Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Tilt-Up Construction Myths

Myths about Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-Up Construction MythsMany people dream of constructing their own commercial property. Typically, their reasons vary from the desire to have customized business premises to investors who wish to earn an income from these commercial properties. However, there are lots of myths abound regarding the process of constructing commercial properties. Unfortunately, these myths can even hold back people from bringing their dream of building a commercial property to reality. Today on the blog, our commercial building renovation contractors address some of the tilt-up construction myths in Sacramento.

Myth #1: Tilt-Up Construction Has Hidden Costs

Lots of people are afraid that they will fall victim to a less than a trustworthy commercial construction company. Sometimes, these companies keep inflating project costs to the detriment of the building owner.

While some bad apples may exist in the tilt-up construction industry, reputable Sacramento construction companies can be found to deliver a project that is completed to your specifications while adhering to the agreed budget.

The key to identifying such a commercial builder requires putting in the effort to research the references that they provide. That way, you will narrow down your options to those concrete tilt-up contractors who have a reputation for doing everything in their power to keep within the agreed budget. As follows, this contractor will put everything in writing and will follow the budget set.

Myth #2: Variations to Project Scope or Cost Signify Fraud

As commercial construction takes place, it may often be necessary to adjust the scope of the work or the cost of different items. At Headwaters Construction Inc., we heard a number of people express fear about this. This is due to the misconception that those changes are motivated by the commercial builder’s desire to rip off a client. 

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For example, a client may request some modifications to the floor plan of the commercial building. In turn, those changes will increase the cost of the project. Changes in the choice of materials used can also have cost implications.

To avoid any misunderstandings, reputable tilt-up construction companies in Sacramento always explain the changes to the client. They work to clearly spell out how those changes will affect the budget that had been agreed upon earlier on. 

We asked our friends over at Tureks Plumbing what they recommend to their customers to avoid cost signify fraud. The Kitchen Remodel Company Appleton, WI recommends documenting all project changes. Then, both parties (the client and the concrete tilt-up contractor) should sign the amended project documents before construction work can resume.

If you aren’t sure that certain changes are necessary, get a second opinion! This will ensure that you are confident that you will not lose money by agreeing to the proposed adjustments.

Myth #3: It Isn’t Easy to Find Affordable and Reputable Tilt-Up Builders

Another myth we often hear is the thinking that finding an affordable, reputable tilt-up contractor in Sacramento is impossible. While it is true that not all commercial builders are created equal, it is possible for you to find a Sacramento construction company that is affordable and delivers outstanding quality work.

The best way to find a tilt-up construction design company that is affordable and has a great reputation is simple. We recommend taking your time and vetting the available contractors so that you select one who checks all boxes.

When you are meticulous in your search, you will be pleasantly surprised! It is clear that finding an affordable commercial builder isn’t as hard as you had initially thought.

Myth #4: Constructing Commercial Properties is Costly and Time-Consuming

The fact that there are lots of techniques or methods to build a commercial property. It is incorrect to make a sweeping statement that building commercial properties is only costly and time-consuming.

For example, concrete tilt-up construction has gained traction in the construction industry. This is due to the speed at which ground-up construction can be completed cost-effectively. Concrete is a material that has stood the test of time as a material of choice when you need to build a structure that is strong and long-lasting. Panels are fabricated on-site from this tried and true material, and they are hoisted into position rapidly.

When you opt for tilt-up construction, you get a lot more than time savings. Project costs go down (less labor is needed, panels are made onsite so there is no need to incur transport costs, and so on), and the exterior shell is up faster, thereby enabling other tradespeople (electricians and plumbers, for example) to have the sheltered environment that they need to complete their work.

Tilt-Up Construction in Sacramento

As you can see, it is often not easy to distinguish between fact and myth in the construction industry. It is advisable to get in touch with a commercial builder in Sacramento. This is especially true when it comes to anything you may be uncertain about when planning commercial construction. Our ground-up project teams at Headwaters Construction Inc. is here to address all your queries! We would love to help you make your dream of owning commercial real estate a reality. Contact Headwaters Construction Inc. today!