Commercial Construction Site Evaluation

Commercial Construction Site Evaluation

Sacramento Commerical Construction Site Evaluation

Commercial Construction Site EvaluationIt is easy to get carried away with the flair that comes with looking at your commercial building’s model and forget that your site is an important part of the building’s success too. Your site is what your building will stand on. If you get the site wrong, you are bound to suffer a lot of problems during and after the commercial construction site. This is why it is important to do a proper commercial construction site evaluation.

Problems could lead to the delaying, stalling, or even safety issues fr you and everyone involved. Therefore, it is important to consider the site you plan to build upon. Our Sacramento commercial contractors share the important factors to look at when evaluating your site for a commercial construction project. 

Size of the Building 

The size of your building can determine whether your site is suitable for construction or not. Find out whether the site is suited to handle the size of your building. Your building is likely to accommodate a lot of people. 

We asked our friends at Turek’s Plumbing, Appleton bathroom remodel company if they had any advice when it comes to evaluating the size of the building. They suggested that you are likely to need enough parking space for your tenants, employees, customers, and visitors. You are also likely to need retention ponds for runoff water when it rains. If your building requires large storage facilities, your site should be able to support a docking and loading area to make it easy for freight and courier vehicles to access the building. 

Additionally, find out whether your site will support landscaping when necessary and expansion if you ever need it. Do not underestimate the amount of land you will need for your building. Even seemingly small buildings tend to require a lot of space. 

Environmental Elements

Find out if the environment on which you plan to set up your building is appropriate. The kind of environment you build on will determine how much work and money you will put into your building. 

For example, the type of soil varies in different parts of the country. Some soil types do not require a lot of prepping to lay the foundation while others require explosive experts and excavation.

Our retail renovation contractors recommend to find out whether the area is prone to flooding. This will save you from any surprises during the rainy seasons. Also, it is important to find out whether your building is encroaching on protected areas or wildlife. By staying on top of your environmental evaluation will save you a lot of money and also ensure that you do not contravene the EPA standards and other set regulations. 

Access to Utilities 

Utilities are an important part of any commercial building. Our Sacramento construction general contractors recommend that at the very least, you will need clean water and electricity. 

If you are the first to break ground for your commercial building, chances are that you will have to pay for many of the utility lines installations in your area. Even in situations where there are other commercial buildings, it is important to understand what utilities you will require and what is required in order for you to get them. 

Zoning & Regulations 

Your state and local authorities will play a part in the construction of your commercial building. They determine the zoning requirements of the land you intend to use and can determine whether the land is suitable for commercial, residential, or industrial use. Find out what these regulations are and whether or not you meet all of them. 

Make the Best Site Evaluation 

Commercial construction companies like Headwaters Construction Inc. can help you perform the best site evaluation for your site. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today and enjoy quality services for all your construction needs.

Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels for Your Business

benefits of insulated metal panels - Headwaters Construction Inc

benefits of insulated metal panelsInsulated Metal Panels are one of the most preferred construction materials by many commercial builders. They are liked for their insulation properties as well as their ability to meet any aesthetic plan or requirement. These external walls and roofs are made of two metal skins and an insulating foam core in between the skins. They are most popular with government buildings, financial institutions such as banks, recreational facilities, and manufacturing plants. 

What is it about insulated metal panes that make them so valuable to commercial builders? Below are the benefits of using insulated metal panels. 

Easy to Install

A typical concrete wall will require time and, in some cases, a number of professionals to produce the final product. The surface of the insulated metal panel can act as the finished surface. The wall itself provides everything you might need in terms of thermal, vapor, and air insulation. It is possible to carry out a one-step installation, which reduces the time required for construction by up to 50%. The fact that they can stand most weather conditions and for long, eliminates the need for additional products and reinforcement. 

Design Flexibility

Insulated metal panels come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get flat or corrugated surfaces depending on what you need. You will not need to employ many structural support measures since the panels are strong. Contractors have the option of picking different profiles based on colors, finishes, and accessories, depending on whether you are looking for horizontal or vertical designs. Additionally, incorporating doors and windows will not affect the integrity and design of the panels.  


The fact that you will not require multiple vendors or products for a finished product means less cost of construction. Another cost-saving benefit that comes with insulated metal panels is their energy efficiency. They also require little to no repairs during their lifetime.

Energy Efficient

Your insulated metal panels will comfortably maintain the internal temperatures of any room. The panels are specifically designed with interlocking groove joints that have concealed fasteners to form an airtight seal. This way, the weather conditions on the outside do not interfere with the set conditions inside. By maintaining the climatic conditions inside the building, appliances such as HVAC systems will have an easier time setting the right atmosphere.  

Environmentally Friendly

The metal skins used in the construction of an IMP comes from recycled steel. Further, IMPs have R-values, which indicate the panel’s thermal resistance ability. R-values are based on the type of insulation, density, and thickness, among other factors. 

They contribute to the LEED credits and Net-Zero energy targets, which recognize buildings that operate with zero carbon emissions from energy consumption. 

Their resistance to termites and mold also means that you will not be using pesticides that could harm the environment. Finally, the insulated metal panel can always be insulated at the end of its use, thus guaranteeing no wastage or damage to the environment. 


Insulated metal panels are resistant to fire, bugs, mildew, mold, bacterial growth, and rust. This allows them to last for years without withering. 

Insulated Metal Panels are no doubt great options for anyone providing construction services and are willing to create a strong, durable, and energy-efficient space. Their ease of construction allows construction builders to create modern and aesthetically pleasing buildings. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we guarantee you the best service when setting up any structure using the insulated metal panels. Contact Headwaters Construction today with your construction project for personalized and professional service. 


Ways to Finance Commercial Construction Project 

Ways to Finance Commercial Construction Project - Headwaters Building

Ways to Finance Commercial Construction Project - Headwaters BuildingThe Mechanism Behind Construction Loans

Taking into consideration the strictness behind credit and income requirements, it becomes increasingly crucial to find a lender for your new build. 

In order to secure a construction loan, you may experience a more stringent policy in terms of credit scores and income guidelines, than you would for a home loan. So, it’s rather important to go through an evaluation as a borrower. 

Construction-To-Permanent Loans

Apart from other options, a construction-to-permanent loan suits the needs of many as in the case of solid construction deadlines it proves to be reliable and efficient. If you have a contractor who has a history of completing each task on time, taking upon the option of construction-to-permanent loans is preferred. The mechanism runs smoothly where the lender pays the builder once the work is completed. 

Finding Land to Build Your Commercial Building

If you plan on building a commercial building from the ground up, it’s best to find lots that are in established areas. In other situations, you may not have to start from scratch. Whether you’re looking to start a completely new commercial building or just need a retail renovation, keep in mind that location is everything.

Design-Build for New Construction

The decision made by you to hire an architect will largely depend on the area where you choose to materialize your commercial property. In commercial communities that are planned, there are contracts that are signed with a number of local builders. Hiring an architect, however, may be helpful if you have a large number of preferences and specifications. A completed drawing by your architect can help you achieve the permit to build as well. 

Is There a Need for Title Insurance for a New Construction?

In order to avoid disputes in terms of legal transfers, getting title insurance shall be your safest bet. If a purchase is made in a tract of land in a suburb that is developing, then the property is most likely to have been covered legally. To get more insight on whether or not you need title insurance, you may need a real estate attorney who can guide you along the way. 

Get a New Commerical Construction Inspection

After your commercial building has been built, it is still highly recommended to undergo the procedure of professional inspections. It’s always best to be safe than sorry. An inspection will ensure that the entire process goes smoother. 

In a nutshell, be sure to find an agent that keeps your financing in check, have your credit in order so you can successfully finance your construction venture. In order to avoid any delays, get documents and plans pre-approved as certain fines may increase your cost. Be sure to research skilled builders that will provide value. Financing your project can be a challenging process, but strategic planning and an organized outline can help you in the long run. At Headwaters Construction Inc.,  we understand that commercial construction is not an easy process. Don’t worry, our team is here to make the process go smoother. If you’re interested in our commercial construction services, contact our office today.