Commercial Construction Technology Trends

Commercial Construction Technology Trends

Construction Industry Technology Trends

Commercial Construction Technology TrendsConstruction has been around for thousands of years. While the idea of building new things has not changed, the technology that makes these ideas possible has made significant changes. This has obviously improved the safety, designs, quality, and time taken in construction. 

Technology in the commercial construction scene is always evolving. If you are planning on coming up with a construction project, here are some of the technology you might encounter from your Sacramento commercial construction company.

Augmented Reality 

No longer strictly confined to gaming and entertainment, augmented reality (AR) is changing the way construction projects are being carried out. AR involves creating 3D models of the proposed designs in order to create realistic visuals and help with space planning. 

It also helps Sacramento commercial contractors work together in creating the perfect building design and plan out interiors even before construction starts. 


Drones are playing an important part in commercial constructions. Since 2006, drones have been extensively used in the construction industry in data collection, communication and management, security, transportation and marketing, and promotion, among other areas. Drones are ideal for the construction industry because they boost accuracy and reduce the use of human labor. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building information technology is a method used in representing multiple parts of a construction process. It is used in the generation and management of digital representations, including a building’s physical and functional characteristics. 

Through BIM, one can easily tell how a building and the materials used will wear with time. Our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, a kitchen remodel company in Appleton WI, explain that this technology can be used in a myriad of fields. BIM can be used by anyone involved in the construction business, including the architects and designers, estimators, project managers, and subcontractors. 

Cloud and Mobile Technology 

Cloud and mobile have revolutionized how construction projects are managed. It allows better record-keeping for all construction projects. This makes it easy to manage different projects at the same time. 

Additionally, mobile phones enable real-time collaboration of everyone involved in the construction. This has greatly improved communication, which, in turn, reduces the number of mistakes made during construction. 

Robotics and Automation

Initially, everything in the construction industry was handled manually. Give that construction is a labor-intensive industry, handling everything manually was costly and inefficient. Construction took a lot of time, and there was no guarantee of quality work. 

However, with robots and automation systems, commercial contractors have a great opportunity to do more with little on the construction sites. Robots reduce the amount of human labor required. Unlike human beings who can lose motivation, fall sick, or get injured, robots can perform the same amount of work without the same problems. 

They can also work longer hours, thus cutting down construction time by a significant margin. Automatic systems help link multiple jobs on the same site, taking on several jobs at the same time. Our friends at Specialized AV, who provide home automation services in NorCal, say that businesses and homeowners in general are moving towards implementing advanced technology.

Get the Best for your Construction

It helps to find a commercial builder who knows their way around modern technology. We are fully equipped to provide you with the best construction services at Headwaters Construction Inc. Contact us today and enjoy exceptional services for all your construction plans. 

How Drones Are Improving the Construction Industry

how drones are improving the construction industry - headwaters construction

how drones are improving the construction industry - headwaters constructionDrones have been an important addition to technology for decades. Up until 2006, drones were only used for military purposes. However, 2006 saw the first commercial drone license issued. Since then, people have been using drones in a wide range of areas to provide real-time data. 

Commercial construction companies have taken up drones and are increasingly using them to carry out different functions. These special drones are equipped with special cameras and software to help them collect the kind of data that helps them make better decisions regarding construction. Construction companies use drones to work faster and produce better results. 

Here are some of the ways in which drones are improving the construction industry. 

Aerial Data Collection

This is the most important reason why drones are important in the construction industry. Drones provide a bird’s eye view to different terrains. They provide more accurate data and in a shorter period of time. Using drones equipped with the right software allows construction companies to make more accurate calculations for the area, volume, and distance during different stages of construction. Many companies use drones for their tilt-up construction projects.

Drones Improve Communication and Management

Commercial builders are better able to communicate and manage workers through drone technology. These drones are equipped with cameras that provide real-time video feedback for communication and surveillance purposes. This has helped increase efficiency at the job site by a considerable margin. Drones also make it easier to manage different construction sites at the same time. 

Drones Help Improve Security 

Today, drones are revolutionizing how commercial construction companies are dealing with incidences such as theft and vandalism. Drones used for security purposes are able to perform actions that ground-mounted cameras are not able to, such as tracking moving subjects using laser technology and covering areas that are out of reach. They are easy to maneuver and more flexible. 

Efficient Transportation 

It is now easier to transport time-sensitive materials from one point to another using drones. Many commercial construction companies enjoy this perk. Since drones do not have to deal with regular traffic or adhere to traffic rules, they can easily be used to transport material using half the time and resources. 

Marketing and Promotion

Drones have improved how construction companies market and promote their work. It is now possible to film aerial shots of different areas during various stages of development, create and develop 3D renderings, videos, and pictures to provide multiple angles for better visualization. 

This has allowed contractors to help clients see the viability of different projects. Drones are also helping contractors show job progress to clients.

Safety and Insurance

One of the reasons why commercial construction requires high safety standards is for insurance purposes. With the rising cost of insurance for such projects, drones are making it easier to inspect safety procedures in job sites. It is also possible to determine the quality of work and avert accidents in a timely fashion. 

Drones are revolutionizing the commercial construction industry. For more information, advice on how to make your construction stand out, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. and enjoy our professional service.