How to Keep Your Commercial Buildings Secure Over the Holidays

How to keep your commercial construction company safe during the holidays - Headwaters Construction Inc

How to keep your commercial construction company safe during the holidays - Headwaters Construction IncHolidays come with a flurry of activity. Among the things that are likely to happen during this coming holiday season are long-awaited vacations, evening dinners, retreats and activities that might keep you, your tenants, or colleagues away from your commercial building.

These activities tend to leave commercial establishments unmanned for the better part of the season making them easy targets for criminals to steal or vandalize your property. The last thing you want as a building owner is to have to incur expenses as a result of mindless crimes.  

It is possible to keep your building safe during the holiday season by employing some security measures which guarantee the safety of your property. Here are some of the measures Headwaters Construction Inc. recommends you take. 

Alarm Systems for Your Commercial Building

Alarm systems are ideal because they discourage crime. Criminals are less likely to attempt and break into or vandalize your building if they notice a high tech alarm system. 

Modern alarm systems also come with monitoring devices which make it easier for commercial building owners to secure and monitor their premises. Alarm systems can also be used to alert local authorities during a breach without the intruders knowing it. 

Cameras for Your Commercial Property

Cameras are an important asset to have around your building because they play a role in stopping and, or recording crime. A thief or vandal might feel discouraged from committing their crime(s) if they know that the property is under surveillance. 

Some security cameras also come with additional features such as motion sensors. You’ll get an alert as soon as someone is there. Others allow you to monitor your building in real-time. 

Cameras can either be hidden or visible depending on a number of factors. Hidden cameras might not discourage criminal but they will record and store footage of intruders. Specialized Audio & Video, a residential and commercial security system company in Sacramento, says that it’s common practice for any business owner or homeowner to have a security system setup. There are far more benefits of security cameras than there are cons. 

You Need High-Security Locks for Your Business

You don’t want to finish a commercial construction project with your general contractor and then end up with your property vandalized. We recommend high-security locks for your property. Conventional locks are no longer able to keep most intruders out of your buildings. Technology allows them to access your building easily and, at times, without you even noticing it. 

Technology has also allowed the creation of high-security locks that can stop these modern criminals. These tend to use keycards, codes, biometric scanners, and the likes to deter criminals from accessing your building. High-security locks are an ideal solution at stopping low tech crimes. 

Employ Additional Security to Protect Your Assets

It doesn’t hurt to have additional security on your premises. You can source services from security companies who will then provide you with additional personnel to man your building. One benefit of human security is that they provide real-time footage. So, you can count on your building to remain safe at all times. 

You do not need to physically man your building to ensure that criminals do not take advantage of you or your tenants. It is possible to use any or all of these security measures to keep your building safe. By employing these measures, you can rest assured that your building will remain safe at all times and enjoy a well-deserved holiday season. If you have any questions regarding your commercial property, contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today.