What To Know Before Building a Commercial Building

What To Know Before Building a Commercial Building Sacramento

What To Know Before Building a Commercial Building

What To Know Before Building a Commercial Building SacramentoBuilding a new business facility requires a significant investment. Today on the blog, our experienced Sacramento commercial builders discuss what to know before buying a commercial building. 

All You Need to Know Before Building a Commercial Building

Purchasing a new commercial building is not something you should take lightly. Below, Headwaters Construction Inc. shares the five most important factors to consider. 

Know All About the Building Type and Location

First, think about the type of building you wish to build. Whether it is a retail, industrial, residential, hotel, office, gym, or another specialized facility such as a movie theater, each type of structure has its own set of needs and criteria.

Our commercial construction company says you should select a site that is zoned for commercial development. You might want to choose a site with easy traffic access. Learn about other local businesses in the region that may draw your consumers or be a source of competition. Other development and infrastructure plans for that area may have an impact on your business investment, either positively or negatively. It is critical to conduct research before choosing a site.

Zoning, Planning, and Permitting

Each sort of business structure has its own set of requirements. Consider how consumers and visitors will approach and use your building. Have the building created to suit staff, customers, and any other special requirements your company may have.

Consider how you use technology and modern conveniences. Specialized AV, Best Commercial Audio Video Design company, explained that tenants are demanding more amenities, particularly in residential buildings. For example, they want high-speed wireless internet, in-wall USB ports, storage, etc. Our Sacramento General Contractor advises you to ask, “what will I need in my new commercial structure to succeed?”

Importantly, in commercial building construction, you must guarantee that all zoning rules and permits have been followed correctly. Our Commercial Renovation Folsom manager states that the most critical stage before starting construction is to do this as soon as feasible. For example, certain areas may have height, floor, and color limits, among other things. Headwaters Construction Inc. can assist you with all elements of planning. These include contacting the local zoning office. Additionally, it will ensure that the project meets all of the standards of the surrounding area.

Budgeting & Financing

When opting to build a commercial building for business usage, you must be careful to ensure that the money you spend is profitable. We highly suggest hiring engage a financial adviser to help you prevent such catastrophes and make this task easier for you. There’s a ton that goes into purchasing a commercial building with budgeting and financing. 

Ready to Purchase a Commercial Building?

Ready to take the next steps? Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today. We’d love to discuss your commercial building project with you, or discuss retail renovation plans. We are experienced in commercial construction. Additionally, we’d love to be your partner. 


Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction Timeline

Commercial Construction TimelineAt Headwaters Construction, we are passionate about commercial new construction, shopping center renovation, and tilt-up construction. Our commercial builders are focused on delivering outstanding quality, communication, and service. As follows, we are proud to help individuals plan their commercial construction projects. Today on the blog, our tilt-up construction workers share typical commercial construction timelines.

Pre Construction & Planning

First, our team will collaborate with you to do a deep dive into your proposal.  Then, we will assist you in developing cost estimates. This is where we will evaluate design and value options. Next, our team will work on navigating permitting, zoning, and other issues. Importantly, pre-construction is high-priority because it helps team members to make educated decisions while avoiding surprises.

For fast and reliable cost estimates on a variety of project types, we are constantly updating and compiling real-time cost data. Additionally, our extensive network of subcontractors and trade partners assists us in identifying trends and staying current with market developments around the world.

Coordinating & Scheduling

At Headwaters Construction Inc., we have the skills and expertise to get the job done properly. Our professional scheduling and logistical preparation are unrivaled. All of our projects begin on paper, and we monitor progress on a regular basis to ensure that we meet key deadlines.

Additionally, we’ll work with our Sacramento general contractor team to define the logistical requirements for the construction process, such as delivery areas, barricade placement (if necessary), and operating hours. As follows, small details are all taken into consideration to ensure that your project stays on track.

Headwater’s field staff is equipped with GPS-enabled devices, enabling us to monitor and deliver resources on demand. The coordination of trades is an essential part of any project’s construction process. This is particularly when it comes to the mechanical and electrical trades.  Thus, our management team has a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the commercial construction process. They use this expertise to ensure the communication and execution on your job site run smoothly.

Safety Management

Headwaters Construction Inc. is adamant in ensuring a well-organized and healthy working atmosphere. Importantly, safety is the most valued thing to many Sacramento companies. At Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company, safety are at the heart of everything they do. Owner Darrin Gilmore explains that safety is personal, and we couldn’t agree more. Here at Headwaters, we understand that construction activities are invariably noisy and dusty. As follows, we will work to ensure that all construction activities are thoroughly vetted and understood by all parties involved ahead of time.

Commissioning & Close Out

Next, the commissioning and closeout of the project are some of the most crucial stages of the construction process. Then, our professional crews will not only ensure that the planning is meticulously carried out, but they will also ensure a smooth close and return to business as usual once the construction is completed.

Your Sacramento Commercial Construction Project

In conclusion, Headwaters Construction is ready to assist you with your commercial project. Importantly, when you choose Headwaters, you will have dedicated support from the beginning. As follows, we will work to keep your project on track and within budget. Thus, our site managers are completely focused on your needs. Additionally, we can keep your objectives on track without being distracted. Contact Headwaters today or keep up with us on social media.


Entryway Landscape Design Tips

entryway landscaping tips for your commercial building - Sacramento commercial builders

Entryway Landscape Design Tips for Your Commercial Building

why-your-commercial-landscaping-mattersThe entrance to your commercial property is the first point of contact with your tenants, staff, clients, and guests. That is why it is important to ensure that the ecosystem around attractive and inviting. As the owner or manager of a commercial property responsible for the environment, you should always begin with the arrival experience and the key point of entry. Below, our commercial builders share entryway landscape design tips for your commercial building.

First Impressions Matter

First experiences are important. This applies to the landscape just as much as it does to people. In reality, your landscape is often the first item a visitor notices before interacting with employees. Worn fields, dead or decaying trees, a lack of color, and a drab isn’t a great look. Our tilt-up construction company recommends spending a little extra money on your front door to give a much better first impression.

High Traffic Areas = Most Important

A high volume of traffic indicates a high level of priority. The focal point of public engagement is your entryway. To stop draining your money on landscape upkeep, Headwaters Construction recommends filling your entryway with plants and materials that can survive environmental elements. It is essential to build and install a landscape that can survive wear and tear while being both beautiful and practical.

Opportunities to Impress

Your entryway serves as a poster for your business. The scenery at your building’s entrance serves as an advertisement for your commercial property. Will you show a massive image of an overflowing front-entrance cigarette canister or brown, flattened, and dead plants for us to see on the highway? Obviously not. Our Sacramento general contractors recommend refraining from marketing your commercial property with a landscape that is unflattering. Our friends over at Maid For Muddy Paws, a commercial cleaning service, agree with us on this one. With all the businesses they clean, the most impressive ones have had beautiful landscaping in their entryways.

Make It Adaptable For Every Season

A versatile entryway for a dynamic company. If your facility is open all year, you want your entryway to be as appealing and interesting in the winter months as it is at the peak of the growing season in the summer. A static landscape is equivalent to a static sector. Instead, at least four times a year, establish a complex seasonal link with something unique and exciting. If your property is in a geographical area where blooms are not likely in the winter, no worries. Instead, select plants and seasonal planters with interesting or decorative bare branches and forms to provide visual appeal during the off-season.

Mood Enhancing

A well-designed and well-maintained landscape is a thing of beauty that can lift the spirits of anybody who comes into touch with it. A cheerful landscape will assist in the development of cheerful people. Employees become more content and profitable, and consumers become more optimistic and able to invest more money.

A lively entryway generates positive energy

Healthy plants and a well-balanced, integrated landscape design generate subtle energy and vibrancy that spreads positive energy across the room. Although it may not be your cup of tea, bear in mind that humans have been co-evolving with Nature for more years than we can count. Step into this experience and accept that you have the potential to transform the world with something as basic as good, colorful plants!

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Tips to Manage a New Construction Build

tips to manage a new construction build

Tips to Manage a New Construction Build

tips to manage a new construction buildAs your business grows, your office space needs to grow along with it. This also involves renovating an existing house, adding to the infrastructure, or building a whole new structure. Today on the blog, our Sacramento commercial builders share the following tips to manage a new construction build.

By sticking to these tips, you could save thousands on your finished house, making the whole process easier and less stressful for your entire staff.

1. Consider your options.

When you decide whether to add or renovate your current building or build a brand new facility, it’s time to find a Sacramento general contractor who can direct you through the rest of the process. If you have extensive experience in the commercial construction industry, it is often best to find a general contractor with proven connections. They will be responsible for recruiting and overseeing teams who will manage the different sections of the construction process. This is including brick masons, electricians, plumbers, Sacramento HVAC companies, drywall hangers, or any other professional you may need. This method is time-consuming and tedious if you try to do it on your own. In addition, you’re unlikely to get the rates that the contractor would secure for you.

2. Take a peek at the sales & expenditure forecasts.

At this point, you need to estimate what your business profits and expenditures should be during the construction period so that you can plan what you should spend on the project. From there, you’ll know what money you can have on your own and what you need in terms of funding. Through accurate estimates, you can also decide what kind of payment terms you can handle. This is so that you do not have more debt than you can actually afford to pay.

3. Take control of the legal rights.

Apart from federal legislation and legislation unique to each jurisdiction, each municipality has its own licensing, zoning, etc. requirements. Again, selecting a good general contractor who is familiar with the particular area where you are building or renovating will help direct you by choosing a property in the right zone. They will then secure all necessary permits to start the construction process. Surveys are likely to take place along the way, and construction is often stopped so the inspector can visit the property. Be sure to prepare for these types of delays in your construction plans, as well as any possible snags, such as an inspector requesting extra materials or safety measures. Our friends at Specialized AV, an AV company in Sacramento, recommend installing security cameras to ensure that your assets are covered.

4. Consider how the build will affect your ordinary business operations.

It is very normal for companies to underestimate the time it takes to connect with their general contractor and make numerous decisions along the way. Will you be able to take time away from operations and your own customers to answer questions, make important decisions and negotiate with your contractor during the construction process? Note, their time is your money, too. Thus, delaying answers to their important questions will take the project longer in both time and money. Many organizations create a link to work with the contractor to ensure minimal interruption of operations and customer support.

5. Seek expert advice.

Costing a commercial building involves monitoring the price per square foot, including contract inclusions and exclusions. You need to know what the “completed contract” means before the construction begins. Does this involve paving your parking lot? Hooking up with utilities? This part is important for securing funding, particularly if funds are tight during construction.

6. Build a breathing space in your plans.

Don’t keep things too tight when designing the building and costing plans. Know, weather systems, market volatility, and other factors outside your control can dramatically alter the time and cost of a Sacramento construction project. A construction project can also reveal some of the issues that could not be noticed before, such as mold and infrastructure problems.

7. Stable funding before anything else is done.

Start with your current financiers. If you’ve built a strong relationship with a bank or other lending entity, you’re likely to be refunded. Don’t forget about other, less traditional ways of funding business projects like construction, venture capitalists, and crowdsourcing. They are more likely to make money available for an existing company like yours than for an untested start-up.

Construction Management in Sacramento, CA

Ready to get started on a commercial construction project? Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today. Our team of commercial builders would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?General contractors in the commercial building sector have a wide range of services. These facilities include turnkey projects, new construction, interior fit-outs, site enhancements and renovations. On occasion, a general contractor also takes over a project that is already underway. We often hear from our customers, what services do general contractors offer

General Commercial Contractor Services

Some Sacramento general contractors specialize in such forms of building, such as repairs or interior fit-outs. Others have the expertise and ability to deliver any of the general contractor services alluded to above.

Projects with Turnkey

Sacramento general contractors will take the project from conception to completion and deliver it from the ground up in its entirety. These turnkey projects are becoming increasingly common in new construction. Contractors also carry out such repairs on a turnkey basis. When the facility is ready to occupy, the general contractor turns the key back to the client.

When assigning a full project to a single firm, the owner must respect the knowledge and honesty. Since the client assigns a certain amount of power to such an agreement, our commercial builders agree that trust is of utmost importance. The right terms of the contract will increase the accountability of the customer and improve the trust base by going forward.

New Commercial Construction

In such cases, the Sacramento commercial contractor is called upon to execute the concept of an independent architect. The plans of the architect and the general contractor are being designed. Often the general contractor offers more detailed design-construction services. The contractor shall oversee all aspects of the project.

Either way, the general contractor uses the services of specialist contractors to make the design a reality. The business shall ensure compliance with municipal codes and zoning standards. The contractor also has a say in the construction materials conforming to the code are used to construct the building.

Commercial Build-Outs

When a commercial tenant rents space, it’s time to develop it. Usually, the occupant gets a room with studded walls and running utilities. Drywall may or may not cover the studded walls and the flooring and the finished ceiling may or may not be finished. In order to complete what is sometimes referred to as a fit-out or a build-out, the occupant shall enlist the services of its own contractor. 

Virtually all that is needed before inventory and rental equipment arrives is done by the contractor chosen. Our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, Fox Valley plumber, specializes in commercial plumbing. They utilize general contractors to help them better serve the space. They explain that  an ideal general contractor has comprehensive knowledge of suitable construction materials. Such useful attributes provide access to professional craftsmen and insight into effective processes. When it’s a retail space, there’s usually a grand opening as soon as its open.

Site Improvements

Site improvement is another area of specialization for many general contractors. Input from the planner, engineer, and landscape architect is included in the site plan. The contractor would make the design a reality. Sometimes the general contractor performs some design services in-house. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, the best garage door company in Sacramento, agree that site improvements should be left to the professionals, residential or commercial. 

Site upgrades also include parking, shelter and on-site lighting. Additionally, proper site improvement includes adherence to all relevant codes and land-use criteria. 

Commercial Retail Renovations

Some contractors offer general contractor services related to construction and remodeling projects. Additionally, they must deliver the business skills required for cost-effective, high-quality projects. Improvements are designed to fit growing companies, refresh company photos, and improve employee morale. They also feature sustainable designs, improved wireless networking, or energy-saving systems.

Sacramento General Contractors

We’d love to hear more about your current or future commercial project and explore how we can help. Please contact Headwaters Construction, Inc. to get the discussion started and get your project one step closer to your target.

Reduce Injuries on a Construction Site

Reduce Injuries on a Construction Site

How to Reduce Injuries on a Construction Site

Reduce Injuries on a Construction SiteAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 1 among 5 workplace injuries is a construction worker. This shows us how hazardous commercial construction sites are. However, the industry’s ability to adapt has also made it easier for companies to identify the underlying causes of injuries. In turn, this has helped find ways to tackle those issues and reduce the rates of injury on site. Today on our blog, our Sacramento construction general contractors will be covering how to reduce injuries on a construction site.

Hold safety meetings regularly.

These meetings should be held every day, especially if your commercial construction workers are undertaking high-risk work.  Our friends over at McQuillan Brothers, emergency plumber Minneapolis, regularly implement safety meetings into their weekly schedules. These meetings highlight the importance of safety. Additionally, they remind the employees of the dangers identified during risk assessments while reminding them to stay focused. Addressing relevant issues that apply to the job-specific site information ensures that employees know the exposure points.

Conduct a Real Risk Assessment

Before a project begins, a commercial construction site should be inspected for any potential or unusual hazards. These inspections will allow you to develop a proper safety plan that takes into account these potential hazards. Alternatively, you can also have a job hazard analysis carried out on the site. This has proven itself as a savior, both for working capital savings and human lives. 

Additionally, for each potential hazard observed, a corresponding list of preventive measures should be compiled then implemented. A risk assessment document should then be provided for all workers during a safety meeting. The brief will highlight the right education, information, and training required to stop injuries from occurring on site.

Stop Falls Before They Occur

Falls are among the leading cause of injuries in the construction sector. They are also the leading cause of death in the industry. They make up about 33% of all construction injuries. Installing fall protection systems can go a long way in preventing a large number of construction fatalities from occurring. These protection systems include screens, guardrails, canopy structures, toe boards, scaffolding, and nets. For scaffolding, it is important to ensure that it is constructed well and installed properly to hold the intended weight. Scaffolding should also be inspected regularly by a qualified Sacramento commercial builder. Other protection methods include a lanyard or a safety harness.

Maintain Equipment and Conduct Checks Regularly

The machinery used in most construction sites today requires a lot of down-time responsibility, including inspecting the equipment regularly and maintaining it. More than 75% of struck-by injuries result from heavy machinery like cranes or trucks. Thoroughly and regularly conducting maintenance checks on this equipment will increase your ability to stop malfunctions. This is huge, as these malfunctions may cause serious injuries.

Use Protective Gear and Clothing

Workers should, at all times, wear the recommended safety equipment for their jobs. This may include goggles, a hard hat, gloves, high-visibility clothing, a protective suit, or steel-toed shoes. During the summer heat, outdoor commercial renovation Sacramento workers require nape protectors, wide-brim hard hats, and long-sleeve-lightweight shirts. These will help protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Ensure the workspace remains clean

Keeping the worksite clean and free of debris will reduce the chances of a commercial builder sustaining injuries and preventing worksite accidents such as falls, trips, and slips. Employees are encouraged to put away their construction materials and tools when done with the job. Walkways should also remain free from debris at all times. This will help avert any accidents that include falls and slips.

Exercise caution with vehicles

Many commercial construction site accidents usually involve vehicles. Workers should practice parking, backing, and defensive driving. Commercial construction companies in Sacramento can organize periodic refresher courses to sharpen construction equipment and vehicle operators/drivers’ skills.

Use the Equipment in the Right Manner

Using construction equipment or tools for something they are not designed for may interfere with the manufacturer’s inbuilt safety features.  Misusing equipment may also cause damage to the equipment, which may cause injuries to employees. 

Furthermore, any equipment used in construction sites should meet OSHA standards.

Develop a safety culture

Repeating safety information and warnings every day will help your workers but only to some extent. At the end of the day, working as a team to willfully approach safety will prevent construction fatalities. When your workers make an effort to conduct their own safety protocols and risk assessments, they will help prevent injuries by awareness and active discussion.

Headwaters Construction Inc. hopes that you consider all the useful information on injury prevention discussed above and implemented it on your construction site. If you have any inquiries about the services we provide or would like to learn more about our company’s services, please contact us today.

Commercial Construction Technology Trends

Commercial Construction Technology Trends

Construction Industry Technology Trends

Commercial Construction Technology TrendsConstruction has been around for thousands of years. While the idea of building new things has not changed, the technology that makes these ideas possible has made significant changes. This has obviously improved the safety, designs, quality, and time taken in construction. 

Technology in the commercial construction scene is always evolving. If you are planning on coming up with a construction project, here are some of the technology you might encounter from your Sacramento commercial construction company.

Augmented Reality 

No longer strictly confined to gaming and entertainment, augmented reality (AR) is changing the way construction projects are being carried out. AR involves creating 3D models of the proposed designs in order to create realistic visuals and help with space planning. 

It also helps Sacramento commercial contractors work together in creating the perfect building design and plan out interiors even before construction starts. 


Drones are playing an important part in commercial constructions. Since 2006, drones have been extensively used in the construction industry in data collection, communication and management, security, transportation and marketing, and promotion, among other areas. Drones are ideal for the construction industry because they boost accuracy and reduce the use of human labor. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building information technology is a method used in representing multiple parts of a construction process. It is used in the generation and management of digital representations, including a building’s physical and functional characteristics. 

Through BIM, one can easily tell how a building and the materials used will wear with time. Our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, a kitchen remodel company in Appleton WI, explain that this technology can be used in a myriad of fields. BIM can be used by anyone involved in the construction business, including the architects and designers, estimators, project managers, and subcontractors. 

Cloud and Mobile Technology 

Cloud and mobile have revolutionized how construction projects are managed. It allows better record-keeping for all construction projects. This makes it easy to manage different projects at the same time. 

Additionally, mobile phones enable real-time collaboration of everyone involved in the construction. This has greatly improved communication, which, in turn, reduces the number of mistakes made during construction. 

Robotics and Automation

Initially, everything in the construction industry was handled manually. Give that construction is a labor-intensive industry, handling everything manually was costly and inefficient. Construction took a lot of time, and there was no guarantee of quality work. 

However, with robots and automation systems, commercial contractors have a great opportunity to do more with little on the construction sites. Robots reduce the amount of human labor required. Unlike human beings who can lose motivation, fall sick, or get injured, robots can perform the same amount of work without the same problems. 

They can also work longer hours, thus cutting down construction time by a significant margin. Automatic systems help link multiple jobs on the same site, taking on several jobs at the same time. Our friends at Specialized AV, who provide home automation services in NorCal, say that businesses and homeowners in general are moving towards implementing advanced technology.

Get the Best for your Construction

It helps to find a commercial builder who knows their way around modern technology. We are fully equipped to provide you with the best construction services at Headwaters Construction Inc. Contact us today and enjoy exceptional services for all your construction plans. 

Commercial Building Permits Guide

commercial building permit guide - Headwaters Building

commercial building permit guideCustomer Guide to Commercial Building Permits

Building permits are an important part of the construction business. They are meant to ensure that buildings in question have met all the code regulations set by the authorities and that it is safe to start construction. If you are planning on starting a commercial building project, it helps to understand the permit acquisition process. This is because the city will not allow you to build without the relevant documents. Here is a complete customer guide on commercial building permits. 

Preliminary Review

The preliminary review takes place before you apply for the building permits. It is important because it saves you time to process all the required documents. The staff you encounter in every department will give you valuable ideas that will save you both time and money. 

During this phase, the relevant departments in your city answer any and all questions. They will be responsible for letting you know whether your proposed building meets the city’s development guidelines and whether you will require planning approvals from the planning commission or the Architectural Review Commission. 

In the event your project does require planning approval, the Planning Department will ask you to file a separate planning application from the building permit and pay the required fees. Gilmore Heating Air & Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC company explains that the fees you pay will also be separate from the building permit fees. 

Additionally, you will have to discuss the project with the different departments such as Public Works, Health, or Fire Department to see whether they have any requirements. 

Applying for a Building Permit 

Once the preliminary review is done, you will be required to apply for a building permit. Headwaters Building explains that this gives you permission to erect your building if your plans have been approved by the planning commission. 

To apply, turn in your application package to the Building & Safety Division of the City’s Community Development Department. This package contains:

  • A completed application, checklist, and related forms
  • The plan review deposit
  • Copies of required plans
  • Supporting documentation (energy, soils, structural analysis)

You can turn in your application in person at the Building and Safety Division or online. Our Sacramento commercial builders advise you to make sure to pay the review deposit of ‘plan check fee’ before the final review of the application documents. 

The Review Process 

Your application is reviewed after submission. There are different departments involved during this process depending on the nature of the project. These departments include: 

  • Building & Service Division
  • Fire Department 
  • Public Works Department 
  • Planning Division 
  • Utilities Department 

Each will approve or deny your application depending on whether or not you meet their requirements. 

Permit for Your Commercial Property

Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. Your application is likely to take anywhere between 4-8 weeks depending on the category of project you are applying for. You will be provided with a permit if all the requirements are met. In the event you do not get the permit, the Building and Safety Division will highlight all the areas that need work. 

You can only make minor corrections on the application forms you provided. If the corrections become numerous or if you have to make major corrections, the Building & Safety Division expects you to correct the base drawing before submitting copies of the revised plans. Once you resubmit your corrections, they will be sent to the relevant departments. Most NorCal commercial construction companies say that it takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks to check the corrections and approve. 

The city will only provide you with a building permit if you meet all code requirements. You are expected to pay any fees upon notification before being issued the permit. Once you have the permit, you can comfortably start the construction. 

It is important to note that the city will carry out inspections as you build your commercial building. They will provide you with an Inspection Record card which details the remarks by the inspector after each phase of construction is completed. The inspector must sign the card after every phase before you can start working on the next. 

Talk to Headwater Cnstruction Inc. today and get the best professional advice to make your commercial building project a success.

How To Avoid Contractor Scams

how to avoid contractor scams

how to avoid contractor scams5 Contractor Scams and How to Avoid Them

In our work at Headwaters Construction Inc. as commercial construction contractors, we have been able to learn how to avoid contractor scams. We have spoken with tons of property owners who were taken for a ride by scammy contractors. While most commercial builders are standup honest people, some have soiled the reputation of committed and hardworking professionals. In this blog post, we share a compilation of the most common contractor scams we’ve heard at Headwaters Construction Inc. Use this information to be a smart commercial property owner who can immediately detect a contractor scam from miles away! 

The Upfront Payment Scam

This one is very common because it is premised on a reason that seems logical. For example, the contractor may explain to the building owner that they need, say 30% payment upfront, in order to buy needed materials and rent equipment.

Sacramento construction general contractors explain that once you pay that money, the contractor may stop talking to you entirely. In other cases, they will do some work or even fail to work in accordance with the timelines agreed upon. They know you will find it hard to fire them since you will forfeit what you’ve already paid.

To protect yourself from this scam, only pay the minimum mandated by law. For example, some states stipulate that a client is only obliged to pay 10% upfront as a sign of seriousness.

But what about materials and equipment? Serious commercial builders have networks of suppliers. It shouldn’t be hard to get materials and equipment on credit first. You can then pay for these using the agreed milestone payments as work progresses.

The Verbal Agreement Scam

Some contractors promise to include so many extras in the work they are going to do. This can happen during a retail renovation or any other kind of commercial construction project. They will assure you that you should take their word on this, but once the contract is signed and work begins, it may be a different story. You may be shocked to find that the items agreed upon verbally aren’t addressed.

If you insist that the contractor does what he or she promised verbally, they will ask you for money to cover those costs! Understanding this upfront will help you learn how to avoid contractor scams.

Avoid this scam by putting everything in writing. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we take this so seriously that we tell clients that if something isn’t in writing, then it doesn’t exist. Write everything down, including change orders.  Both parties should sign before the work begins or payments are made.

The “A Permit Isn’t Necessary” Scam

Nearly all commercial construction projects require a building permit from the local authorities. However, some unscrupulous contractors may tell you that they don’t need one for the work specified.

Other contractors may even tell you to get one intended for DIY projects, but don’t fall for this trap. If the contractor doesn’t get a permit, he or she will not be answerable to the local building authorities. Yet, building inspectors need to sign off on the work to confirm that it was done in accordance with the applicable code.

If anything goes wrong and the work was done without a permit, you, and not the contractor, will be answerable!

Avoid this scam by insisting that the contractor obtains a permit from the relevant authorities so that there will be supervision from the municipal building department. Appleton, WI bathroom remodel company, Tureks Plumbing, explains that you are assured that the work done meets all regulations.

The “Unforeseen Problems” Scam

Some contractors can lure you in with a low quote and then after the work has commenced they say they run into unforeseen problems for which more money is needed to fix or accommodate.

While commercial construction companies will tell you that it is possible for unforeseen problems to arise, some contractors use this window to rip off building owners.

Two options are open to you to avoid this scam. First, the written contract you sign should have provisions on how change orders can be agreed upon. Secondly, you can get an independent commercial builder to ascertain the authenticity of the problem stated by the contractor, as well as give you advice on what it would cost to address that issue.

The Low-Priced Extra Materials Scam

We have come to learn that the people who deploy this scam usually come unannounced with some extra paving materials or other such materials that they are willing to sell to you at a discount if you can give them a contract to pave your yard or fix your driveway.

The scam in this case is that they could ask for a lot of money to fix underlying issues they “hadn’t been aware of,” or they could do shoddy work and vanish in thin air leaving you to foot the bill of having the work redone.

Avoid this scam by checking such a contractor’s references. That way, you can make sure that they are licensed and bonded in the jurisdiction. If you don’t get what you expected, then you can trace for them if they were a legit company.

At Headwaters Construction Inc., the best commercial renovation contractors in Sacramento, we have a rich history of topnotch commercial construction work. We work in several states including California, Washington State, and Oregon. Contact us and discover what it means to work with reputable professionals.


Commercial Spaces and Code Compliance

Commercial Spaces and Code Compliance

Commercial Spaces and Code ComplianceAre Your Commercial Spaces Meeting Code Compliance?

Since commercial building laws and regulations are constantly evolving, commercial spaces and code compliance can change often. Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company in California, conducts onsite code compliance evaluations. These help property owners and users recognize what is needed to bring the space up to code.

Why Should You Even Be Concerned About Commercial Spaces and Code Compliance?

Building inspectors are tasked with ensuring that all buildings comply with the current code requirements. If inspectors find that your building or commercial space doesn’t comply with the code for the area, you could face many problems. These issues could be anything from stiff monetary penalties to even jail time. 

Additionally, Sacramento commercial builders say that businesses that are found to be operating from premises that don’t code compliant can face ethics violations charges. Having your commercial space reviewed for building code compliance by Headwaters Construction Inc. can protect you and your business from the risks above.

Why Do Building Codes Exist?

According to the International Code Council, building codes are important in all communities because they protect people from weather-related adverse events, fires, structural collapse, and other disasters whose magnitude could have been kept minimal, or the disaster avoided altogether.

Building inspectors or code officials work to ensure that all buildings comply with the code requirements in their area. In commercial buildings that are open to lots of people on a daily basis, inspectors are extra cautious to ensure that these businesses comply with the code requirements in force within a given jurisdiction.

When viewed from this angle, it becomes clear that building codes, and the officials who enforce them, are there for the good of everyone, so each commercial space owner or the user should do everything in their power to comply with the existing code requirements.

Why Would One Need Code Compliance Evaluation Help?

Building codes cover a wide range of aspects of a building. For example, some chapters or provisions will cover the electrical system. Other sections talk about the plumbing system and the fire prevention or suppression system.

These are technical documents that would send the head of a layperson spinning. However, the language in the codes is the daily language that commercial construction companies like Headwaters Construction Inc. use.

McQuillan Bros, HVAC company in St. Paul, MN explains that it is easy for a commercial builder to read the code and immediately know what has to be done in order to comply with those provisions.

Commercial construction companies are always in the loop. They immediately know when a change has been made to existing code, and how it affects the current buildings in the jurisdiction.

Sacramento construction general contractors like Headwaters Construction Inc. are best placed to conduct a code compliance evaluation. After, they will provide advice on what you need to do to bring your commercial space up to code.

What Else Can I Get from Code Compliance Evaluation?

When you enlist our help at Headwaters Construction Inc. to perform a code compliance evaluation, you will gain a lot. We give more than just a report that details what is out of code and how to bring it back.

In addition to the above, we will also point out what cosmetic improvements you can make to your commercial space. For example, we will point out areas of worn floors, peeling paint, needed ceiling repairs, and more!

Get in touch with us at Headwaters Construction Inc. if you’re interested in compliance evaluations. We will offer a solution that will bring your commercial space into code compliance. We can also repair the existing defects in a cost-effective way. This will make the commercial premises an enviable home for your business.