Scott’s Seafood Construction Folsom, CA

Our Headwaters team has been working with fantastic craftsmen and other specialists on the development of the new Scott’s Seafood and Williamette Wineworks in Folsom, CA for the last few years. You can find the new Scott’s Seafood and Williamette Wineworks in the heart of Folsom’s Historic District Plaza.


The ultimate goal of this commercial project was to build an exact replica of the Historic Roundhouse building. Every detail was well thought out to fit the authentic atmosphere. We’re excited to see the new Scott’s Seafood and Williamette Wineworks come to life. To learn more about the details that have gone into this design, read our Commercial Construction Project in Folsom, CA blog.

In the News

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful 17-year relationship with our current landlord,” Cook said. The current location is still open.

The new location’s interior will be similar in size to the existing restaurant, according to Cook. But it will include two larger patios, and it’s near the many activities that take place in the city’s busy historic district.


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