to incorporate essential safety elements like state-of-the-art security roof hatches, comprehensive sprinkler systems, and strategically placed emergency exits. These measures not only ensure the protection of both employees and customers but also minimize the potential risks of accidents or injuries. Moreover, integrating safety features into the design of your commercial building allows property owners to remain in full compliance with local safety regulations, thereby avoiding steep fines.

Upgraded Aesthetics

Upgrading the aesthetics of a commercial space can have a profound and transformative impact on both customers and employees alike. By curating a visually appealing environment, the overall experience for customers can be elevated to new heights, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with their senses. From the alluring blend of open-concept floor plans and tastefully unique wall textures to the mastery of windows that bathe the space in an abundance of natural light, these carefully selected design elements infuse an air of sophistication and allure.

Make The Space More Efficient

A commercial remodel not only has the potential to bolster employee productivity but also has the ability to streamline processes, enhance workflow, and optimize space utilization. Before starting the renovation process, conducting an in-depth evaluation of the current space and identifying areas that are in need of improvement is an essential step. This can include reconfiguring structures, eliminating unnecessary items, and implementing innovative storage solutions. By augmenting space efficiency, businesses stand to heighten their productivity, curtail costs, and ultimately make the most of their ROI.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

In recent years, the construction industry has placed increasing emphasis on the significance of reducing building energy consumption and promoting sustainability in the commercial sector. This has led to a growing recognition of the potential benefits associated with integrating sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems. By doing so, businesses can not only reduce operating costs but also enhance their environmental impact, demonstrating a commitment to a greener future. It has been widely acknowledged that incorporating sustainability into commercial renovation projects can yield maximum return on investment. Beyond financial gains, it also nurtures a more eco-friendly environment and contributes to heightened employee satisfaction.

Let Headwaters Building Group Handle Everything

Let Headwaters Building Group manage your commercial renovation project from inception to completion. With our expert guidance, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure your vision becomes a reality. We’re committed to delivering a finished project that exceeds your expectations, enhances your corporate image, and gives you the maximum return on your investment. Ready to begin your commercial renovation journey? Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can transform your commercial space into an environment that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and primed for success.

New Ways to Design Office Cubicles

New Ways to Design Office Cubicles

Office Cubicle Trend – Sliding Doors

New Ways to Design Office CubiclesSeveral developments have occurred in the design of office interiors. The open office concept became popular in the 1950s when desks were organized in groups or rows to allow for interaction. It did, however, prove to be distracting. As a result, it became evident that change was required. The cubicle concept was introduced around this time.  However, the model was found to be ineffective in 2000. As a result, the workplace changed once more. Today on the blog, our general contractors discuss  new ways to design office cubicles: sliding doors.

Why Traditional Cubicles Didn’t Work

The most common criticism about an open workplace floor plan is the disturbance caused by a lack of sound and visual privacy. When staff is present, it is tough to prevent distractions. Our commercial building renovation professionals explain that distractions can have a negative impact on morale and productivity. It can also prevent people from feeling at ease in their workplace, which might hinder their ability to work efficiently. Though you can limit sound distractions by utilizing noise-canceling headphones, there are few options for ensuring visual privacy. When you’re seated amongst people, it’s not only tough to avoid distractions, but you may also experience the strain of feeling really busy because you’re constantly in front of an audience.

As a result, you must provide additional space in an office to maintain privacy. It contributes to the creation of a productive and comfortable working atmosphere. Adding office cubicles with sliding doors will assist in doing this. It makes the area more functional and appealing. You may obtain a double-glazed partition system that delivers the appearance of glass while having the impact of a solid wall for increased sound privacy, like office cubicles with sliding doors.

Office Cubicles with Sliding Doors Save Space

First, our Sacramento commercial builders explain that partition walls can help to eliminate the concept of the traditional cubicle. It allows for more natural light to enter an office. A sliding door for the cubicle is a great way to save space in the office, especially if it can suspend or glide from a track. These doors take up significantly less space than traditional doors. They also offer the interior a modern aesthetic while letting in plenty of light. A small office would benefit from a cubicle with sliding doors. It brings natural light into space, making it more energy-efficient.

Sliding Door

Another great option is a sliding door. Because it moves smoothly on the track, this is a manual sliding door that allows for a silent entry or exit from the glass cubicle. Manual sliding doors, like the pocket door, can be included in the design. This gives the appearance of a continuous office cubicle. When it is closed, it provides more seclusion.

Sliding Barn Door

This might be a stunning addition to your office decor. You may bring a touch of country to cubicle office design with a stunning barn door. These sliding doors glide gently on the track and provide quiet access and departure inside the office.

Sliding Door with Assistive Closing

You can reduce the number of touchpoints in the office by using an assisted closed sliding door. With the automatic close or light touch functionality, your personnel can be confident that they are limiting germ spread simply by reducing touchpoints.

Sliding Door Automation

One of our favorite office design add-ons is sliding door automation. Specialized AV, Commercial Audio Video Installation Sacramento, says that more and more offices are adding smart automation into their offices.  An automatic sliding door is an ideal solution for sliding glass for a cubicle that eliminates touchpoints. These can be seen on storefronts, and incorporating an automatic sliding door into an office cubicle eliminates the need for your personnel to operate it. This will also add a contemporary touch to your office!

Sliding doors can be the solution for businesses who desire a modern workplace design but wish to preserve the cubicle concept. It can make a good first impression while also increasing productivity.

Office Cubicle Renovations

Are you interested in renovating your office or building? At Headwaters Construction Inc., our team can help. We love offering Sacramento companies top-rated commercial building renovation services. Contact us today.

How to Decide if it’s Time for a Retail Renovation

how to decide retail renovation - Headwaters Construction Inc Sacramento

how to decide retail renovation - Headwaters Construction Inc

How to Decide if It’s Time for Retail Renovation: 2021

Retail spaces tend to get a lot of foot traffic. As a retail store owner, you understand that your income comes from the number of customers who buy from you. Therefore, it is important to maintain your retail store in a way that allows anyone and everyone to feel comfortable enough to spend their time and money. A retail renovation project may be necessary for you if your store is a couple of years old. Renovation can increase the revenue of retail shops by a considerable margin. A general contractor will be in a position to spruce up your store and enhance the user experience. 

Starting a commercial renovation project is a lot of work to do. Here’s what our commercial builders think you need to consider before you commit to this big project.


Renovations cost both time and money. 

With this in mind, ask yourself whether you have enough money to carry out a full-scale renovation or the time to do it. At times, you may be forced to do a cosmetic touch-up or a facelift to make your store look even better than before. When it comes to your budget allocation, prioritize the things you need instead of the things you want. This will help you save money. 

Cosmetic touch-ups include repainting, replacing damaged displays such as wall paintings and shelves, professional cleaning, and replacing fixtures. 

A full-scale renovation might involve re-carpeting, adding or removing whole structures from the store, and working on electric fixtures, heating, plumbing, and anything that will require that you talk to a commercial renovation contractor. 

Decide whether you will be closing your doors until the renovations are done or whether you will carry it out in parts. Both require that you work fast to avoid inconveniencing your customers. 


Study how your customers move. By doing so, you will be able to renovate your store in a way that allows them to fully experience what you have to offer in your store. Remember, customers do not have all day to linger in your store, so the sooner they see the things they need, the better. 

Place your merchandise in counter-clockwise order. Most of your shoppers will be right-handed. They will automatically look to their right as soon as they walk into your store. Placing your products on the right side of your store so that customers can see them first will influence their buying choices. 


Lighting influences the atmosphere of a place. It is why you will find a difference between the kind of lighting used in a spa and that used in a library. 

Decide whether you want to create a warm ambiance or a cool one depending on what you are selling. Putting extra lighting around your merchandise will also help attract shoppers to them. Our friends at Specialized AV, a commercial automation company in Sacramento, highly recommend installing smart lights. This will help you save energy costs and is extremely convenient when you’re away from the store. 


This consists of the first five to fifteen feet inside your store. It allows the customers to transition from the chaos outside and focus on your merchandise. Decide whether you want to make it more interesting by improving the lighting, fixtures, and color schemes. 


Retail renovation is an important decision that could boost your business. If you are looking for a commercial renovator for your space, look no further than Headwaters Construction Inc. We strive to make your retail space unique and inviting by delivering outstanding quality, communication, and service. For more information about our commercial building services, take a look at our projects gallery.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 


What’s the Difference Between Ground-Up Construction and Renovation?

ground up construction and renovation

What's the difference between ground-up construction and renovation?

Ground-up Construction vs. Renovation: 2021

In most cases, when you compare construction and renovation, you are motivated by two main factors. One is that your company has outgrown its current premises, or you would like to have an additional location for your business. In this article, you will learn how ground-up construction differs from commercial renovation and understand the factors you need to consider to choose the most appropriate option for your business needs. 

Ground-up Construction & Renovation Defined 

Ground-up construction refers to the process of putting up a new structure on a lot where no building exists. You are building from scratch. New foundations, new walls, new footings. On the other hand, a renovation refers to the modification of an existing structure. The primary structural elements, such as the foundation, will remain. Still, your local renovation company in Sacramento may tear down an interior wall to change the building’s floor plan.

However, the professionals at Head Waters Construction, Inc. warn you that the definition of what constitutes renovation or new construction may vary from one municipality or city to another. So, it is best to check the local laws and establish which categorization applies to the project you wish to undertake.


– Design Flexibility 

Headwaters building and contracting professionals recommend that you consider the degree of design flexibility that you desire during your project before you opt for either ground-up construction or renovation.

In most cases, ground-up construction offers you nearly unlimited design flexibility. A blank slate or canvas allows you to make the site into anything you want. However, keep in mind that renovation puts some constraints upon your design possibilities since you must work within the existing building’s structural elements. If these constraints will be a concern, then opting for ground-up construction would be the ideal choice.

– Location

Another crucial factor that you need to think about has to do with your business’s ideal location. It may be hard for you to find a vacant lot in a desirable area where you can build the ideal premises for your business. In such a case, finding an existing building and renovating it would be a more feasible option.

– Regulatory Compliance 

Building codes keep evolving, and all new structures or renovated ones have to be compliant with the latest regulations. Herein lies another consideration that Sacramento construction companies advise business owners to think about. For example, deciding to renovate a section of your current building may trigger a regulatory requirement for you to make the entire building ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant. These regulatory issues can make an otherwise straight-forward renovation process complex and costly. Building premises from the ground up becomes a more attractive proposition since you may predict all the project factors.

– Getting Construction Building Permits

The process of securing building permits for a renovation project is generally less complicated and shorter when compared to navigating the permitting process in a new structure from the ground-up. Some renovation projects may not even require a permit. However, likely, constructing a building from scratch will never have the permit requirements waived.

–  Building

How soon do you want to use the new or renovated building? The duration needed to complete a renovation project is usually a small fraction of the time required to construct a building from scratch. Head Waters Construction, Inc., aconstruction company in Sacramento, recommends that people who are pressed for time opt for renovation. Similarly, those who don’t have much time should build the desired structure from the ground up.

–  Concerns Over Hazardous Materials

You may have hazardous materials to contend with if you would like to renovate an older building. For example, asbestos may be found within the walls as you kick-start a project to add an extension to your business premises. According to Headwaters development experts, dealing with those hazardous materials can inflate renovation budgets and throw project timelines out of whack.

However, even vacant lots can have hazardous materials. For example, a lot located on land that was reclaimed from agricultural land, chemical industry, or even a retired garbage dumping site may have toxic waste. Therefore, it is advisable for you to commission a site or building analysis to identify any potential issues of hazardous materials before you decide whether to renovate that existing building or build on a vacant site.

– Construction Cost

Your budget is a significant determinant of whether renovation or ground-up construction is a viable option. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing Services, a home remodeling contractor in Appleton, WI, add that most renovation projects require smaller budgets than ground-up construction does. Furthermore, renovation projects can be phased so that the cost implication is spread out over a longer time. If your budget is limited, your best bet is to renovate an existing building. However, if no resource limitation exists, ground-up construction may be a better option.

As you can see, there is no clear cut answer as to whether renovation or ground-up construction is the best option for you. What can only determine the correct answer once you discuss your building needs in Sacramento with an expert from Head Waters Construction, Inc. Our professionals will recommend the most cost-effective option for your company, so give us a call today!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Innovation StrategyWhat Is an Innovation Strategy?

Every company needs to innovate if they want to remain relevant in a quickly changing landscape. While many companies claim to have innovation at their core, their results show that this is not always the case. Despite the massive amounts of resources allocated to innovation, failure is the norm for many of them. For such companies, they need to focus on innovation strategy. Execution of innovation isn’t enough if there is no strategy towards a company’s selected long-term goals.

A good strategy makes every department or unit in the company committed to a clearly defined set of policies. This will include desired behaviors that ultimately lead to the realization of a specified business goal. Our experienced Sacramento Tilt-Up Construction professionals explain that your innovation strategy should address the following questions:

How Will We Create Value for Existing and Potential Customers?

An innovative product or solution can provide value in many ways. These include increased durability, compactness, lower cost, ease of use, better reliability, and so many other ways. For example, Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, a residential ac company in Placerville, is constantly staying ahead of the curve by providing customers with better devices and services.  Your innovation strategy will be lacking if it doesn’t specify your plan to offer value to potential customers. For example, different teams may try to find ways of offering value in different ways, and this lack of coherence will ultimately result in the failure of the innovation strategy.

How Will We Corner a Segment of the Value Created?

The reality of the world today is that not many companies or people are willing to invest in coming up with novel innovations, so they just pounce on any new innovation with their imitations.

Trying to keep such pirates at bay with patents and intellectual property rights is useless. You are better off deciding how you plan to capture a segment of the market that is attracted to your innovation. For example, Apple secured a corner of the market it created by bringing the iPad. This is called a proprietary operating system. That system ensures that someone who owns an iPad will more easily buy an iPhone since they use the same platform.

What Type of Innovation Strategy Should We Focus On?

Innovation can take many forms. A company may be kidding themselves if they think that they will pursue all types of innovation with the same degree of commitment. For example, some companies may be built on business model innovation. Uber and Netflix are a good example of such companies. Other companies may focus on routine innovation. This is a version in which you make improvements to an existing product. Microsoft has excelled at this with its different Windows OS versions. Disruptive innovation is yet another form of innovation, where companies seek to upset the status quo. For example, Google came up with the free Android OS as a disruption to the operating systems of Apple and Windows that one has to pay for.

In short, the innovation strategy of your company needs to outline how much attention will be given to the different kinds of innovation so that all efforts gel across the company.

The Power of Prevailing Winds in Innovation Strategy

Implementing an innovation strategy in a company is no walk in the park. This is because the operational needs of the company will keep pulling personnel and other resources towards fixing immediate needs. For example, your company may be interested in pursuing innovation, but the finance department may push the R&D department to come up with less costly components. They could want this to remain profitable, while the marketing team demands better packaging to reach new customers with existing products.

Those pressures are illustrations of how prevailing winds can throw your plans of innovation off track. Without clear leadership to stay on course, the innovation strategy can just remain on paper.

The Role of Management

Top management has many roles to play if the innovation strategy consists of two things: to see the light of day and bear the desired fruit in the long term.

First, top management is responsible for formulating the innovation strategy of the company. Commercial Renovation Contractors explain that this is important because only they can set the priorities of the company. This innovation strategy should then be articulated to all in the company so there is clarity on what matters most.

Secondly, top management is responsible for ensuring that the way resources are allocated supports the innovation strategy. What happens on the ground in terms of resource allocation determines what the strategy of your company is.

Third and most importantly, top management has the duty to keep refining the strategy. This is to ensure that it remains in tune with the changing times. For example, when a truly disruptive innovation is brought to market, it may be wiser to switch to routine innovation.  This occurs to get as much value from that one innovation as is possible. Modest resources can then be used to search for the next big innovation.

As you can see, coming up with and eventually implementing an innovation strategy isn’t something you can do overnight. A lot of careful thought has to go into the process. However, the results are worth every bead of sweat! The construction industry did it with tilt-up construction and other innovations. You too can position yourself to be innovative. 

For any innovative construction needs, please contact us at Headwater Construction Inc. We’d love to assist you!

Renovating a Historic Building

Best Practices for Renovating a Historic Building

Best Practices for Renovating a Historic Building4 Best Practices for Renovating Your Historic Building

As you plan and execute the renovation of your historic building, there are several guiding principles that you need to keep in mind during every step of that renovation process. The experts at Headwaters Construction, Inc., the best commercial builder in California, explain those key preservation principles.

Retain the Original Architectural Style

One of the overriding goals that you should have in mind is that your historic house or building needs to retain its original architectural style.

Many times, historic buildings will exhibit a mixture of architectural styles, especially if those buildings were constructed at a time when the community was transitioning from one style to another. 

Commercial construction companies recommend that you do some research about your particular building before starting your commercial renovation project. Knowing the background of your historical building can help you determine which aspects you want to keep.

Remain Faithful to the Original Design of the Building

It is one thing to retain the architectural style of a building, and it is a totally different thing to retain the original design of that particular building as you renovate it. It is important to recognize that there are variations within architectural styles that dominated different periods in history. So, you may want to consider keeping some of its original charm. We asked home-remodeling experts in Appleton WI, Tureks Plumbing Services, for their professional design opinion. They said that most people who buy historic buildings to renovate go into the project wanting to preserve a lot of the character and charm. As a result, the building looks timeless. 

Headwaters Construction, Inc. recommends that you look for an original picture of that building and then use that picture as your guide while you make different decisions during the historic building renovation project.

Keep Preservation in Mind While Repairing or Maintaining the Building

Regular maintenance is usually the first and easiest way to preserve a historic building since the chance that it will deteriorate is minimized. Some of the basic maintenance that commercial builders recommend include the following:

  • Caulking
  • Removing rust
  • Regular cleaning of the gutter system
  • Repainting the building

At some point, it will become inevitable for you to have to repair or replace some features of the historic building. As much as possible, find ways to repair the original features and only replace them if necessary. 

Some repair options may include patching, reinforcing, consolidating, splicing, and upgrading the original material so that it remains on the building. 

If you are unsure about expanding the historic building to create more usable space, Headwaters Construction, Inc. is happy to help. Contact us today, and we’ll help you with your commercial renovation project.

Opt for Matching Materials When Replacement is Unavoidable

If you get to that point where replacement is your only option, commercial construction companies recommend that you select material that is similar to the original building. Try to choose material that is longlasting. That way, you won’t have to replace it a few years down the road. Remember, the building should remain true to its original design and architectural style. 

Many commercial construction companies shy away from renovating a historic building because of the amount of time and effort that takes to achieve the overall goal. Headwaters Construction, Inc. isn’t one of those commercial builders. In fact, we have taken on a number of historical building restoration or preservation projects. Contact us, and we will gladly share our portfolio of projects similar to yours. We share your passion for preserving historic buildings, so let us partner and make your dream of preserving your historic building a reality!


2020 Architectural Trends for Your Commercial Building

2020 architectural trends

2020 architectural trends5 Architectural Trends That Will Dominate 2020 and Beyond

When you take a close look at the world of interior design and architecture, it is possible to pinpoint the specific “look” that dominates a given decade. Since 2020 marks the dawn of a new decade, Headwaters Construction, Inc., the best commercial builder in Northern California, has decided to share the following trends that are likely to gain prominence this year and the entire decade. As you plan to construct or renovate your commercial building, try to incorporate as many of these architectural trends as you can so that your building fits the times.

Old is Gold

You may have noticed that vintage clothing and other second-hand items are back in style. This return to things of old hasn’t left the world of interior design and architecture behind, and retail renovation contractors predict that upcycling old buildings for new uses will gain more prominence not only this year but the entire decade as well.

The recent economic upturn partly drives this surge of interest in repurposing old buildings after several years of recession that saw many buildings degenerate into disuse or their construction ground to a halt after the developer went belly-up.

The economic upturn of recent years has given older structures a new lease of life. For example, a structure that once housed a flour mill can be repurposed to be a new office block. The uses to which these old buildings can be put are nearly endless, according to experts at Headwaters Construction, Inc.

Art Deco is Back

For almost two decades, slick surfaces, such as slick glass facades, held sway. However, this design approach seems to have run its course, and Headwaters Construction, Inc. is seeing more clients requesting bold patterns, multi-layered features, and other elements of art deco. This design shift is partially being driven by the trend discussed earlier (repurposing old buildings) since those slick, flat surfaces tend to look out of place in an old building that is having new life injected in it.

Green Building Design

Energy costs have been rising dramatically over the years, and more people have become conscious about the impact of every human activity on the planet. These two realities have created an immense demand for sustainably built and used structures, and Headwaters Construction, Inc. sees a sweeping trend of green building for not just new commercial construction projects but also renovations.

Green building design is making itself felt not just in renewable energy but also in the inclusion of more natural lighting, water conservation, as well as the use of reclaimed or recycled materials.

If you think that green building is yet to reach near you, are the words “vertical gardens” and “living walls” familiar to you? I guess they are, so you can bet that this decade will take green building design to a whole new level.


For more than a decade, minimalism was the in-thing as commercial builders and homeowners did everything to minimize how much décor, materials, and other features were included in building designs.

Minimalism was justified at a time when economies were struggling, and prices of things went through the roof. However, the plain colors, minimal decoration, and glass facades appear to have fallen out of favor. This has ushered in the decade of “maximalism.” In this trend, commercial builders explain that ostentation is king.

This boldness manifests itself in terms of intricate designs, strong shapes, and other manifestations of ostentation.

The Rebirth of Patterns and Color

At the time when minimalism was the favored trend, muted or neutral colors like cream, gray, and chrome were very common and preferred. In 2020 and beyond, Headwaters Construction, Inc. reveals that magenta, Living Coral, Neo Mint, and other bold colors will push gray, black, silver, cream, and other such minimalist colors to the wayside.

Commercial builders say that one of the reasons why bold colors and patterns are taking center-stage of late is the advent of social media. Businesses want their clients to share content about their establishments, and interior design, as well as architecture, are adapting to make buildings good for Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you are looking for a commercial construction company that can bring these cutting-edge architectural trends alive through consulting and planning, contact us at Headwaters Construction, Inc. We pride ourselves in our ability to translate a client’s dream into reality.

New Year, Time to Renovate

time to renovate - commercial construction company

time to renovate - commercial construction companyStart Your New Renovation Project

Change can be good, and it can also be great if it is implemented in the best way possible. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we believe that making changes to your commercial property is a great way to kick start the new year. Now is the best time to put together a plan to renovate your commercial premises, whether they be an office, an industrial complex, or anything in-between. We are aware that taking on a commercial renovation project can be intimidating, so we have distilled the key steps that you need to follow for your new renovation project.

Set Your Budget and Select a Contractor Who Will Respect That Budget

One of the biggest fears that keep the owners of commercial properties awake regarding renovation projects is that some contractors disregard the budget and overshoot it, putting a strain on the finances of the project owner.

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we know that money is a finite resource for which there are many competing priorities. We, therefore, make sure that once a client sets his or her budget for a renovation project, we do everything in our power to stay within that budget. We’ll even find ways to save on some of the costs planned for.

Our commitment to respecting a client’s budget is one of the many reasons why we have become the go-to commercial builder in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Have a Detailed Design

Commercial renovation becomes less intimidating once you’ve done a little research. For example, would you like to alter the layout of your manufacturing plant so that machinery can be lined up seamlessly? Or, would you like your shopping complex to have a more modern feel?

Whatever it is that you would like to achieve, have it on paper. If design isn’t your strong point, no worries, our design team will be more than happy to fine-tune all the details you hope to have. 

As a commercial renovation contractor with lots of experience under our belt, we know that the project design can be modified at any time during the renovation. So, we are always ready to work with you to see how these changes can be implemented cost-effectively.

Communication, Communication and More Communication

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How Strip Malls Are Being Renovated

How Strip Malls are being renovated - Headwaters Construction Inc

How Strip Malls are being renovated - Headwaters Construction IncStrip malls are generally characterized by a collection of retail stores in a row. Shopping centers or shopping plazas, and strip malls have existed in America for decades. Thanks to an increase in commercial construction over the years and a growing population, there are more strips malls in the country than ever before. 

These strip malls brought some level of convenience to shoppers by bringing everything into one location. They have also increased accessibility to consumer products in residential areas.

Technology, however, has been causing a lot of problems for strip malls. By making it easier for you to buy anything you want on the internet and have it delivered to your home, it robs strip malls of the convenience they once provided. Additionally, it has also threatened to affect a significant portion of its traffic.  

Despite this, strip malls are not going down without a fight. They are reinventing themselves through commercial renovations that bring them back to their past glory. This allows them to keep their traffic. 

There are three types of strip malls. They include community centers, neighborhood centers, and strip centers. Each varies in size and the number of people they can serve a go. 

Here are several ways in which business owners are renovating strip malls to make them relevant to the modern shopper.  

Offering Mixed-used Spaces 

The modern strip mall is designed to allow as many people as possible in both size and diversity. You are now most likely to find gyms, spas, bowling alleys, office spaces, and residential spaces within the strip malls. Gilmore Heating and Air, an HVAC company that offers air conditioning repair in Sacramento, agrees that this increases traffic which, in turn, helps increase revenue. 

Integrating Public Transport 

Initially, strip malls were designed with parking lot spaces in the front. This is changing as commercial renovators are redesigning them and allowing space for public transport.

Modernizing the Retail Experience

One of the most important objectives of retail renovation is in creating a better experience for shoppers. It helps beat competition with online shopping avenues which offer better flexibility in terms of user experience.  This means increasing services that will enhance user experience and make them want to come back by offering in-demand services such as restaurants and organic groceries. 

Including Medical Facilities 

Strip malls are increasingly adding medical facilities in order to make healthcare more flexible to shoppers. Contractors are now creating medial facilities that go beyond the conventional healthcare system. This includes having specialized medical services such as dialysis clinics and pharmacies. 

Creating Entertainment Spaces

Modern technology has increased the number of entertainment channels for users. Not everyone has access to this technology. Also, some of these technologies require large spaces which make it impractical to have in individual homes. This has seen strip malls including entertainment centers such as virtual reality gaming facilities. Now, players can converge and enjoy gaming features such as multiple players, tournaments and so much more. 

Strip malls offer a convenience that is yet to be fully exploited by landlords and shoppers alike. It is likely that they will be around for a long time. However, to beat their competition, they need to stay relevant to the consumers. For information about our commercial construction services, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. or check out our projects to see our latest work.